Jon Lord’s 75th


Today we celebrate what would have been Jon Lord’s 75th birthday.

His music continues to excite, exhilarate and endure.

Please share your thoughts and memories on Jon and his music.


28 thoughts on “Jon Lord’s 75th

  1. Still an example and source of inspiration & happiness. Thank you for the music. You replied:”It’s my pleasure” Luxembourg, Boom of…

  2. An amazing Man with an amazing talent! I’ve enjoyed Jon’s Music for decades with more to come.

    Happy Birthday, RIP Jon!!

  3. I think it was 1980 when I heard Made In Japan for the very first time… Jon Lord’s monster Hammond organ solo in Highway Star left me petrified… Jon Lord’s music and Hammond organ playing changed my life since that day… Thank you Jon… Because of you, playing live with a hard rock band, standing on stage behind a Hammond C-3 organ, became the coolest thing on earth…

  4. His keyboard playing is probably the main reason why I love Deep Purple. I fell in love with it since I listened to the Mk-I records: that is the sound that I associate Deep Purple with. I like the direction he gave to the band in that period, which culminated with “Concerto”, one of my favourite Deep Purple album, together with “Deep Purple” (when I heard the orchestral part of “April” for the first time I had goosebumps, and I have shivers every time I listen to it…)…
    He really loved music and he shared his talent with the whole world!

  5. A (much) younger me heard Made In Japan (Lazy & Space Truckin’) around the same time as Nobody’s Perfect (Knockin’ At Your Back Door Intro). That noise, that stretch, that ‘throw-everything-in-bar-the-kitchen-sink’ told me I wanted to play keys, not guitar. I’ve spent the last 20-odd years fulfilling that promise, through tribute bands and through original work. A life changed. Every gig I think “I hope you’re proud, Jon”. You gave so much, what little I can repay I am glad to do so. God bless you, forever, sir.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jon! And Rest Un Peace, You always alive in our hearts. And your music lives.

  7. Eduardo Avello…..never heard or seen Keith Emerson ? Jon & Emo great friend’s anyway.

  8. Jon, your music keep on living in our souls. I remember you every day when I listen and enjoy your fine music. Love your hammond organ sound in Deep Purple and love your “Concerto” since I listened first time, 38 year ago. Happy 75th years.

  9. Followed Jon and his Musical Career since 1971. An eloquent man, humble yet unsurpassable musical in Classical/Rock and Blues. His music has and will continue to leave me in awe. He was adored by all the Purple Fans and Off-Shoots and will forever be rightly regarded as a Musical-Giant. We all Miss You Great Fellow.

  10. Out of all the good memories I have of him, the first one that springs to mind is very prosaic, though meaningful. I hate being stuck in traffic – and I live in São Paulo city, where traffic is a way of life. My way around it is avoiding the busiest hours. That, though, was something I could not do in the busiest day of 2012. I was stuck in a bus on my way to a course. What I could do?

    Since I’m stuck and there’s nothing I can do about it, I might as well do something I like. For the first time in a long while, I took time to breathe and listen to a live Deep Purple concert, note by note, on my phones – straight to Wring That Neck and Mandrake Root, since the trip would take a little less than one hour.

    Without the need to pay attention to anything else, I gave the music a rare undivided listen. It was magic. Time flew by.

  11. Listen to his music all the time in all genres. Thank you Jon for your wonderful talent and the legacy that you left to all of us.

  12. Still I miss You my best Musician ever… You orchestral music is so deep and touch my soul, I love Your Hammond organ sounds..

  13. I feel very sad that you aren’t still with us, and privileged by the music you left in my heart.
    When you were ready to play on stage, and the Hammond fans would rotate and the whirring and’ fut fut fut’ sound would initiate, It was knowing the magic was about to begin that was so special
    I took my daughter to see you in your last D.P. tour and saw her experience the same excitement , more magic. Shedding a few happy tears thinking about it.
    So many memories – listening to Sam Browne singing Wait a while…

    This is what Jon meant to me, mood changer and magician.

    Thanks Jon. Happy Birthday xxxxx

  14. My all time hero since the late 70ies till today and beyond, no matter he was composing or playing the hammond.
    So here’s to his birthday, his legacy and the thankfulness we feel for the joy he has given us all these decades then and still today.
    Here’s to the Maestro, to Jon Lord !
    Here’ll be friends, here’ll be heroes !!!!
    (And on to see Blackers in three days and DC in five weeks !…..)

  15. I hope at the place you are now, you are able to dance some sarabande. Yours, chris

  16. As I listened to Steve Balsamo singing ” All Those Years Ago” at the Albert Hall, my memories of Jon took me back to all the exciting, magical times he graced that stage; standing tall amongst the battery of keyboards that were at once a thunderous roar, down to the quietest whisper. A true magician of a musician, there will never be another; God Bless you Jon and happy 75th.

  17. Thank you dear Jon Lord, my favorite composer and musician since 1973, love your hammond organ sound, your music will always be with me, i’m practicing the keys now for some years, hoping to play some of your compositions one day, enjoying them in a new way!God bless you and rest in peace, Jon!

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