From Darkness to… German Radio

On Tuesday evening May 15, German WDR 3 radio will broadcast live as Jon’s From Darkness To Light, A Prayer For The Millenium is being performed by the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Florian Ludwig at Hagen Stadthalle.

The broadcast starts at 20.05 on WDR 3 and will feature the world premiere of Jon’s new arrangement of From Darkness To Light, A Prayer For The Millenium for tenor, choir and large orchestra.

The evening’s programme opens with In The South by Edward Elgar, continues with Jon’s piece and concludes with Jean SibeliusSymphony No. 5.

Hagen Orchestra info and tickets
WDR 3’s website
Listen live online

9 thoughts on “From Darkness to… German Radio

  1. Great. I haven’t heard this concert by the Maestro. The best news in a long time. I hope I will be able to listen here in Sweden. Really looking forward to this evening just hope that the Maestro will be back soon with more wonderful music. Bo Olsson, Sweden.

  2. Hi Jon I would like to send you my text to you. I hope you like it. Mila
    “I vibrate,
    Your sound makes me vibrate
    and my skin becomes goosy
    it is coverd with steam.
    I vibrate,
    your sound wraps around me
    I close my eyes and I see you
    your hands are wings.
    I vibrate,
    your sound oxygenate me
    your fingers are wind,
    wind on my face.
    I vibrate,
    your sound keeps me alive
    do not stop continue
    your impulse is life.
    I vibrate,
    make your fingers dance
    make your fingers dance
    make your fingers dance “

  3. Unfortunately we could not listen to it… in the Newsletter sent by e-mails it said Tuesday, May16… 😦
    I didn’t pay attention to the calender mistake and turned on the radio tonight – Wednesday, May 16…
    Do you know if the WDR-3 are going to upload it as they do with some other broadcasts?
    Such a disappointment…


  4. I realised this mistake too late, very sorry. I am not aware of any repeat broadcasts.

  5. We were very lucky to hear the broadcast on WDR3 and were quite overwhelmed to hear this first performance. The enthusiastic response of the audience at Hagen said it all. Jon’s writing even in a difficult period shows such depths of feeling and begs the eternal question – will it please be recorded? Best wishes, Jon, and thank you for another uplifting gift to us.

  6. Hi Jon,
    happy birthday from Mila with a short poem;

    day met night
    they wrapped around each other
    and there were paks

    day rested
    night labored

    night met day
    they wrapped around each other
    and there were paks

    night rested
    day procreated

    I name you rays of sun
    you are the son of dawn
    you are the son of sunset


  7. Hello Jon,
    I have written this poem for all those a little bit crazy like me!

    My dear friend

    My dear friend who dresses in darkness, only your perfume I know
    I have always heard of you
    since you saw the light
    but at time I did not have faculty

    I grew and barely heard your voice
    everybody cried
    many avoids you, it’s plausible and understandable, they don’t want you
    to much is the fear much is the will not to abandon

    to me it’s almost no
    the idea to leave you upsets me and already I miss them
    I love them above my life but desirer to meet you
    I think of you since time

    since time I feel bad could it be masochism
    I need to de-touch the burden, punish
    I am afraid
    arrive is a long jump

    burdensome to turn back
    would be prison more than punishment
    would it be too much
    that you took my hand.

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