Durham Concerto featured in UK press

The April issue of Classic FM Magazine features an interview with Jon Lord on the Durham Concerto. You can now read the article here by clicking the thumbnails. You can also read a brief review of the album – originally published in the UK edition of Metro on February 8.


2 thoughts on “Durham Concerto featured in UK press

  1. Hey Jon! I’ve got a C3 in my garage (jamming place!), a B3 in my house and I just bought a RT3 for the heck of it. And I kinda blame you!
    Yep, you inspired me to rock on a Hammond at the age of 14, when I first heard “Made in Japan”. And from then on I have been a massive fan of Purple and of your music.
    Man, there is only one Jon Lord. Thank you for making the Earth a better place. You are the best. Period.
    Oh, if you ever needs parts, just let me know!

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