Steve Morse remembers Jon

May 1, 2013

In this video interview, Steve Morse remembers Jon, starting with the first time they met at rehearsal 24 hours before their first concert together in Deep Purple.

In that dressingroom, Jon immediately picked up on Steve’s guitar licks and replicated them and improvised over them on the Hammond – a deep chemistry the pair would develop over the years onstage.

Steve goes on to talk about Jon’s input on the recording of the Purpendicular album, performing Concerto for Group and Orchestra at London’s Royal Albert Hall – and on Jon meeting Steve’s youngest son and speaking to him in a Donald Duck voice.

– The patience he had. He could do so many things so well. We miss him.

Steve Morse plays guitar on the third movement of Jon’s Concerto, recorded in 2012. Available in the Jon Lord Webshop.

With thanks to Barley Arts Promotion.



  1. great stories.love listening to how these 2 titans reacted to each other.we lost a true genius.never heard a single bad thing said about him.J Lord was the soul of DEEP PURPLE.thank u so much for posting this vid.may he rest in eternal piece and never ever be forgotten.

  2. One day in the future someone’s going to say; he had the sensibility of a great musician. I encounter Jon’s music a few years ago and I always come back to it.
    What should I say to this virtual world? Even if I say something, who will care? It’s probably a fantasy of my imagination…
    Born to be wild!

  3. How beautifully expressed. Steve was quite tearful at the end of this interview.

  4. Yes, Steve, you said the right words!
    Jon was and still IS in our hearts because he was a real gentleman and friendly to everyone.
    I met Jon personally in Kiel/Germany before a DP-Concert in the late 90s.
    We talked a minute together. I will never forget this looong moment…
    He was a Superstar, but he seems to be a “normal” man.
    Best regards, Wolfgang

  5. Nice story, one thing I will agree always: we miss him. Bye dear Jon.

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