Exclusive: One From The Meadow, live 2009

Listen to One From The Meadow sung by Kasia Laska in Bratislava, March 2009. Recorded by Slovak Radio.

Photos of Jon Lord with Kasia Laska and Steve Balsamo during soundcheck at Lichfield Cathedral on July 17.

Photos by Rasmus Heide.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: One From The Meadow, live 2009

  1. What a beautiful voice. These songs are and will be classics..Please come to Chicago

  2. Stunning – Sam’s version on “Beyond the Notes” was exquisite but Kasia’s brings a new spine-tingling slant to Jon’s wonderful music – is there any chance that this will be released?

  3. wow!
    looking forward to seeing DP at the Apollo in November and then a
    trip to Potsdam in the new year!
    hopefully she’ll sing this and/or ‘the sun will shine again’

  4. Exquisite & divine,I love hearing Steve Balsamo & Kasia Laska singing and performing with Jon’s gorgeous music.
    It get’s me everytime. I hope i get a chance to see them in the Uk again soon.

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