Above and Beyond – Glover on Jon

Lord and Glover in towels
Jon and Roger discussing towels…

Deep Purple‘s new single Above and Beyond was written in memory of Jon. Bass player Roger Glover has released this message:

‘It’s fifteen months since that day in the studio when we heard the bad news about Jon. Strangely enough, although he left the band eleven years ago, his presence in the band has deepened since last year. Apart from the fact that his spirit seemed to pervade the recording sessions and that Now What?! is dedicated to him, these days an interview never goes by without one or all of us talking about him.’

Above and Beyond

Above And Beyond, a paean to Jon, is being released as a single and every time I hear it or play it, my mind is full of great memories. From an inspired idea by Steve, it grew into a most unusual song, unlike anything we’ve done before.’

One of the lines say: “Souls having touched are forever entwined.”

‘Writing about the death of a friend can be a minefield of cliché or maudlin sentiment, but I’m proud of what we accomplished with the song.’

‘Now looking forward to the British dates and the rest of the tour around Europe and on.’

You can order Deep Purple’s new single through Jon Lord’s Amazon Shop

13 thoughts on “Above and Beyond – Glover on Jon

  1. I am so sad about my ultra favorite keyboard player musician. Jon was a amazing musician. He was a Maestro. Sure. Thanks to Jon I have learned to love the keyboards and one thing more thanks to Ritchie Blackmore I got understood that he is real champion about playing guitar. Forever and ever, Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore were excellent terrific and amazing musicians. Deep Purple is my ultra favorite band. All of them are the glory.

  2. That happy snap is a bit of a worry… They were a tight band but WTF…??? 😉 only kiddin…!!!

  3. get in a band and you are forever brothers. I got to see these two in action. I have no true knowledge but I saw a bit of greatness.

  4. Hi!!!!! Thanks for your message!!!! I like to remember Jon and his music everyday…….God bless you! Sergio

  5. ogni giorno ricordo JON ascoltando la sua musica con i DEEP PURPLE e in tutte le altre sue performance con altre band o da solo e ogni giorno lo ringrazio per tutto quello che ci ha dato R.I.P JON

  6. An amazing line up of musicians, who produced eternal rifts / songs / memories, sadly the players don’t outlive the music.

  7. When I was a very young man, I bought Made in Japan and discovered Jon Lord and his incredible performance on Space Truckin’. I listened to it time and again through my Dad’s headphones at full volume. It always brought me out in goose bumps and sent shivers down my spine. That is what Jon Lord did to me. He touched me personally through his awesome playing. And now I’m 52, I still listen to it occasionally. And the same thing happens as it did all those years ago. Thank you Jon. You will be close to my soul forever.

  8. Jon Lord, Ronnie James Dio, Tommy Bolin, ever forget you. Always remain in my heart and memory, and surely I will find when I go too. 39 years and a half I heard DP for the first time, and gone forever. RICARDO RAUL BONFILIO, Bs. As. Argentina.

  9. have always admired the ability of jon to marry freedom of thought with clarity of vision ian ne england

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