6 thoughts on “Jon Lord Blues Project release live CD

  1. Have it one week now, never left the CD-player.
    We’d just like to know where it is recorded, as we’re probably too blind to read it on the CD-Cover.
    For all who don’t onw it yet, it is superb (as a certain DP singer uses to say).

  2. Great recording, very good quality. Top performances from entire band. Jon’s playing sounds as powerful and enthusiastic as ever. It’s fantastic they’ve decided to record one of the shows. One more thing, I can wholeheartedly recommend buying items from this very store. The CD was delivered immediately, packed safely in a cardboard box.

  3. I’m having trouble purchasing the CD and merchandise using the link as there seems to be some security problem. Does anyone have any suggestions to an alternative? Will the CD eventually be on general release?
    Vince Budd

  4. What a great recording, sound is perfect and the performance of Sir Lord is fresh and exciting !! Love this sound of the Hammond ! Can’t wait to see the band in Uden in november !!
    Delivery of the CD was very fast and it was packed very safely. THANKS !!

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