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Jon Lord: Improvisation was the rock Deep Purple built its house on

February 25, 2011

Scotland’s STV covered Jon Lord’s visit to the University of the West of Scotland yesterday.

In these two segments Jon Lord discusses first musical improvisation and what he believes music students today get from listening to Deep Purple – and then talks about the ‘chat with knobs on’ that he held at the University. Click to watch.

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‘Terrific’: Jon Lord’s music lectures in Scotland

February 25, 2011

Jon Lord spent Thursday (Feb 24) with students at the University of the West of Scotland, in Ayr.

In the morning, he gave a Hammond organ class to 18 of the University’s keyboard students where he spoke about the history of the instrument, his own ways of getting the most out of the instrument and how the organ works.

In the afternoon, he gave a lecture in front of around 200 music students, broadcast students, media students and a few members of the public and staff. This touched on different parts of his career and his approach to the music industry and how he entered the world of being in bands and his early influences.

Ross McEwen is an Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland, and he kindly sent us this report:

“Jon Lord’s lecture today at the University was terrific. He is a very natural speaker and with as much experience, knowledge of the industry, success and stories as he has, it made for a very pro-active and memorable experience for all.

In the afternoon lecture, Lord spoke in great detail about improvisation and the meaning of musicianship, which was truly inspiring coming from a man with such a history with improv and live performance. My overall feeling of the day was extremely positive, having someone like Jon visit us has been a huge boost to the students and the programme.

With Jon’s career spanning over 40 years and continuing through several significant changes in the music industry, he has a great insight into the world which our students are entering. Jon is a very approachable person, and easy to get on with which broke down all barriers between Jon and the students and enabled a great two-way communication.

We at the University are delighted with Jon’s lecture, and very grateful for his time and the great presentation he gave,” writes Ross McEwen.

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Munich review: ‘Two royal children find themselves’

December 16, 2010

Jon Lord’s concert in Munich on November 21, 2010, reviewed by Joachim Buch of Augsburger Allgemeinde:

Munich If you want to combine the sound of a classical orchestra and a rock band, it often brings up the saying about the two royal children to mind: They couldn’t come together. One of the few musicians who succeeded with the synthesis is British Jon Lord.

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Perfect strangers in Essen

November 22, 2010

Watch Jon Lord warming up the Hammond during soundcheck for last Monday’s concert at Essen Philharmonie.

The clip also includes Jon Lord performing Perfect Strangers with Doogie White, DCRS and the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra.


Essen: ‘Every now and then a snarl’

November 21, 2010

Jon Lord can still pronounce the name of the little town not far from Essen: Oer-Erkenschwick. In 1975, he recorded his Sarabande album with Philharmonia Hungarica conducted by Eberhard Schoener. He explains to the audience at Essen’s Philharmonie that “tonight is only the third time ever that the whole work is being performed live.“

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Serious fun in Essen

November 18, 2010

A resounding and unwavering standing ovation concluded Jon Lord’s Essen feast of musical moods.

With a set based on the Sarabande suite in the first half, and a selection of solo and Purple tunes in the second half, Lord brought the German Ruhrgebiet crowd roaringly to their feet.

Working very hard with local band DCRS, Jon Lord and the enthusiastic Hagener Philharmonics gathered their energies to deliver a rich evening of musical variation and fascination, which hit all the right spots with the local crowd.

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Essen: What an evening!

November 18, 2010

Thank you Mr. Lord. The living legend, the genius, the Lord of the Hammond, in short the Maestro.

Bo Olsson reviews Jon Lord’s concert in Essen, Germany on November 15:

It all started with a reworked Sarabande. What a pleasure, it worked wonderful in this new format. It did manage to improve on the recording. With the new parts written for the orchestra instead of using synthesizers, giving a new life to the piece.

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Warsaw: Here be friends, here be a hero…

November 13, 2010

Jon Lord live at The Congress Hall, Warsaw, Nov 10th, 2010.

Review by Marcin Karski

Jon Lord has taken the Polish capitol by storm and it was the best I’ve ever seen from him. The way he moved, conducted, played and sounded will remain vivid in my mind, hardly forgettable. I can only thank the organizing company executives for the determination to get the whole event finally happening and bow my head in an ultimate gratitude to Jon for putting out such a masterful concert.

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