12 thoughts on “Lyrics: Pictured Within

  1. As ususal another outstanding performance from our Jon Lord……..the words simply put but mean the world, love it all……x

  2. Words for the music, music for the words, either way an experience of treasure

  3. My “Lord” This is one of the finest pieces of music and poetry ever produced. As touching and soul reaching as Keats–A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Could jon have known how much all of us would resonate with his words. These are the words and music of the heavens. Thank you Jon. Love always. Sandi.

  4. es buenísima esta canción, ciertamente una belleza, una obra de arte, como casi todo lo que ha hecho jon.

  5. No better song exists.

    I played this for my 10 year old daughter this evening and just fell apart – from dad to puddle in a verse or 2. And people’s previous comments perhaps say it as good as anything I could add, so I will just join the chorus.

    God Bless You, Jon. Music of the heavens, indeed.

    Here be paradise.

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