71 years young today

June 9, 2012

Jon is celebrating his 71st birthday today.

To celebrate with him, here is Durham Concerto part 1: MorningThe Cathedral at Dawn:

Greetings and best wishes are already coming in via email and Facebook. Feel free to ad your own greetings for Jon below.

Jose Salcedo:
Felicidades en este dia…. Se te echa de menos en los escenarios junto a Deep Purple y esperamos una pronta mejoria de salud…. Saludos desde España.

Hesam Mohammadi:
Happy birthday! Iran loves you!

Géza Mahunka:
I wish You a really happy birthday from Budapest! Hope to hear a lot from you in the future, and we’d like to see you in Hungary. God bless you!

Marcel van Weerdenburg:
Happy healthy 71 to Jon Lord!! Have a good one!!

Nils Aarestrup Røddik:
Happy Birthday Jon, from me who also have birthday today 66 years.

Nikolai Pichler:
Happy Birthday, Jon Lord! Auf dass du bald wieder gesund wirst!

Lilo Barthod-Malat:
The happiest of all birthdays Jon! This one is really to celebrate. We are all happy to see you coming back to where you belong: the stage! Many, many, many happy returns of this very special day!

Petr Čejka:
Happy birthday Jon, best wishes to you – music legend, but what´s the most important – great human being.



  1. Happy to the only Child in Time

  2. Happy birthday jon lord hope to c u live soon!!

  3. Hi Jon, my best Birthday wishes to you. A very good feeling that you´re still among us.
    Hello from Germany, Chris

  4. il regalo per il tuo compleanno lo fai tu a noi tornando a suonare in pubblico il prossimo mese grande jon

  5. A very happy birthday, Jon!
    Mine’s only tomorrow but I won’t wait to celebrate yours…

  6. Happy Birthday Jon.

  7. All the best for today and the future from Switzerland!

  8. Maestro! Happy birthday…..and THANKS!!! 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday, Jon:
    All the best & I hope your healthy will be fine!

    Cheers, Axel

  10. Hi Jon
    a truly happy birthday to you after a tough year its time to celebrate with those you love – have a great day you deserve it !

  11. Congratulations Jon ! Keep on (space) trucking !!

  12. Happy Birthday Jon! Get well soon!

  13. Happy Birthday, John! With the best wishes from Ukraine!

  14. Happy birthday Mr.Jon Lord i wish you many health and i hope that we see un some concert in europe!

  15. Happy Birthday Jon ! My Friend and former Lead Guitar player Casey Blick who had cancer passed last week. Leaving behind a wife and 2 small children
    Cherish what you have left of this life

  16. Happy birthday Jon. Best wishes from Istanbul.

  17. Happy Birthday Jon

  18. to the gentlemen who made me love organ players, a very happy birthday maestro, i will raise a glass to you later

  19. Happy birthday, Jon. Thank you for teaching my ears that music has no drawers, that “classical” and “rock” are strands of a wider musical tapestry that, although usually woven separately, have a beautiful effect when woven together by a master craftsman like you. Your work transformed a teenage rock fan into a man who loves music in all its best manifestations. I’m so thankful for that.

  20. Happy Birthday Jon! may lots of more come, and enjoy Your life as much as possible!!

  21. Happy birthday Jon! All the best for a highly talented composer and musican and great man!
    Vladimir from Sofia, Bulgaria

  22. Dear Mr. Lord, happy birthday and good health from the Czech Republic. You have made many lives better with your music and attitude. It is a great pleasure to be your fan! Have a good day 🙂

  23. Feliz Cumpleaños, Maestro!
    wish you all the best.
    Thank you for all the music you’ve gift to us.
    I hope I’ll meet you personally and sing something for you.
    Greetings from Buenos Aires.
    Dario S.

  24. Great Joy for your Birthday. As maybe you know I wrote an Hommage dedicated to you, for guitar. Can I hope to send it to you someday, somewhere?…….

  25. Happy birthday Jon!!! Hope to see you soon in Italy and listen your next compositions!!!

  26. Happy BirthdayJon .

  27. Happy Birthday Mr.Lord ! May health and good luck be your guarding angels.

  28. Happy Birthday and many happy and healthy returns! Best wishes from Germany!

  29. Happy birthay from the Basque Country. ZORIONAK!

  30. Happy Birthday Maestro!!!

  31. Happy birthday to you, Jon!! It was an honour to see you in Rottweil, hope you come back soon. Best wishes to you from Germany 🙂

  32. Happy Birthday Maestro.

  33. Dear Jon, I am so happy that you are back in the “normal” life; I have seen you 38 times with Deep Purple and at least six times in your time “after” DP. You are a real gentleman and gift to the world! Thank you so much, celebrate your birthday and enjoy life
    best regards, Thomas

  34. Van harte gefeliciteerd, Jon! Hoop nog op vele muzikale jaren.

  35. Yes, please write to happybirthday@jonlord.org

  36. Mr. Lord,
    Happy birthday. I wish you many many health and happiness.
    Japanese people are lookinf forward to seeing you very much.
    All the best

  37. feliz cumple JON,desde 1974 soy tu seguidor incondicional,te deso mucha felicidad.

  38. Happy Birthday, Maestro Lord! I hope everything is going well and expect to see you back on track soon.Have a very pleasant day!

    Yours sincerely
    Rubén Heredia

  39. Happy Birthday Hammond maestro.

  40. Dear Jon, wishing you a lovely relaxing birthday and looking forward to the Sunflower Jam in September. Xx

  41. Sir Jon Lord you know you’re de best, have a fuckin nice day, Jon Lord forever !!

  42. ll the best Jon. Happy birthday. Hope to see you soon in Luxembourg.

    Karin an Patrick

  43. Hope to see you again soon. All the best.


  45. Ciao Jon la tua musica riuscirà a vincere e a superare il tutto.Buon compleanno.Ti aspettiamo.

  46. Jon!

    Desejo a você muitas felicidades e que DEUS continue te abençoando.
    Parabéns também pelo Dom que Deus te deu de ser este músico maravilhoso.
    P A R A B É N S


  47. Happy Birthday Maestro Lord , hope your on your Recent Health Problems are all behind you and your Fit and Well , Have a Great Day Fella !!! Jeff :-)))


  49. All the best, Jon. Get back to good health!

  50. Dear Jon, Happy birthday to you from your russian
    friend and your fan Stass( Hammond man)
    with whom you were touring in Krasnodar Rostov and Moscow.
    I wish you good health, happiness and let all
    your plans come true.
    Looking forward to see you and work with you again.
    Best regards from all members
    of our rock band “Back to the future”

  51. Happy Birthday, Jon! And many happy returns. Wishing you a swift and complete return to good health. Looking forward to hearing the Concerto and seeing you playing again.

  52. Happy Birthday Master….!!!!

  53. Happy birthday Maestro. Hope you’re feeling better. Looking forward to Hagen. Bo Olsson, Sweden.

  54. Happy Birthday Jon, Have a wonderful birthday and a full recovery. God Bless You and your family.

  55. Happy birthday, Jon. Thank you for the music.
    Live long and prosper.

  56. Dear Jon,
    Wishing you a happy birthday!
    All the best

  57. May you live long and enjoy every day..God bless you and yours…..D. Dale

  58. I wish for your birthday to get well soon.

    i think you can do it.

    stay strong.

    Greetings from Greece!

    Μεγαλε Μαεστρο σου ευχομαι ταχεια αναρρωση!!!

    Χρονια πολλα!

  59. Very happy birthday Jon … I never bother to listen to your solos !!!

  60. Happy birthday Jon! I hope to see you live on stage very soon! Luigi

  61. Happy Birthday maestro,Love Light and Life,with best wishes for peace profound and many more birthdays for my fave Purple person. X, Pete.

  62. Happy Birthday ” Joyeux anniversaire” ….Hope to see and Hear you soon again in France……God bless you……
    Pascal from Antibes (South East of France)

  63. Happy Birthday Sir Jon Lord

  64. Dios te bendiga, nunca dejes de tocar…

  65. Best wishes from Saskatchewan!

  66. God Bless You Mr Lord!

  67. Dear Jon,
    may God bless you in the next year and defend you against disease. He may enrich you with his love and give his inspiration to your music.
    I hope to see you in Hagen in July – the tickets for my wife and me are on my piano …

    All the best to you and your family!

  68. FELICIDADES JON!!! en el sentido más amplio y total.
    Desde Montevideo, Uruguay

  69. χρόνια πολλά! happy birthday Jon!

  70. Happy birthday Jon! I hope to see you live on stage very soon!

  71. all the best to you and yours!

  72. Happy Birthday and best wishes from Oregon!

  73. Happy Birthday!

  74. happy birthday mr Lord and thank you for the great musical moments that filled our lives and keyboard playing!

  75. happy birthday and all the best wishes!

    VFRiendly hello from germany

  76. Happy birthday, Jon !!! Your music has been important in my life. Thanks so and go ahead with the Durham Concerto in Hagen. Héctor de San Martín – Buenos Aires, Argentina

  77. Dear Jon,
    Happy birthday, i am very happy i can see you
    Perform again in Hagen . Till then ,i wish you all the best

  78. Happy birthday Jon hope yo see you back in Liverpool sometime

  79. You contine to be a role model to me, both as a keyboard player/musician and as a human being. Blessings to you on your 71st, Jon – and I pray God gives you many more years. You are an inspiration!

  80. A heartfelt best wishes of happy birthday to you, Maestro, and thank you for the wonderful music you gave us in the last 50 years. Hoping to see you soon in concert in Italy, best wishes from
    The Son of Aleric

  81. From Venezuela – South América : Happy Birthday Maestro! And God bless you always! Hope to see you!

  82. Happy Birthday, My Dear Lord! May the most that you desire be the least that you receive. Hope to see you in Hagen soon!
    All the love in the world from Russia 🙂

  83. “HaPpY bIrThDaY To yOu” Jon, Wishing you the best always from Fairbanks Alaska. Come see us in Alaska

  84. Happy Birthday Sir Lord. I was privileged to meet in Palermo on April 28 last year. I’ve got the joy of your wonderful and vibrant music and the elegance and class of your way of being on stage. It ‘s been an honor and a privilege to photograph you and it was a great surprise to see my picture on your site. Too bad there is not my name…….it’s my gift for your greatness.

  85. Happy Birthday Jon! Good to hear that you will be performing again soon!

  86. Apologies. Full credit now given:


  88. Many Happy Returne dear Jon and Greetings for sunny Nuthurst in West Sussex. We are still talking about your wonderful performance last July 10th in our little parish church, which followed your gig at the Royal Albert Hall the day before I believe. Come back soon! Thank you for ‘To Notice Such Things’ …. spectacular! With fond wishes from Derek, and on behalf of Andrew Bernardi and the team!

  89. All the best to you, Jonnie! We will see you in Hagen, Germany. We have four tickets and very happy to see You again! Wolfgang

  90. Happy birthday Jon. Thanks for an enormous range of great musical memories over more than forty years. You’re the best!! Have a good one…

  91. Happy birthday Jon..many…many more … Steve

  92. Happy birthday Jon,
    thank you for the great music you made. It´s great to be your friend.
    Thank you for all those great moments you gave to me. My life would be only grey without your music. Thank you and may God bless you. You made me happy!

  93. Happy birthday Mr Lord….and thank you for all those years of great and creative music!

  94. happy birthday john master !!

  95. Happy birthday Jon
    Many happy returns and may God bless you
    from Vince, Ry and Karla Budd X

  96. Happy Birthday to a legend in music from all your many many fans in Newcastle NSW Australia Geoff Townsend!!

  97. A Very Happy Birthday to you Jon! I do hope your feeling well and that your fight with cancer is one that you win!

  98. Happy birthday maestro

  99. Feliz cumpleaños al maestro Lord y que Dios mediante sigas mejorando de tu enfermedad,saludos desde la Cd t Pto de Progreso,Yucatán,México.

  100. Happy B-day from Venezuela, get well soon, we hope to see you someday here!

  101. Dear John!

    I wish you all the best! And thanks for the last 43 years in your music when I’m your fan from.
    Sandor Gulyas Budapest,Hungary

  102. Happy Birthday, Sir. I hope and wish you have many more. You are truly a legend.

  103. Happy birthday, Jon. Thank you for your great music. I hope it will go on and on! Werde schnell wieder gesund! Alles Gute für Dich!

  104. Happy birthday Jon!

  105. Happy Birthday, Dear Jon!!! We love you!!!

  106. Happy birthday Jon!!! Greetings from Belgium!

  107. A day late, but I ‘d like to wish Jon many, many Happy returns !

  108. Happy birthday to you, Jon! All the best for you. I hope you will get back all the good things you and your music gave to us!

  109. Happy Birthday and all the best.

  110. Happy Birthday Jon! Have a great day! Greetings from Sweden

  111. Dear Jon – one day late, but from deepest heart: a happy new year, get healhty again and still go on! it is a pleasure to know that men like you are on this earth….
    best wishes and love from Silke and Bernd

  112. We love your work and we expect you again and again, even forever in Romania!


    Much love,

    Nikky & Marius V. Pop

  113. Happy BirthdayJon. I hope the day was special for you. I have followed you since ’68. Just a few years. So thank you for ALL the wonderful music. And once more “Happy Birthday”

  114. HAPPY B-DAY Jon !!! Belgium love’s you !

  115. Happy birthday to you,Jon ! God bless you ! A hungarian musician.

  116. Happy birthday, Lord, wish u to be well. I can be a son of yours, who grew up with your music. Thanks a lot. Pietro from Southern Italy

  117. Wishing you the happiest birthday ever had! All the best!

  118. Happy Birthday Sir Jon Lord Thanks for a great music

  119. Happy birthday Jon Greetings from Vienna

  120. Happy birthday to you, Jon. Greetings from Oslo, Norway.

  121. Heartfelt good wishes and a sincere hug for your birthday, my loved Maestro !

  122. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! Here’s to another wonderful year for you

  123. All the best Wisches for the Common Year. Stay in Good conditions and make al Lot if Musik.

  124. Happy birthday Maestro and long live…

  125. Happy Birthday Jon. Greetings from Gran canaria (Canary Islands). Í hope will see you in breaf. Thanks for your music along this years. Vicente Rojas.

  126. Dear Jon,happy birthday from Italy,from a old Deep Purple’s fan.Take care.

  127. jon, hope you enjoy this day and make more off that music the years to come.

    marc janssen, bazas,france

  128. Happy Birthday Maestro!! All good wishes from germany!!! Thanx for all!!!!

  129. Happy birthday, Jon…and many more! Thanks for all the great music.

  130. John , after 40 ( something??) years you suddenly popped into my head and lo and behold its your birthday, How Weird…
    Anyhow, congratulations and you were always destined for greatness. lots of best wishes and love for the old days.
    Kay ( Artwoods-Malcolms wife)

  131. Dear Jon,
    all the best for the common year. I, am sure you will beat the fu….g cancer ! I’ve seen it, it’s possible. Just believe on your self.

    Jens, your audience, Lord of the dreaming books.
    Northseecoast of Germay

  132. Wish you a happy birthday and a long and happy life! God bless!

  133. Happy birthday and best wishes for a man who has enriched the art world with his unsurpassed works Mr. Jon Lord, rapid and complete recovery, a greeting from Mexico

  134. Happy birthday dear Jon! God bless! From Granada, Spain. Good Luck and Play Loud!

  135. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag und Gottes Segen mit den besten Wünschen zur baldigen Genesung.

  136. Dear Jon, I grew up with your music. I know every single note of all your great songs and I take this opportunity to send you my best wishes. Happy Birthday Jon and please keep fighting!
    Klaus – South Tyrol

  137. Happy Birthday!!!! from Argentina

  138. So, Jon, these are just your first 71 years among us… Sounds ok… I hope we can all enjoy your music and your presence for at least as many years, although I assume that by the time you are 142, well, you will probably be a bit tired. Enjoy this day with your beloved ones, and I hope your treatment is going well.

    All the best,

    Isaias (Canary Islands, Spain)

  139. Happy Birthday Jon. From a long time fan 🙂
    Craig, Leeds

  140. Best wishes from the Netherlands

  141. Jon, your work through the years has been magnificent! I can’t wait to sit back and savor the Concerto in September! Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy many more and keep on rockin! You da man!
    Gary G. (Essexville, Michigan)

  142. Jon, A belated Happy Birthday. Best wishes hope to see you performing somewhere soon.


    David McCrory

  143. Dear Jon,
    belated Birthday Whishes from Germany.
    I hope you get well soon.

  144. A very happy birthday to you Jon! I wish you all the best this coming year. Here’s to your improving health, happiness and joy. And remember, the best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.

  145. Джон, вы великий человек, с вашей музыкой в России выросло несколько поколений. Ваша музыка звучала, когда я впервые испытал любовь и разочарование, когда поступил в университет, когда заработал первые деньги, когда женился, когда у моих друзей родились внуки. Ваша музыка сопровождала меня всю мою жизнь, и я боюсь, что без вашей музыки мне всегда бы чего-то не хватало.
    Вы – в сердцах миллионов людей во всем мире. Дай Бог вам здоровья, а нам – ваших говых композиций.

  146. Happy wishes my Big Lion King!

    you’ll always be in my heart and mind for your terrific talent!

    Hope to see soon in concert in Roma.

    a big hug


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