Learning to play rhythm organ …

While preparing for the Hagen concert, Jon Lord guested on German web-tv.


In their Soundcheck series he comments on various pieces of music played to him during the interview. One of them was recorded in Japan in 1972 … while the others were a little more exotic.

Click on the photo to watch the clip. (English language.)


7 thoughts on “Learning to play rhythm organ …

  1. Yes – simply click on the photo to watch the clip on DerWesten’s own website. The link was broken earlier – it has been fixed now. Sorry.

  2. – what a great looking dude!

    Awesome! I can´t wait to listen to “Boom of The Tingling Strings”.

  3. “I used to be Jon Lord…” Hmm… A life during and after Deep Purple I suppose–kind of like Blackmore.

    The comment about trying to help Gillan during “Child in Time” was interesting. The ‘official’ reason it was dropped was because Gillan could no longer reach the super high note.

    The *real* reason was of course the slagging he got from the small-minded fans who complained about it. As we age, we lose more than a little eyesight. It is a shame that the song had to be dropped that than be allowed to evolve to fit the situation.

    We have heard versions of the song in which Gillan was “helped” in one way or another and there really wasn’t anything wrong with that.

  4. Looks like a great event! Was it recorded for DVD-release? Or any plans for the shows in 2008 to do so?

  5. Very interesting interview… why are so few rock interviews like this? A musician happy to talk about other music rather than just plug his own stuff. This is class.

  6. What an abundance of intelligent insights into music. In my mind, speaking as a classical musician who thinks “I love to also play hard rock”, Deep Purple have created great music. In this interwiev one can see why: they were and still are dedicated musicians with inventive brains and a big heart.

    I totally agree with the comment above about “Child in Time”. There is so much more to this song than the top notes, a pity that it was dropped.

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