Order Celebrating Jon Lord here


Order your copies of Celebrating Jon Lord – live at Royal Albert Hall, April 4 2014. It comes in five different editions.

USA, Canada orders – HERE
All other countries – see below.

The Composer (first set – 1CD) ORDER

  1. Fantasia from Sarabande
  2. Durham Awakes from Durham Concerto
  3. All Those Years Ago (with Steve Balsamo and Micky Moody and Anna Phoebe)
  4. Pictured Within (with Miller Anderson)
  5. Sarabande from Sarabande (with Rick Wakeman)
  6. One From The Meadow (with Margo Buchanan)
  7. Bourrée from Sarabande
  8. Afterwards (with Jeremy Irons and Paul Mann)

The Rock Legend (second set – 2CD) ORDER

  1. Things Get Better (feat. Paul Weller)
  2. I Take What I Want (feat. Paul Weller and Micky Moody)
  3. Silas and Jerome (feat. Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement, Ian Paice and Bernie Marsden)
  4. I’m Gonna Stop Drinking (feat. Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement, Ian Paice and Bernie Marsden)
  5. Soldier of Fortune (feat. Steve Balsamo, Sandi Thom and Micky Moody)
  6. You Keep On Moving (feat. Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Micky Moody)
  7. Burn (feat. Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Rick Wakeman)
  8. This Time Around (feat. Glenn Hughes)

CD2 Deep Purple celebrating Jon Lord

  1. Uncommon Man
  2. Above And Beyond
  3. Lazy
  4. When A Blind Man Cries
  5. Perfect Strangers
  6. Black Night
  7. Hush (feat. Bruce Dickinson, Rick Wakeman, Phil Campbell, Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody)

Blu-ray ORDER

Include all tracks from ‘Celebrating Jon Lord The Composer & The Rock Legend’
60-minute documentary

Box Set content ORDER

  • Blu-ray
  • 1CD Digi – The Composer
  • 2CD Digi – The Rock Legend
  • 7″ Vinyl: You Keep on Moving / Soldier Of Fortune
  • 7″ Vinyl: Deep Purple Above and Beyond / Fantasia
  • Exclusive T-Shirt
  • Two-sided reproduction of an excerpt of Jon Lord’s original, handwritten music score for “Sarabande” – signed by Paul Mann
  • 20 page reproduction of original show program

Read also our exclusive interview with conductor Paul Mann about the concert:
Part 1: I gave myself goose-bumps just imagining it
Part 2: To my friends pictured within
Part 3: Three scores in one day
Celebrating Jon Lord, the website


16 thoughts on “Order Celebrating Jon Lord here

  1. Hi Rasmus;

    I would like to order the 2 DVD set of this concert. However, when I go to the website, for the DVD order, it comes up in German! I do not read German, therefore, I’m afraid to try to place an order. Please help!

    Thanks, Keith Saari

  2. Awesome news — just pre-ordering the box set now (could not resist). The trailer video by earMUSIC at http://youtu.be/yTPNyhgif5g made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! So looking forward to reliving that wonderful night.

  3. Hi Keith,
    The DVD and Bluray will not get North American releases, but both DVD and Blu-ray are region free and can be played worldwide on all players (DVD: NTSC // Blu-ray: 29fps).
    Please use Jon’s own Amazon Shop (all in English): http://astore.amazon.co.uk/jonloorg-21
    – Rasmus

  4. Are there any plans to release the box set with a DVD format on the concert, Having gone to the concert and seen so much of Jon’s work since 1975 the box set is a must. But I don’t have a blu ray player,
    Regards Robert

  5. Hi Robert, thanks for writing. Sorry, EarMusic have no such plans. For what it’s worth, I’m in the same situation as you – and considering my first bluray machine for this very reason. The upside is, it’ll allow me to watch also the bonus featurette of special footage on the 2012 Concerto bluray of the orchestral sessions in Liverpool, which includes a lovely section with Jon, Paul Mann and Marco de Goeij stood around the Hammond discussing and inspecting the recreated score. Br, Rasmus

  6. Hello Rasmus, I was wondering when my Book would be arriving, I ordered and paid for it 3 weeks ago and as of today29/09/2014 I have not received it, could you give me an etsa/

  7. Got the box set it is awesome, any chance of a T shirt in XXL available soon for us “built for winter” guys?

  8. Conspicuously absent from the proceedings is Sam Brown, although one of her songs was performed

  9. remembering Jon”s last concert at the RAH with the SFjam2011 I still wonder why he did not join his old buddies and JB, what a goodbye that would have been. Anybody knowing the reason?

    Rob Berting (was there and will never forget)

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