Boom, the memories disguised within

Jon Lord’s new CD, Boom of the Tingling Strings, has now hit the streets. In the film Jon Lord explains the background to his new album:

You can also listen to EMI’ Classic’s 19-minute podcast-special on the album.

The album contains two new orchestral pieces – both of which have autobiographical flavours.

The title track features Nelson Goerner on piano and contains four movements. The second piece, called Disguises, contains three movements each of which are dedicated to people close to Jon Lord.

Buy Boom of the Tingling Strings on CD or download.

2 thoughts on “Boom, the memories disguised within

  1. As a life-long fan of Deep Purple, rock keyboard player and long time classical musician (viola – hey, but someone has to!) and also a huge devotee of Malcolm Arnold’s much-maligned output, I adore these two works. Writing for orchestra is a feafully tricky business and to do it with this extraordinary aplomb is true genius. The string writing in Disguises is wonderful – and as a violist, I do know – we’re the first to suffer from a slack string arrangement. I also love the fact that even some of the Hammond effects end up in the orchestration – there are string swoops here which are pure Hammond B3! Thanks Jon for proving that rock and classical can overlap with dignity and skill.

  2. Hello,
    I play in a professional quartet that plays all the standard chamber music rep. plus we love to play rock tunes,tangos etc.

    I heard(or at least i think i heard) on public radio today your piano concerto, and mention of a string quartet.

    Is your quartet sheet music available for purchase? We’d love to put it on one of our Recitals!
    Best Regards~

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