3 thoughts on “Lord and Hughes kept on moving (video)

  1. Glenn looks & sounds so good and the maestro continues to rock: what a man! – enjoy? most certainly!!

  2. Great performance! It’s a wonderful song and gives Jon a lot of space to explore on both piano and organ.

    Well, I guess it’s a wishful thinking but maybe there’s still a chance for a one-off Hughes-Lord reunion concert with Mk3 and Mk4 songs. Those songs yearn to be played 🙂

  3. well done, well done. just wonderful to see such great music live. the band sounds wonderful, vocals are and always were top of the line, just great, what a voice. the drumming is excellent. jon sounds super excellent. im very glad to see this group of players… real music, really a class act all the way… im in the usa, id love to see this group live here somewhere anywhere anytime… just like a fine wine getting better with time… keep it rolling… vinnie pittsburgh usa

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