Enhanced Concerto edition announced

C4G&O_frontThe eagerly awaited expanded edition of Jon’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra will be released on December 7, 2012.

Pre-order your copy now.

Officially known as the Mediabook Edition, it comes with the standard CD of the Concerto plus a 72-page book and a documentary DVD.

Along with unseen photographs from the recording sessions, the book also contains Paul Mann‘s elaborate complete essay on the life and recording of the Concerto.

The book also contains Marco de Goeij‘s essay on how he struggled with his recreation of the Concerto and his initial meeting with Jon while he was on tour with Deep Purple. Marco de Goeij caught him outside his hotel in Rotterdam and remembers the crucial moment, when Jon first heard about the reconstructed score:

Paul Mann, Marco de Goeij with Jon during the Liverpool recording sessions.
June 2011.

‘Jon decided to have a look at my work right away. For the next two hours we sat in the lobby of the hotel discussing the score. With every turn of a page new thoughts and memories surfaced and at some points Jon could see his own handwriting coming through the printed score, remembering what the manuscript had looked like when he wrote it, complete with the stains caused by erasing mistakes.

As he studied the work, it slowly dawned on him that it would now be possible to play the piece again. He grabbed my arm, asking “Are you real? Am I dreaming?”‘

Steve Balsamo with Jon during recording sessions at Abbey Road studios. October 2011.

The DVD contains The Making Of Concerto for Group and Orchestra, complete with unseen footage from the recording sessions in Liverpool and at Abbey Road Studios, along with filmed interviews with Paul Mann and Marco de Goeij.

The Mediabook will ship from December 7. Pre-orders are taken now.

Jon recording his final solo for the new Concerto, Abbey Road studios, August 2011.

Signed edition of To Notice Such Things
In early 2010, as Jon’s To Notice Such Things album was being released, he signed copies of the album intended for promotional use. However, for unknown reasons, the signed copies ended up in a cupboard and were only discovered in a recent house move.

Only 25 signed CDs are available, and they are offered at a reasonable price in an exclusive bundle with the new mediabook edition of Concerto for Group and Orchestra.

To Notice Such Things (signed) + Concerto for Group and Orchestra (mediabook) SOLD OUT


6 thoughts on “Enhanced Concerto edition announced

  1. I was tempted to buy the digipack when it came but I thought I should wait for the special edition. Now it is announced and I don’t see any 5.1 mix. It’s a shame in Jon’s memory forcing the fans to buy two editions in order to have the book, the dvd and a 5.1 mix. So disappointed… 😦

  2. Why could’t they have put this latested special edition out on purple vinly also. Not happy

  3. I’m also a bit disappointed about this release; why wasn’t this announced together with the cd? Now I already have the cd and don’t want to buy it again after just two months or so.
    Maybe I’ll get the dvd and book later.

  4. i also bought the digi pack concerto, i did’nt know there was going to be the new edition. i would have waited, but i expect i’ll give in and buy it as i would love to have the dvd and photos of the great man by Trevor Young Nov 14th 2012

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