Review: Success in Rottweil!

Jon Lord Blues Project: Rottweil, Alte Stadthalle, International Jazz Festival, Germany – May 14 2011

Review by Bo Olsson

It must be hard to be Jon Lord, because everything that you do is expected to be better than what anyone else does. And everything should be wonderful, magical and world-class. But you know what? When it comes to Mr Lord it always is. The Maestro has done it again…

Rottweil on May 14 was an evening of pure genius that gave us more than we could have asked for. The music was a great mix and the musicians, well what can I say? The Maestro as always a delight to see. Delivering amazing solos and music from that Hammond and he was also fast to spread the credit to the rest of the band.

Pete York kept things going with a steady beat and gave us a marvellous drum solo in I’m a Man. Colin Hodgkinson pushed hard all evening to get the most out of everyone. And in Walking Blues he showed us what a great voice he has. Zoot Money impressed with his voice, keyboards and his humour. And the wonderful voice of Maggie Bell, good and strong perfect for the blues.

But to me the star of the night, along with Jon, was Miller Anderson. He sings beautifully, we all knew that but tonight he played the guitar as if he’d made the same deal as Robert Johnson did. Maybe Houston, Scotland has the same crossroads as the Mississippi delta.

The first half gave us great moments with songs like Wishing Well sung by Maggie Bell, It Never Rains But it Pours from Zoot Money and Fog on the Highway. Miller Anderson sang the latter and it became a favourite of mine.

The second half started off with Jon playing on the Hammond leading us into Lazy, always great in the hands of Mr Lord. We also got Walking Blues sung and performed by Colin, Good Times with Zoot singing and being hilarious, Houston (in Scotland not Texas) sung by Miller and I believe I’m in love with you from Maggie. Another highlight was Miller Anderson singing When a Blind Man Cries with a lot of blues feeling to it.

I’m a man with the drum solo and Gimme Some Loving were the encores. After that the house went wild and wanted more. The band did not come back but everyone stood stomping and clapping long after the lights came on.

I flew down from Sweden for this gig and it was really worth it, so if Jon Lord Blues Project comes anywhere near you, you mustn’t miss them. They sure gave us all a night to remember. I have to thank Mr Lord for bringing this group of musicians together. They play some excellent blues and now I’m only waiting for the record, surely there must be one out soon.

First half:
1. Chicken Chack
2. Hoochie Coochie man
3. Wishing well
4. The years go passing by
5. It never rains but it pours
6. Fog on the highway
7. That’s the way I feel.

Second half:
1. Lazy
2. Walking Blues
3. Down the hole
4. Good times
5. Houston
6. Respect yourself
7. When a blind man cries
8. I believe I’m in love with you.

I’m a man
Gimme some loving.

Bo Olsson, Sweden

4 thoughts on “Review: Success in Rottweil!

  1. Thank you for the show in Rottweil, the best gig I’ve ever seen.
Thank you to all members and your crew,
    respect yourself & love in a peaceful world 🙂

  2. Dear Jon,
yesterday’s concert in Rottweil was one of the great concerts that we all will not soon forget. Thank you for the Blues Project, which was on mood, atmosphere and joy of playing hard to beat. Also our thanks to the fantastic band. Greetings Peter

  3. Rottweil, May 14th 2011

    Well done! It was just the best concert I´ve seen on the entire Jazz Fest 2011 in Rottweil.

    Please give my special greeting to Colin and Maggie which I had the honor to give them a ride from STR to Rottweil. I hope to see you all again next time!
P.S. My wife has besome a fan of the Jon Lord Blues Project! I hope the recording of the gig will be a great success. All the best for the entire team!


  4. Hi Jon and the others
    great show in Rottweil! Unfortunately we couldn`t get any autographs on our old Cd`s! Maybe next time

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