Vote for Jon in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame 2012

It’s that time of the year again. Classic FM are taking votes for their Hall of Fame 2012.

Jon has featured prominently in the poll the past few years. In 2010, both the Durham Concerto and Boom of the Tingling Strings entered the Top 10 of pieces by living composers.

It would be wonderful if the Durham Concerto could retain its position in the Classic FM Hall of Fame, but please don’t vote for Concerto for Group and Orchestra as it is not on Classic FM’s playlist.

Have your say and help put Jon into Classic FM’s Hall of Fame this year too.

Click here to vote.

Read more about Jon’s history with Classic FM’s Hall of Fame.

10 thoughts on “Vote for Jon in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame 2012

  1. Si para mi si es importante que Jon Lord pueda ingresar al salon de la fama classic fm, es y sera un compositor extraodinario pieza fundamental de DP,cuando estuvo con ellos,y tambien fundador,saludos y buena salud para Jon.

  2. Dear Jon, I am sitting here listening to the very wonderful “To Notice Such Things”. It brings to mind a very special time to me and I can only thank you for writing such a piece of music. I hope that your treatment goes well and, from someone who long ago felt there was no God but now realises there is something there for all of us, God Bless you and your family. Thankyou for such inspirational music.

    yours sincerely,

    Kevin Elvins

  3. Jon, I wish all the best for future. I voted for you in Classic FM´s Hall of Fame 2012.

  4. très cher jon ,je vous sais très malade et j’aimerai partagé et prendre pour moi toutes ces souffrances;vous avez a travers votre musique soulagé et je crois sauvé ma vie.LONGUE VIE A VOUS ET A VOTRE MUSIQUE.TOUS LES DIEUX VOUS BENISSENT.MERCI . MERCI .MERCI.MERCI.

  5. Hola jon, tienes mi voto, amo su musica, y creo ver en usted un ser extraordinario, eso se ve en su mirada, reflejado en su gran talento. Le deseo lo mejor y quiero ser egoista con usted y pedirle que visite Argentina, para poder verlo en mi lindo pais, muchas gracias por leerme y espero lo mejor en su lucha emprendida por su salud. Larga vida a mi amigo Jon !

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