GillanCam: Jon on tour with Deep Purple

– Was ist mit deine Nase los?

Compiled from footage shot on Ian Gillan‘s personal video camera, this ‘bloody funny’ film, shows Jon on tour with Deep Purple in his final years with the band, including the Concerto tour, backstage, onstage, enroute, in interview, etc…

GillanCam was first released as a bonus feature on Ian Gillan’s Highway Star, Journey in Rock documentary DVD.

7 thoughts on “GillanCam: Jon on tour with Deep Purple

  1. I want to say something…thanks to DEEP PURPLE I left to hear many rock bands. i understood one only thing, DEEP PURPLE is my favorite BAND and thanks to JON LORD I just learned to love the keyboards and I can to say the same about the super guitarman RITCHIE BLACKMORE, I mean, his super style. In my car I just hearing only DEEP PURPLE. Of course I am very very sorrow about death’s JON LORD. I am so sad about it. I can not believe it yet. I think HE is living in another world and someday we will see him playing the keyboards somewhere again.

  2. …thank you Ian for that funny movie and thank you …. (all person involved) for showing that here…a lot of fun in the “good old times” …it was great to see that

  3. I recieved the new album at the weekend,courtesy of the DPAS, it is superb. Although hearing different vocalists was a little strange at first,I have grown to love it and will cherish it as a final reminder of my favourite musician/composer. RIP Jon.

  4. Great stuff. Thanks for posting this. Great to see the guys relaxed and having fun. I’ve been listening to lots of Jon’s playing recently and the variety of sounds and noises he gets from the organ is amazing. I really enjoyed the band in the Morse-Lord era. Revitalised and enthusiastic. It was so sad to see Jon leave but nice how the band handled it with both Don and Jon playing. Jon, of course produced some fabulous material as a composer, but this stage of Deep Purple was great fun.

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