New photo book to celebrate Jon’s life

Today, Jon would have turned 72.

In his honour, below is an exclusive and previously unseen clip of Jon rehearsing Lazy with Doogie White and the DCRS in Essen, Germany on November 15, 2010.

Tell us your story
Jon’s family and management are planning a deluxe photo book to celebrate Jon’s life. It will contain lots of previously unseen photographs.

To accompany the photos, the editors are assembling anecdotes, quotes or reflections that people may have on Jon.

If there’s a story, a quote or a joke he told, anything that you would be happy to see printed in the book and attributed to you – it can be one line or 2 pages, whatever feels right – please send it to

If you have a photo that you would like to share as well, this would also be gratefully received.

Happy birthday, Jon!


11 thoughts on “New photo book to celebrate Jon’s life

  1. Lazy,from album machine head and one of the songs memorable and universal as well as smoke on the water, and besides there.
    Great Jon. Forever!

  2. Happy birthday Jon! Your soul and music are still present with us here in this moment with me! God bless you!

  3. Excellent news – and really looking forward to being able to listen to From Darkness Into Light.

  4. A strange combination of dates: I was born the same day as Jon, although 14 years after, while Jon was born to New Life on the birthday of my wife, Carmela.
    For me, Jon IS a dear friend who I’ve never met (really I saw afar his lordly figure at some concerts) but who, with his marvellous and intense music, accompanied and accompanies me through the life.
    Ciao Jon.

  5. What a great idea to celebrate Jon’s (musical) life with a book and give us, his fans, the opportunity to send in a contribution. But also thank you for release his final choral work. I’m looking forward to it!

  6. Ciao Jon!!!!!
    Play again your music for us from heaven….
    We love you and your soul is into our lifes!!!!

  7. I grew up with his music….
    Happy birthday Jon (the magnificent) Lord !!!

  8. Really, I do not know what to say. Jon Lord was an amazing keyboard player musician. I remember the bad news about his death, monday 16, July 2012. Really I am so sad right now. The best keyboard player musician was JON LORD. He was a keyboard player master.

  9. Sincerely, I learned to love the keyboards thanks to Jon Lord. Right now, my left hand is more faster than my right hand.

  10. Hey, Doogie White! Imagine Jon instead of Don Airey last December at the “Schubert in Rock” … Okay, just a dream and I like Don too. See you all at Albert Hall!

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