Tony Ashton’s book out now, foreword by Jon Lord

Zermattitis is the title of Tony Ashton‘s self-penned memoirs and short stories published now by Wymer UK.

Taking its name from the Swiss town of Zermatt, where Ashton and Jon used to spend many a holiday on skis – after skis and gazing at the Matterhorn – the book was painstakingly transcribed from Tony’s hand written manuscript. Written in his inimitable style, it promises to have your sides splitting with laughter over Ashton’s amazing sense of humour.

Possibly most well known for his role in Paice Ashton Lord, Tony was also the main man behind Ashton Gardner & Dyke, whose biggest hit Resurrection Shuffle put them on the charts in 1971.

Tony Ashton passed away in 2001.

Subtitled A Musicians’ Guide To Going Downhill Fast (a line from one of Ashton’s last recorded songs), the book’s foreword was written by Jon who still counts Tony Ashton as one of his very best friends.

Read more about the book – and order it here to support


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