Celebrating Jon Lord – tickets

October 20, 2013

Celeb JL poster EDIT

Buy tickets from:
The Royal Albert HallTicketMasterLive Nation



  1. I’ll be there ! – Ticket in hands already ;-o))

  2. I’m thai , live in thailand , know & love his work since 1973 ( i’m 16′ th ). When i listen the songs of Deep’ and watch DVD Deep Purple in concert with London Symphony 1999… I miss him so much.

  3. Love to you and your Family this Christmas-Tyme. We all miss you incredibly and take comfort in your beautiful music to take solace. God Bless Jon, rest well, this earth is far lesser a place without you to grace it. Peter O’Connor.

  4. Increíble pero cierto , cada vez que escucho y repito los temas DP reconosco un nuevo e inimaginable acorde en Hammond !!! Por siempre maestro !!! Mr. Lord !!!

  5. He’s hoping mr Ritchie Blackmore is one of the guests.

  6. Hello Robbie,
    Ritchie Blackmore has been playing in Blackmore’s Night since 16-17 years now. That’s longer than he plays together with Jon at Deep Purple. Why should he come back to a moment of the Deep Purple’s time which he never really liked? He would see the new guitarist of Deep Purple, that’s not imagineable. However, I am sure Ritchie has already honoured Jon in an different way.
    Oliver, Germany

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