Lyrics: Evening Song

Evening Song
from Pictured Within
lyrics by Sam Brown
sung by Sam Brown 

Here am I
Let me paint for you
A picture
Bluest skies
As the sun burns through
Into evening
Warm and calm
Now the dusk is due and welcome
On my skin, in my bones
I can still feel the sun
Soothing my soul
And leading me gently
Into evening

Here sit I
In my cozy chair
I’ll listen
To the world
As it drifts in through
The open window
Music and memories
Will fall on my ears
Songs I hold dear
And I’m happy here
With myself alone
In the evening
In the evening of my life
Here am I

Days go by
And still I don’t see
The treasures in my life
Now I find
My dreams are here around me
Every thought, every mood
That passes me by
Is so precious to me
In the evening of my life
Evening of my life.

4 thoughts on “Lyrics: Evening Song

  1. This is my favourite song, when the first bar plays I go immediately into peaceful / slightly sad mode as Sam Brown starts to sing. I then like to sing it at the top of my voice along with her. A masterpiece which I will be forever grateful for . Many lovely memories are associated with this song. xxx

  2. The lyrics alone are so profound and contemplative, evoking feelings of gratitude, appreciation and peace.

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