Those tingling words – pt. 1

Website update:
We’re adding lyrics to Jon’s website. Starting with his most popular album, here are three songs from Pictured Within:

Pictured Within itself
Evening Song
Wait a While

Over time we aim to add all the words written by (or to) Jon for his music. Tell us your favourites, and we’ll try to do those first.

6 thoughts on “Those tingling words – pt. 1

  1. can we have an update about John’s situation?
    Is he doing well? Please give him my reggards and best wishes,
    Johan from the Netherlands

  2. My alltime favorite Deep Purple lyric is “Sweet Child in Time” and Jon’s solo lyrics the most beautiful is the song with Frida “The Sun will shine again”.
    George Fazakas

  3. Its a good idea..I dont know if you could help us with some chord from Jon Lord s music

  4. Brillant idea!! I have always been a sucker for lyrics :-).

    Could you post the two versions of ‘Gemini Suite’? The ones of the studio version are on the album sleeve, but the ones of the live version can’t be found anywhere.

  5. It is impossible to list Jon’s best work, I just hope the guy is well, we love and respect the man while respecting his privacy.

    Jon, the chances of you reading this are slim and I make no apologies for speaking in the language of my native area but I’m wishing ya well our kid. Respect, I hope we get a great debate on your work and the joy it has given to so many people.

    You enrich so many lives and it is only fitting that we say all of your work is brilliant.

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