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Rottweil review: ‘Finally, a real Lord’

May 26, 2011

Neue Rottweiler Zeitung has reviewed Jon Lord Blues Project’s concert there on May 14.

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Photo: Elke Reichenbach, NRWZ


Video: More blues from Rottweil

May 18, 2011

Three great fan filmed clips from Jon Lord Blues Project‘s show in Rottweil, Germany on May 14. Enjoy!


Fog on the Highway

Gimme Some Lovin


Video: Rottweil highlights

May 17, 2011

Fan filmed footage shows of highlights from Jon Lord Blues Project‘s concert in Rottweil on May 14 2011.

Walking Blues:

8 minutes of highlights:

Thanks to Sebastian Buggle


Review: Success in Rottweil!

May 15, 2011

Jon Lord Blues Project: Rottweil, Alte Stadthalle, International Jazz Festival, Germany – May 14 2011

Review by Bo Olsson

It must be hard to be Jon Lord, because everything that you do is expected to be better than what anyone else does. And everything should be wonderful, magical and world-class. But you know what? When it comes to Mr Lord it always is. The Maestro has done it again…

Rottweil on May 14 was an evening of pure genius that gave us more than we could have asked for. The music was a great mix and the musicians, well what can I say? The Maestro as always a delight to see. Delivering amazing solos and music from that Hammond and he was also fast to spread the credit to the rest of the band.

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