Video: Watch Joe Bonamassa taping his Concerto solo

Watch Joe Bonamassa tape his contribution to Jon’s new recording of Concerto For Group And Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.

The orchestral parts were recorded at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall, conducted by Paul Mann, and other guests and soloists include Bruce DickinsonSteve Morse and Darin Vasilev along with Jon’s ‘house singers’ Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska.

The recording  is set for a September release by Edel Records (ABC Records in Australia).

14 thoughts on “Video: Watch Joe Bonamassa taping his Concerto solo

  1. just waiting for the official release and happ glad to see Jon Lord in a good condition. Thank you Jon for all those years and fit me up to learn what music is.

  2. This is one piece of music I can’t wait to hear in its full glory. Jon’s ‘baby’ – grown up at last! 🙂

    All the best, Dear Jon!
    Monika x

  3. Sounding great! Waiting for the september release. The concerto is one of my favorites. I wish you all the best Jon!

  4. This album is something worth waiting for. The concerto was the first Deep Purple album I bought as an eleven year old with my pocket money.It was a choice between the concerto or `In Rock`,the combination of classical and rock outweighed the sublime noise of the latter. God bless you maestro.

  5. Proud and delighted to have been at the Royal Albert Hall for the first performance…. Can it have been that long ago?! Can’t wait to hear the new release….. Be well Jon

  6. Greetings from Croatia…awesome music…come to Zagreb !!!
    Zagreb Rocks, all the best from Rudi & family

  7. I have the 1969 recording, the 1999 recording, the DVD and I saw the concerto Live in Rotterdam in 2000. I certainly will buy this one too, it’s such a great piece finally matured to what is should be.
    Hopefully you will be able to do some live performances again. It is so awkward to see you with short hair…

  8. I’m not too surprised to hear Joe Bonamassa is recording the works of others, and I’m sure we’ll hear an organ knock-off of the great Jon Lord to go along with all the other things he’s lifted from others.

    Rest in peace Dr. Lord

  9. Rip.
    A good man, a great artist, musician and human being he was.-
    He´ll live on, in so many people´s memories…

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