Wakeman pays tribute to Jon on BBC One this Sunday

July 12, 2013

Jon on BBC East Midlands

In Jon Lord: It’s All Music, Rick Wakeman pays tribute to Jon this Sunday on BBC One East Midlands.

The BBC writes:

‘The man who put the rock into the Hammond organ, Lord was always proud of his Leicester roots and went on to become not just a rock star but also a classical composer in his own right. Rick Wakeman also goes back to Jon’s former school to hear about his early passion for music.’

The feature airs this Sunday July 14 at 23:25.

Watch the preview (UK only).



  1. I remember that sad day ( Monday 16-July-2012 ). Jon Lord was and is my favorite keyboard player musician. Thanks to Jon I learned to love the Hammond keyboards and his amazing style. Deep Purple is my inspiration since I was almost a child.

  2. Sir Jon Lord…The master.

  3. Awaiting the programme as an homage to Jon with mixed feelings. I’m pleased Jon’s career and passing is getting airplay, but once again it brings sadness remembering such a wonderful man and musician has moved on to heavenly pastures. Barely a day goes by without thinking of Jon, his personality, and his magical music. Goodness knows how his family copes, but I am sure he will have left them with an inner-strength and loving memories. Its almost a full year without your worldly presence Jon, but your notes and compositions will live on in our hearts forever. Miss you Jon, always.

  4. Shame it’s only BBC 1 East Midlands.. let’s hope someone records it puts it out as a torrent file

  5. Today, 16 July. One year when JON LORD had gone. Rest in peace MASTER. Always I will be your fan.

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