– To my pianist… Frida’s tribute to Jon

This year’s Zermatt Unplugged Festival in Switzerland (April 9-13) made special effort to honour two of its own – Jon Lord and Claude Nobs.

A special lounge offered people the opportunity to remember and pay tribute to Jon and to Nobs, the man behind Montreux Jazz Festival and the Funky Claude in Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. Both gentlemen were patrons of Zermatt Unplugged.

Frida Lyngstad took the stage to speak about Jon. The two had been close friends for many years when Jon wrote The Sun Will Shine Again for her at a difficult time in her life.

Watch Frida’s tribute to Jon:

Frida Lyngstad’s Tribute To Jon Lord – Zermatt Unplugged 2013 from TheSunflowerJam.


7 thoughts on “– To my pianist… Frida’s tribute to Jon

  1. Frida is such a fine lady and it is so obvious she had to fight with tears. I had to as well. I had goosebumps when I heard this. Frida´s speech shows the special bond you both have shared on a spiritual level.

    Jon was a great guy and with his music he will be with us FOREVER!

  2. Frida, thanks for sharing, and I am really touched by your words. I never met Jon, though him being my number one inspiration as a keyboard player, and hammond organist, I’ve always felt a strong connection to him and his music. The day the sad news reached me was a hard day, and I felt a strong grief and chock, thanks Frida for honoring Jon and we are many with you, who knew him or not, that will always remember him, and miss him endlessly.

  3. It has always been so evident to me through listening to Jon’s music how true everything she said truly is about Jon’s character and soul. A soul such as his will always bring inspiration. We must believe that he is still very much with us. To all his friends and family. May you feels his presence every day. May you speak with him and of him as I do with my father who has been physically gone for over 6 years. It is this believe more than anything else that helps us all–until we meet again.

  4. Thanks for the tribute to our beloved Jon, and the unforgettable Claude. Deserved memories forever. From RICARDO RAUL BONFILIO of Buenos Aires – Argentina. (Since 1974 listening to Deep Purple).

  5. I don’t find better words than “JF” wrote above to express my feelings and thoughts. I had tears in my eyes hearing Fridas words. One time in 2009 I had the possibility to see Jon after one of his concerts. And he bid farewell to me and my daughter with the words “God bless” as well as Frida reminded in her speech. Thanks, Frida.

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