Pirate T-shirts exploiting Jon’s passing

Jon’s family have been informed that someone has been selling unofficial T-shirts at gigs and online regarding Jon’s passing.

They would like to make it very clear that this has nothing to do with the family or Deep Purple, and they are upset that anyone should profit from this tacky endeavour – unless the money is given to charity, which seems very unlikely.

They ask that you respect their feelings and not encourage this behaviour.

13 thoughts on “Pirate T-shirts exploiting Jon’s passing

  1. …i think a human can’t be poor enough to do so! it’s a crime against the people who loves Jon. Thats defenitly not o.k. man!!! If you wanna express to be in mourning with a shirt, you don’t have to make money with that!

  2. Unfortunatley squallid people are alway ready to take profit. Thanks for informng about this matter, antonio

  3. Thats dreadfull. There was somebody selling R.I.P Jon shirts on U.K. E-bay 2 days after his passing . I was so shocked. I reported them straight away.

  4. It’s a pity; it actually seems like a nice T-shirt. My instinct would be to buy it, really. Rest assured, it’s out of the question now that I know it’s not official. Shame on these people.

  5. I do second Antonio.
    It’s a shame that some people have no respect for anything and just aim for money.
    Thanks for the info, Rasmus.
    If anybody is able to ever track down this person, I suggest to sue him/her through the ceiling and give the raised money to charity. Go after him/her !!

  6. I just found out that even amazon.de had it for sale. Their new info says: “temporarely not available.”

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