Sold out rehearsal in Hagen

Jon Lord colourLast night’s open rehearsal at Hagen Stadthalle for Jon Lord’s concert there tonight was a resounding success. The 1.200 capacity venue was close to sold out and the crowd afforded the ‘show’ several standing occasions.

– It’s difficult to do a rehearsal when the venue is full of people watching you, so it was more like a real concert. The organiser said afterwards she’d have booked two concerts, if she’d known there was this much interest, Jon Lord explains.

Speaking to local tv-station Energy Music, Jon Lord says the Hagen shows are his first chance to sit back and listen to somebody else perform the Concerto.

– It’s great to just sit and experience how it sounds, he says.

Asked why he chose Hagen for his only German show this year, he explains that Hagen chose him. Ralph Breitenbach is a horn player with the Westphalia Symphonics, and he also plays keyboards with a rock band called Dead Composers Rock Society (DCRS). They wanted to perform the Concerto in Hagen and got in touch with Jon Lord.

The opportunity to catch Jon Lord rehearsing with the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra and DCRS last night was so popular that the rehearsal had to be delayed to allow patrons to find alternative parking near the venue.

Today Hagen’s local radio station has been broadcasting parking instructions for tonight’s show(!).

5 thoughts on “Sold out rehearsal in Hagen

  1. I saw the concert last night and it was great.
    To hear it all live with orchestra was fantastic.
    Thank you very much Jon.

  2. Hallo Jon!
    I saw you at the philharmonic concert in Hagen, Germany and it was amazing, so wonderful!
    Jon, this was my third solo concert with you here in Germany and it is always joyful to hear you talking onstage and listening to your wonderful music. You had a very great and wonderful orchestra in Hagen and a brilliant singer: Tanja Schun!
    The sound of the band was not so good… but the philharmonic orchestra was great.
    And you on stage! This was another evening, that I will never forget. I drove 1.000 km to see you!

  3. It was a fantastic performance! We especially enjoyed hearing your great and moving songs in the second part. We were really touched by `One from the meadow`. The orchestra was super, Tanja Schun was excellent. But most of all it was unbelievable that you took so much time to meet your fans and showed real interest in us. Thank you very much for your music!
    Best wishes from Holland

  4. We’ve seen this uncredible Concert at the Stadthalle Hagen. It was a fantastic voyage into the musical world of Jon Lord. Thank you Mr. Lord for the pictures within. Also thanks to the Hagen Philharmonie Orchestra for powerfull sound under direction of Monsieur Ruffet.
    DCRS “Dead Composers Rocking Society” with a great Ralph Breitenbach on the Keys were a grandious performance.
    And Last but not least Thanks to Tanja Schun and Jefferey Krueger.
    Mr. Lord, you’ve taken time to have a short talk and some pics. You have to know, it was one of the greatest moments in my life because i hear your music since i was a 7 year old boy (it’ good to have an older brother 😉
    Thank you for that. And thank your for the music that you are giving to the people.
    With best wishes
    Eva and Jörg

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