– It is blood and sweat and tears!

Interspersed with clips from the concert in Krasnodar, Russia, in this thorough interview  Jon Lord speaks about his strong feelings for Russian classical music, Deep Purple‘s reputation in Russia in the 70s, his recent talk with Ritchie Blackmore and much more…

In the clips, Jon’s answers are shown in English. The Russian questions have been translated below.

Part 1 questions:
What do you think of Russian audiences?
What’s the difference between playing rock and playing classical music?
Would you do a reunion with Deep Purple?

Part 2 questions:
What do you think of the Russian classical musicians?
What do you think of Russian classical music?
What do you think of the modern rock music?
Why Deep Purple are so popular in Russia?

Part 3 questions:
What were the most creative times for Deep Purple?
And what about Mk.3 and 4?
Are you staying in touch with other Purple people?
What do you think about President Medvedev’s affection for Deep Purple?
About the ‘golden generetaion’ of rock musicians.
General impressions of Russia.
– and a fiery Hammond solo in Pictures of Home

Finally, fan filmed footage from Krasnodar of Lazy:

Thanks to Nick Soveiko.

3 thoughts on “– It is blood and sweat and tears!

  1. Thank you. It was me, who spoke with Jon Lord. And it was a real joy for me to talk with him in our Holmes Pub in Krasnodar. I hope we made a good work. He is a great musician and a great person!

  2. I remember the first time I heard Deep Purple, it was on my father’s speedboat on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (USA). I bought an 8-track tape of Burn at a local hardware store quite by mistake and went out onto the lake for a listen. I had no idea who Deep Purple were but I was impressed with the cover art. But when I heard the combination of Blackmore, Lord and Paice I was instantly a fan. I didn’t come back into the harbor until I had played the entire LP and to this day, some 37 years later, Deep Purple is still a huge part of my life. God bless Jon Lord for all the great music he has made and for being a humble man in spite of it.

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