Concerto for Jon, Record Collector’s tribute

‘A technically brilliant pianist and soulful exponent of the Hammond organ, he brought a rare combination of taste and feeling to a playing style lit up with extrovert firepower.’

So writes Record Collector in their new tribute to Jon, which recounts the story of Jon’s musical career and interviews Rick Wakeman about the two keyboard player’s friendship, which really only started a few years ago.

Wakeman met Jon when he went to Ian Paice‘s house to discuss hosting the 2008 Sunflower Jam.

– We talked as if we’d known each other for ever. We spent four hours chatting and got on like a house on fire. It was then we decided we should do some recording together.

Sadly, they only got as far as playing at 2011’s Sunflower Jam – and then Wakeman learned of Jon’s illness.

– I know the album Jon and I had planned would have been the best keyboard album never made. It brought home to me ho fragile life is.

Read the full article in Record Collector’s October issue – order online.

When you see tributes to Jon in other media, please let us know!

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