Lyrics: Evening Song

Evening Song
from Pictured Within
lyrics by Sam Brown
sung by Sam Brown 

Here am I
Let me paint for you
A picture
Bluest skies
As the sun burns through
Into evening
Warm and calm
Now the dusk is due and welcome
On my skin, in my bones
I can still feel the sun
Soothing my soul
And leading me gently
Into evening

Here sit I
In my cozy chair
I’ll listen
To the world
As it drifts in through
The open window
Music and memories
Will fall on my ears
Songs I hold dear
And I’m happy here
With myself alone
In the evening
In the evening of my life
Here am I

Days go by
And still I don’t see
The treasures in my life
Now I find
My dreams are here around me
Every thought, every mood
That passes me by
Is so precious to me
In the evening of my life
Evening of my life.



  1. This is my favourite song, when the first bar plays I go immediately into peaceful / slightly sad mode as Sam Brown starts to sing. I then like to sing it at the top of my voice along with her. A masterpiece which I will be forever grateful for . Many lovely memories are associated with this song. xxx

  2. Now playing 😦

  3. The lyrics alone are so profound and contemplative, evoking feelings of gratitude, appreciation and peace.

  4. Thanks for sharing

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