Review: You never heard it quite like this

November 1, 2012

C4G&O_front“A valedictory for a man and his stubborn creative vision. Lord lived like he plays the B3 here, with a ferocious creativity. That same dogged sense of determination pushed him to continue working on this piece until he got it just right. This prog rock-meets-classical piece ends up sounding brand new, even for long-time Purple fans.”

Thus writes Something Else Reviews in their potent overview of Concerto for Group and Orchestra.

There is “a breath-taking clarity in the interactions of the orchestra, Lord and his chosen soloists”, and on the second movement “vocalists Balsamo and Kasia Laska add to the dark portent that initially surrounds this second movement, before Dickinson manages to match — and maybe even exceed — Bonamassa’s fiery intensity.”

“The concerto’s final third — Lord’s torrential “Vivace – Presto,” elicits a jaw-dropping sense of wonder.”

Read the full review – and order the CD now.


One comment

  1. Excelente hay que comprarlo para escucharlo y disfrutarlo.

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