8 thoughts on “Jon for BBC Proms 2012?

  1. Hi Jon the ausssie Red wine Man here, always will remember your generosity in signing Sarabande, Before I forget, and Pictured Within after Melb Concerts in “99”
    Hope your Health continues to enable ripe old age well into the next twenty years or so.
    God Bless…

    “Look up,
    Look far,
    Look out
    You will find a way,
    But is you look down…
    That is where you will stay..

    Stay fit Jon
    Cheers, Greg Furlong
    Melb Aust

  2. Good luck Jon in whatever you do. Cancer treatment can be cruel – I survived and you will too. It will be about time to see / hear some modern music taking centre stage at The Proms, and who better to carry it off?

  3. Hi Jon,

    you are the finest keyboardist ánd organist (I love that Hammond sound!) I know off. You really got the key to a better kind off music between rock and the beautifull classical lines. Do get well! I think of you, wishing you well.

    Henk (from Holland).

  4. John, you are a welcomed guest in my home, my car and at work, for some 40 years now.
    You music make our life better.
    Happy new year 2012.


  5. There are now over 2,750 signatures on the Jon Lord for the BBC Proms petition. If you have still not yet signed, please do, it only takes a few moments. And tell your friends.
    Jon Lord’s music should be featured at the Proms. Gramophone magazine’s review of Boom Of The Tingling Strings said, ‘this piece has “Proms favourite” written all over it’.

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