“Be positive. It costs nothing. It means everything.”

Jon Lord at Sunflower Jam, July 2011

Shortly before he passed away, Jon gave a couple of interviews that are now beginning to appear.

One is a major feature in the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine and the other is a BBC Radio 4 documentary on rock musicians delving into the world of classical. Listen below for a short preview.

Rock ‘n’ Roll in Four Movements
When rock’n’roll began, it was music of rebellion fighting against the strait-laced world of classical music. The two worlds seemed far apart until the late Jon Lord wrote his Concerto for Rock Group and Orchestra, writes BBC in their preface.

Stuart Maconie talks to Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson about the genre’s excesses. And the late Jon Lord, in his last ever recorded interview, talks about his passion for writing classical music, inspired by his early experiment with his Concerto.
BBC Radio 4, August 23 11.30am (GMT)
Listen live on the day

Jon Lord’s Last Stand
In Classic Rock’s interview, Jon speaks about discovering his illness, coming to terms with it and working hard to avoid negative input from people he calls ‘moaning minnies and weeping willies’. ‘Be positive. It costs nothing. It means everything,’ he said to Classic Rock. The magazine’s Geoff Barton also penned a special tribute to Jon.
Order the magazine online

BBC Last Word
This weekly series on BBC Radio 4 devoted time to Jon is the week after his passing. Featuring interviews with Ritchie Blackmore and Rick Wakeman, it also included an excerpt with Jon from the documentary mentioned above.
Listen to Last Word with Jon now

Jon’s all new recording of Concerto for Group and Orchestra – featuring Joe Bonamassa, Bruce Dickinson and more – is released on September 28.
Pre-order now.

16 thoughts on ““Be positive. It costs nothing. It means everything.”

  1. A great Musician and great Person has leave us, but in my heart,
    he will continue too live: Jon had classic in his blood. I have all his solo cd’s and also from Deep Purple. His music will continue to live.

  2. Thank you Jon. Your words can help me to live my life something more easy. I`m fighting my disease for 31 years now, cannot win it. (m.s.)

  3. ojala pudiera ir a este tan merecido homenaje perp en la distancia mi corazon estara ahi con el maestro

  4. A marvellous tribute on Last Word. Jon’s last recorded words, hope and humility all there and intact and uplifting, inspiring words from his greatest musical partner, Ritchie Blackmore.

  5. gracias por los mamentos tan magicos que nos has hecho pasar y por el legado que nos dejas yo se lo que es luchar contra un cancer gracias jon lord

  6. Hoy se cumple 1 mes del fallecimiento de mi tecladista favorito. No tenia que fallecer porque EL tenia que ofrecernos mas de su musica. Gracias a JON LORD aprendi a querer los teclados y mis dedos son veloces porque siempre trato de imitarlo. Se nos fuè un Maestro. Ahora donde este yà no hay enfermedades. Descanse en paz Maestro. Siempre serà recordado ad infinitum.

  7. Desde los 14 años (tengo 45) soy admirador de deep purple y por supuesto del gran JON LORD pieza fundamental del grupo y un icono en la historia del rock larga vida a él maestro

  8. Jon, thanks for all the great music you have given us. Deep Purple was and is the band that holds a special place in my heart. Like to think you and Tommy will be jamming away wherever you maybe now. Rest in peace and God bless, Ben.

  9. Yo coincido con todos los fans y sobretodo Beckenbauer. yo esperaba verlo otra vez en Deep Purple con Blackmore cuando se hiciera la despedida de la banda y no la actual formación que solo están robando con solo utilizar el nombre DP y estando Steve Morse y Don Airey (que sin desmerecerlos), eso ya no es mas el DP original el cual su sonido musical perdió autenticidad y dicho nombre perdió peso no estando presentes Jon Lord (el fundador) y Ritchie Blackmore (co-fundador) y eran ellos los que deberían de estar para cerrar la banda y por eso considero que ver la actual formación sería faltar el respeto al maestro. Ya no volveré a ver a Deep Purple en Vivo hasta otra vida, pero si los escucharé siempre. Jon Lord que descanses en paz mientras en mi corazón siempre estarás vivo. te quiero mucho maestro

  10. Now I realize how important Jon Lord has been for a generation. In my prayers I ask God to bless Jon Lord on this new journey!

  11. Un giorno ci ritroveremo e formeremo la nuova band:the Peep Durple.
    Non vuol dire niente ma Jon sta già ridendo di mè.
    Con affetto CIP 2112

  12. No me imagino a nadie tan grande como Jon Lord,en discos tan buenos como DP In Rock,Machine Head (se cumplen 40 Años, mi edad),Made In Japan,Burn,Come and get it,Slide it in (con mi admirado Cozy Powell) que no nos hicieran disfrutar a miles de fans en todo el mundo, He versioneado varios temas de su larga trayectoria y siempre los he disfutado muchisimo. Siempre en mi corazon Jon Lord,Ronnie James Dio,Cozy Powell y tantisimos otros heroes de la historia Purple. Que los bendigan a todos. Desde el Reino de Granada un admirador de los buenos artistas de nuestro rollo: el Rock n Roll.

  13. from mexico city,i’m a very fan of purple and of course JON LORD, one of my fathers like COZY POWELL, RONNIE JAMES DIO, they must be jamming in heaven leadered by JON one of the greatest musicians in rock’n roll. I was leastening the ’69 and ’99 concertos lately and i can’t wait anymore to get the 2012 concerto. I miss JON more than my real father even when he died in september of 2010 and thats because i had a closely relationship with JON and his music than my father, may GOD bless both in heaven, i miss them very very much

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