Jon doubles up in Classic FM Hall of Fame 2012

Jon’s Durham Concerto and Boom of the Tingling Strings have both been voted into this year’s Classic FM Hall of Fame.

The results of UK’s biggest classical music poll were revealed over Easter, and Jon’s music has secured him two spots in the Top 300.

Classic FM writes:

“The transfer from pop or rock musician to classical music supremo is a path many have attempted to tread, with only limited success. In the case of the former Deep Purple keyboard player Jon lord, though, the traversal from one genre to another has been triumphant.”

#87 – Durham Concerto has climbed an impressive 66 places.

#242 – Boom of the Tingling Strings has re-entered the Classic FM Hall of Fame and is Jon’s second entry this year.

The albums

durham-concerto.jpgDurham Concerto was released in January 2008 and is among Jon’s most accomplished works. Listen to selected excerpts here:

– Durham Awakes (4:05 mp3 4Mb)
– Rags & Galas (2:41 mp3 3Mb)
Road from Lindisfame (5:57 mp3 5Mb) 

Boom of the Tingling Strings was released in March 2008. The piece has autobiographical flavours. You can listen to EMI Classic’s podcast-special on the album.

Durham Concerto
Boom of the Tingling Strings

Check out the entire Top 300 of the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2012.


6 thoughts on “Jon doubles up in Classic FM Hall of Fame 2012

  1. The Maestro deserves this, gaining 66 positions is impressive. But at the same time easy to understand, the music is just wonderful. Anyone who’s heard it will agree, the man is a genius. Bo Olsson, Sweden.

  2. jon est au topdans le classique et dans le hard,c est un musicos complet bravo jon et soigne toi bien!

  3. la musica di jon lord classica rock jazz e’ sempre meravigliosa e si merita tutto questo grande jon continua cosi e in bocca al lupo per la tua salute torna presto ci manchi con la tua musica

  4. Congratulations to Jon once again. All best wishes and hope treatment going well. Vince Budd and family

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