Jon Lord made honorary Doctor of Music

Jon Lord has received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music from the University of Leicester.

“Jon Lord is one of British music’s most eclectic and talented instrumentalists. There are no signs of his creative talents abating.”

These words rounded off a detailed account of Jon Lord’s musical life that preceded Jon being presented with the Honorary Degree.

– It is humbling to hear your life retold with such accuracy, he said in his acceptance speech, where he also spoke fondly of his musical childhood in Leicester.

His first concert was experience was in the same hall where the presentation ceremony was being held.

– I was 6 or 7 years old and heard cutting edge classical stuff performed by the Hallé Orchestra; the William Tell Overture, Grieg’s Piano Concerto and the New World Symphony.

– It thrilled me and possibly changed things right there, he explains.

Years later in the same hall, he saw Buddy Holly.

– He spun my head around. The love of what Buddy Holly represented and the love of what the Hallé Orchestra represented has defined my musical life.

– This town was and still is deep inside my bones, and it’s a huge, huge privilige and an honour to come back here and accept this honorary degree. My parents – were they alive – would be dancing in the street. I suspect and hope they’re dancing somewhere far more pleasant than Averill Road [Jon’s childhood home]. Thank you and God bless!

The last time Jon Lord visited the University of Leicester was 41 years ago when Deep Purple played at the Students’ Union on 7 February 1970.

Watch footage of Jon Lord receiving and responding to the presentation of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music from the University of Leicester.


19 thoughts on “Jon Lord made honorary Doctor of Music

  1. Dear Jon,
    Congratulations on your Honorary Doctorate. It was very moving to see you receive this well-deserved acknowledgement of your music and musicianship. Thank you for all the years of musical delight you have provided us.
    Vince Budd

  2. This is one of the most-deserved honours I could think of.
    Actually it is somewhat beyond me that it’s not ‘Sir’ Jon Lord for a long time. There is no other contemporary musician who shines in more musical areas – and has more the ability of enthusing people, entertaining them and touching them in their very heart and soul with his wonderful music.

  3. Dear Jon,
    You have given me so many goosebumbs since 1972, when i began to love your music and playing as a member of Deep Purple, Whitesnake and as a solo artist. You fully deserve the honorary degree.

    Otto Poulsen

  4. Congratulations on this well-deserved lifetime achievement award and many thanks for all the joy and pleasure your music provides!

  5. Congratulations, Dr Lord!
    A singular honour from the university of the city of your birth and one that you so well deserve
    Wear it with pride
    With our love and respect

  6. Hello Jon !

    Congratulations to honorary Doctor of Music. Long Live Lord of Hammond


  7. The Lord of music, intended as a whole world of different musical expressions…now we have the Doc of music. Congratulations dear Jon, all the best for you

  8. A monster musician and a lovely human being……Congratulations Mr Lord!! Our thoughts are with you here in Brazil!!!
    Porto Alegre, Brazil

  9. An Outstanding and very excellent musician , Congratulations !! Greets from Uruguay !! Keep on doing something that i called M U S I C .

  10. Just like ti very big thank u ,,Mr lord …u. n. Ritchie. n Ian an all the rest ,for the best ,,,,thank yiz !!!

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