Jon Lord records new track with Gillan, Iommi and McBrain

Jon Lord spent Wednesday recording a new track Out of My Mind in London with Ian Gillan, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain.

The track is intended for a charity single to raise money for a new music school in Armenia. Jason Newstedt will record bass tracks for the song.

Gillan and Iommi were both involved in the Rock Aid Armenia project which re-recorded Smoke On The Water in 1989 to aid rebuilding after the Leinakan struck Armenia in 1988. Revisiting the area 20 years later, Gillan and Iommi found the only structure not rebuilt was the music school, which they now intend to raise money for.

More studio photos on Ian Gillan’s website.

6 thoughts on “Jon Lord records new track with Gillan, Iommi and McBrain

  1. Jon Lord could record 10-12 tracks of lorry traffic on the M-25 and I’d buy it …

    When is it on sale? How do I get to it? Price is irrelevant. Charity causes are good things!

    Thank you, m’Lord ………………….

  2. What is left to say,I sound like a broken record.I loved his work for years like millions of others,of course I think I’m special because I can play air hammond to every Deep Purple song there is and I’m a guitar player.The man has a gift and I’m very grateful to have been able to witness his talent.

  3. Great Jon! Can’t wait to hear it and buy it! Was Steve involved with the recording as well? How is the tour going? God Bless- Sharonlee A Big Fan!

  4. Iommi and Lord, great, I hope one day come together to make an album of jazz, rock, heavy, whatever!

  5. Seen Jon in Zurich and Luxembourg. Both times were fabulous! Now we got tickets for Jon in Prague on 24 October. Don’t change date please, we only have a few days in Prague and we definitely don’t want to miss this. We also got tickets for Deep Purple in Prague on the 26th. What a week to look forward to.

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