Jon Lord live with Glenn Hughes on CD

GH JL and othersFor the first time since 1976, Jon Lord and Glenn Hughes performed together at this year’s ChildLine Rocks in London. On June 1 the pair got together to play You Keep On Moving, a song first recorded by Deep Purple Mk 4 in 1975.

Concert Live have released an Instant Live recording of the entire show including the four songs that featured Jon Lord; Pictured Within, Child In Time, You keep On Moving and Smoke On The Water.

Jon Lord is introduced by ‘whispering’ Bob Harris and in turn introduces Pictured Within as an autobiographical song.

– It’s about what happened to me and what can happen to you if you’re supported by a great family. We’re here to raise money for is people who are not supported by a great family, and we should all think on that, says Jon Lord.

ChildLine_bannerThundering Child In Time
Steve Balsamo sings Pictured Within and then Child In Time. For this, Jon Lord switches to Hammond organ and is backed by British band Thunder.

Together they power through a gloriously intense version of the 1969 Deep Purple classic – complete with Hammond solo from Jon Lord, guitar solo – and full on vocal delivery from Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska.

Glenn Hughes arrives onstage for the reunion with Jon Lord. After a bit of preamble, they all launch into an eight-minute spine chilling version of the song featuring plenty of Hammond from Jon Lord, vocal acrobatics from Glenn Hughes and Thunder as very efficient ‘supporting cast’.

Afterwards, Glenn Hughes continues on his own with Thunder and the Deep Purple classic Mistreated and his solo track Soul Mover.

At the very end of the show, all the evening’s performers gather for a rendition of Smoke On The Water that includes a Hammond solo from Jon Lord and Glenn Hughes on vocals

The 2CD comes with a third disc of photos of the audience (not the artists onstage). It all sells at £20.00, and all profits go directly to ChildLine – UK’s free, 24-hour helpline for children in distress or danger.

Order your Instant Live ChildLine Rocks CD.

The maestro’s a man
Steve Harley also performed at ChildLine Rocks on June 1. In his online diary he writes about meeting Jon Lord:

‘Jon Lord is made of the sort of stuff that makes a man a man. Jon Lord is a friendly chap. A cool and unaffected sort of guy,’ writes Steve Harley.

‘He played a clever set with Steve Balsamo singing to the Lord Hammond B3. They travel to European cities, just the two of them, and meet there with a full orchestra and rock band, comprised of local players, rehearse for a day and then play big cross-over concerts to 3,000 or so people.’

‘I thought it all sounded a little nerve-wracking, like arriving to find your backside has gone south for the winter, as the leader calls the first beats. No, he said, it’s exciting. And I understood: the adventure, the gamble, the risks all make it worthwhile. And it probably seldom, if ever, fails to score.’

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Below some of the artists performing at ChildLine Rocks 2009. members of Thunder with Glenn Hughes (far left) and Steve Balsamo (far right) next to Jon Lord, next to Kasia Laska. Click for larger version.
GH JL and others

Full track list of the ChildLine Rocks 2009 2CD:

disc 1
1. Feel like goin’ home
2. Can’t be satisfied
3. Ridin’ shotgun

4. Overload
5. Sunrise
6. Gypsy
7. Easy livin’

8. Backstreet symphonu
9. The devil made me do it
10. Gimme some lovin’
11. I love you more than rock’n’roll

12. I’ve met Jesus
13. Chickens
14. Prima donna
15. Whichever way you’re gonna give it
16. Cocktails

disc 2
1. Pictured within
2. Child in time

3. You keep on moving

4. Mistreated
5. Soul mover

6. I believe in a thing called love

7. A friend for life
8. Make me smile (come up & see me)

9. Smoke on the water


3 thoughts on “Jon Lord live with Glenn Hughes on CD

  1. I love Jon Lord and Steve Balsamo, I come from Venezuela, I´m a Deep Purple fan (specially Ian Gillan), reciently in Caracas. Thanks for your music to the world, excuseme for my bad english, and I love so much Steve, because your excellent voice makes me feel so good.

    Marlene Salas Herrera 07-11-09

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