Durham CD and film previewed

December 29, 2007

At the end of January, Jon Lord’s evocative Durham Concerto is released on CD by Avie Records.The extensive sleeve notes include Jon Lord’s thoughts on the different sections of the concerto as well as presentations of the key musicians.

booklet-excerpt.jpgThe CD features the studio reording of the Durham Concerto, and you can listen to selected excerpts here:

Durham Awakes (4:05 mp3 4Mb)
Rags & Galas (2:41 mp3 3Mb)

More to be added …

The world premiere of the Durham Concerto on October 20, 2007 at Durham Cathedral was filmed. There are no immediate plans to release this, but this 3 minute collage is a good representation of the evening:



  1. hey jon love your work

  2. Jon, please continue this change of career !! Add a band once in a while (even if it is DP). See you in Hagen, Germany !!

  3. It seems to be great.
    I’m glad to have some tickets for Hagen.


  4. i wish i did 😦 come to florida jon PLEASE

  5. Thanks Jon.
    Thanks for your wonderful music
    It’s food for the soul

  6. Music is a path leading to the Gods. Unfortunatelly the route our civilization has taken makes this path difficult to follow. What Jon Lord does is to keep this path visible and negotiable for me.

    Happy New Year Jon. Thank you very much for the amazing music you give me all these years. I hope to see you soon in Greece.

  7. Amasing music.Thank You John!

  8. You HAVE to release the video of the Concerto as a DVD No excuses Please, Please, Please

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