– One heck of a cathedral!

October 22, 2007

ITV Local interviewed Jon Lord the day before the premier of his Durham Concerto. In the interview he speaks about the Durham Cathedral being the third cathedral he’s played in this year, and it being the icing on the cake.


– This is one heck of a cathedral, he says.

He also talks about shaping the concerto along a day in the life of Durham and about being nervous before a concert.

– If I didn’t feel nervous before every single concert, there would be something wrong. The last 20 minutes before I go on are terrifying. But once I’m onstage, I’m home.

In the reflective interview he also speaks about writing the concerto and how he wanted to include a traditional miner’s lament. However, it didn’t fit harmonically so he wrote his own lament.

– I hope it laments suitably, he smiles.

Speaking about how difficult is it to be taken seriously as a classical composer while being linked with iconic rock bands he relays the story of how Deep Purple became the loudest band in the world by an American sized PA-system not so judiciously.

Watch the entire interview.

Thanks to Patrick Turnham.



  1. He still is a wonderful guy, Jon Lord.
    I have watched this interview smiling. He’s so eloquent and friendly. The story about the “loudest band ever” is very nice.

    The video has great quality for an internet stream by the way.

    Is there anyone who captured some sound clip of the concerto? Will it be released ever?

  2. Yes, the concert will be broadcast on Classic FM, and a studio recording of the Durham Concerto will be released in 2008. We hope to have more details soon.

  3. Jon Lord is a very good guy! The big! Congratulations!

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