First Of The Big Bands – remastered, reissued

An often overlooked gem from Jon Lord’s 1970’s catalogue is being remastered and re-released on CD.

First Of The Big Bands was one of several projects Jon Lord completed with his late dear friend Tony Ashton.

With its rich sound, horn section and female backing singers, the album showed indications of  the sort of rock big band/rhythm’n’blues type of material the keyboard duo would later develop further with Paice Ashton Lord.

First Of The Big Bands features a large cast of guest musicians that include Cozy Powell, Ron Wood and Peter Frampton.

Purple Records have remastered the album using the vinyl production tapes, and they have unearthed a number of 16 track masters from Air, Island and Apple Studios. Purple Records are looking into whether any extra material survives from the sessions.

Beware that the currently advertised version of the album does not appear to be officially licensed – or include any bonus tracks.

Thanks to the DPAS.


2 thoughts on “First Of The Big Bands – remastered, reissued

  1. This has been a favourite of mine since about 1978 when I first got hold of a copy. The album never ceases to cheer me up and I am so looking forward to a properly remastered and expanded edition. I do hope that they retain the original artwork though as I think it’s soooo good. Perhaps the live set recorded by the BBC as a bonus disc?

  2. Great album. I’m lucky enough to have an original vinyl copy. It’s a lot of fun and full of great music.

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