Sarabande score now available

Sarabande score front 800The revised Concert Edition score for Jon Lord’s Sarabande suite is now available from de Haske Publishing.

Working from Jon’s rearranged scores from 2010, when the Sarabande suite was first performed live at a concert in Budapest, conductor Paul Mann has updated and revised the entire score and included all available information to create the most final edition possible.

Jon Lord revisited Sarabande late in life and performed a new arrangement of it at a world premier in Budapest, Hungary in 2010. Read our full report from that concert.

Read Paul Mann’s new introductory note to Sarabande.

Order the Sarabande score from de Haske Publishing.

Sarabande score example 800

5 thoughts on “Sarabande score now available

  1. Tengo el disco “Sarabande”, espectacular. Jon, un maestro. Siempre estará con nosotros.

  2. Is the score for the original Sarabande? The one where Eberhard Schöner is conducting? Best regards

  3. The new score is of the revised version that Jon made in 2010. It differs from the original recording conducted by Eberhard Schoener in a number of respects. Jon rewrote certain sections of the piece, changing the structure of some of the movements. Of course he also needed to come up with a way to make the “tape collage” at the end work in a live context. So although much of the music is the same, this is a new version which is as close as we’re likely to get to Jon’s final thoughts on the piece.

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