Concerto for Group and Orchestra (studio)

1. Moderato – Allegre
2. Andante
3. Vivace – Presto

Standard: CD + 20-page booklet
Digipack: CD + 5.1 mix DVD-audio (no visuals) + 20-page booklet
Mediabook: CD + documentary DVD + 72-page book (Edel) (details)
Documentary: CD + documentary DVD + 16-page booklet (ABC)

Recorded at the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool and Abbey Road Studios, London, UK – 2011-2012.

Jon Lord – Hammond organ
Bruce Dickinson, Steve Balsamo, Kasia Laska – vocals
Darin Vasilev, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse – guitar
Guy Pratt – bass
Brett Morgan – drums
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic conducted by Paul Mann

2012 earMUSIC

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  1. I´m interested to buy the sheet music from this concert. Is it published?

  2. I just listened to a new version of Concerto and I love every bit of it. Fantastic performances from the orchestra and the soloists. The sound of Jon’s organ just can’t be gotten wrong. Thanks, Jon!

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