Radio broadcast of the Durham Concerto

durham-1web.jpgUK’s Classic FM radio will broadcast Jon Lord’s Durham Concerto on Sunday November 4 from 5pm to 7pm.

The Durham Concerto was recorded live for Classic FM at Durham Cathedral on October 20, 2007. It is Jon Lord’s brand new work for orchestra, Hammond organ and Northumbrian pipes.

The musical influences span jazz, ragtime, rock, and Northumbrian folk music, including an old miners’ lament. The 45-minute Concerto consists of six movements, arranged into three parts: Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Katie Derham premiers the Durham Concerto on Classic FM.

You can also listen to the show online.

2 thoughts on “Radio broadcast of the Durham Concerto

  1. Dear Mr Lord,
    I don’t know why the formality, it seems I have known you all my life!
    I just finished listening to the live broadcast of your Durham Concerto. Words fail me really.
    Funny old world; here I sit in my basement with an ocean of time and distance between us and yet I have, for the past few minutes and hours, been transported to a place that I know and love.

    What a brilliant performance and wonderful music.

    Thank God for the reanimation of the Concerto for group and orchestra. Thank God for your strength of character to be able to walk away from Deep Purple. Without that, we may never have witnessed the reincarnation of Jon Lord, the composer of Music.
    For true connoisseurs of Deep Purple in all its guises, it adds a more ethereal yet weighty texture and flavour to an already over abundant cornucopia of delights.
    I’m really looking forward to the cd/dvd of this event. I equally look forward to each and everyone of your future projects.
    Thank you for all the beautiful music, long may it continue.

  2. Jon, hope you can make it ’round to the United States for a jam in 2008. -James Gemmell

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