6 thoughts on “Celebrating Jon Lord – tickets

  1. I’m thai , live in thailand , know & love his work since 1973 ( i’m 16′ th ). When i listen the songs of Deep’ and watch DVD Deep Purple in concert with London Symphony 1999… I miss him so much.

  2. Love to you and your Family this Christmas-Tyme. We all miss you incredibly and take comfort in your beautiful music to take solace. God Bless Jon, rest well, this earth is far lesser a place without you to grace it. Peter O’Connor.

  3. Increíble pero cierto , cada vez que escucho y repito los temas DP reconosco un nuevo e inimaginable acorde en Hammond !!! Por siempre maestro !!! Mr. Lord !!!

  4. Hello Robbie,
    Ritchie Blackmore has been playing in Blackmore’s Night since 16-17 years now. That’s longer than he plays together with Jon at Deep Purple. Why should he come back to a moment of the Deep Purple’s time which he never really liked? He would see the new guitarist of Deep Purple, that’s not imagineable. However, I am sure Ritchie has already honoured Jon in an different way.
    Oliver, Germany

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