Pictured in France

Last Friday Jon Lord performed Concerto for Group and Orchestra in Mulhouse, France with the Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse conducted by Gwennolé Rufet.

The second half of the concert featured pieces from Jon’s solo career as well as a few Deep Purple songs.

Singer Kasia Łaska kindly sent this selection of excellent onstage photos:

Onstage were also Steve Balsamo (vocals), Patrick Rondat (guitar), Patrice Guers (bass) and Steve White (drums).


3 thoughts on “Pictured in France

  1. Dear Jon,

    Four years ago, we had a conversation about the relationship between Deep Purple and my country, I asked you when will you perform in France?
    Now, it’s done, and it was awesome.

    Many thanks,

  2. After the succes of this first solo show in FRANCE , please don’t forget to came again in France.
    Why not with your Blues Projet ?
    There some hall in Mulhouse to do a great Blues Show
    PS : After the show , some of the Orchestra musician say that there are never see so long Standing Ovation

  3. wonderful evening in Mulhouse.. great concert in this beautiful venue.. hope to see you soon again in France.. perhaps with Jon Lord Blues Project ?
    and thanks again for your kindness and your patience with autographs and photos.. remember ? smile.. one.. two.. oups it’s done !!!

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