Jon unavailable for Hagen concert

Unfortunately, due to on-going medical treatments Jon will not be able to perform in Hagen, Germany on July 6th. He was set to perform his Durham Concerto and a selection of other pieces.

Jon wishes to assure everyone that this is not a matter for concern, but it is a continuation of his regular treatment that has just taken longer than anticipated. He and the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra hope to be able to reschedule the concert for later in the year.

He apologises to everyone for any inconveniences this may have caused, particularly the wonderful people of Hagen, their terrific orchestra and all those who may have bought tickets, and he looks forward to seeing them all soon.

For ticket refunds, please contact Hagen’s Theaterkasse or your Eventim ticket agent.


47 thoughts on “Jon unavailable for Hagen concert

  1. pity, 1st i hope the best wishes to Jon, 2nd because i bought the tickets (it is my wife birthday) and was my 1st chance in my life that i had to see Jon live (sorry, i saw him in 1983 in Portugal with Whitesnake). Long Live Jon

  2. Hate to hear that,Jon.Hope you’ll be doing better soon! wishing you all the best!

  3. The main goal is beating the cancer! No need for apologies, just get well.

  4. Very, very sad to hear this! But it is probably better to go on with the treatment, instead of endangering everything with too early appearances.
    Lots of love, and all my best wishes for an ongoing recovery!

  5. Hope to see you soon in Holland. Take care ant take your time to get wel,
    warm greetings from Johan at The Netherlands

  6. Jon, your health, your wife, daughters and family are the most important. We can wait. Thank you for the music you gave us so far and will give us in the future. I’ll pray for you. May the Lord take care of you. Best wishes and hope you get well soon.

  7. one hour ago we regretfully sent our tickets back to hagen theater. we honestly hope to see live and alive on stage of hagen theater or elsewhere in the world.
    best wishes
    heike & bernd

  8. As long as people hear the music you will be with us. We will remember you Maestro. Thank you. Rest in peace.
    Russia, St. Petersburg.

  9. Some months ago you told me in Sofia that the music is the only international language. I wish, I could tell you today with music how deep my love to you is.

    Rest in piece, dear friend! See you there.

    Vladimir / Bulgaria

  10. I’m proud to have you seen live. RIP and thank your for so much inspiring music.

  11. Jon,I’m going to miss you.I put your music up there with Bach, Beethoven,And Mozart. You are the Mozart of our age.I will miss you.You gave us so much,your organ playing was totally perfect.You will be remembered forever.

  12. It speaks volumes about the man that his concern was to reassure people there was no need for concern and to apologise. 😦

    RIP Jon Lord and Thank You. xx

  13. Your spirit will alway be around us and keep it until we come together one day at the same place where you are just now.
    Thank you for the gifts you gave us. We will keep them in honor, in our hearts and in our soul.

    Lord Bless you, where ever you are right now!

    Mete Altan – Cologne/Germany

  14. Now the world of hard Rock is distressed. A great artist escapes to the ground place to reach the Olympus of the Gods. On the notes of Burn,lazy.higway star and many other greeting my great friend Jon.
    From Ex-doc 1965

  15. SAD, SAD, SAD… missing you, Wonderful Human Lord…
    (…had a chance to spend some moments with you while you were plying with Deep Purple and later on Solo with the Orchestra, as well, had a chance to learn how amazing being you were, are, will always be ….)

    Thank you

    Rasto Padha, Zilina, Slovakia

  16. What a huge ,huge loss. You were the one and only and always will be the best. My heart is with your family Jon, and with your fellow artists. We are all devastated. I have followed you since purple were formed and shall never become tired of your music and the fantastic talent you had or should i say have because your music will last forever. God bless you Jon,,,, r.i.p.

  17. Светлая память и земля пухом… Жалею, что не был на последнем концерте в Москве.

  18. jon There you have it you pull your reverence clavitiste you will remain the reference and the precursor of the cloud of deep purple smoke on the water. rest in peace goodbye jipe68

  19. Dejen de decir que “Jon Lord PERDIO contra el cancer. Jon Lord sufrio una enfermedad tremenda, y lucho contra algo casi imposible.
    Todos nos vamos de una manera u otra, sin perder nada, solo nos vamos por asi es la vida. Jon Lord fue un ganador en TODO. Un Maestro inolvidable,irrepetible.

  20. Not that it matters because of what a joke it has to be, but Deep Purple never inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame, at least not during Jon’s life. What a sad, rude, ugly insult. I shall never forgive the idiot bastard morons that decide whom to allow into that shallow rat hole. Really, not Deep Purple??? Ugh. God speed Jon, you blazed the hard rock keyboard trail eternal.

  21. everyone will recouer though the impact is hard alk of you a good recover .remember jon is not suffering anymre rest in peace jon thankts says:

    may jon rest in heaven

  22. I miss Jon,but,he is in a far better place.I envision him up in heaven,playing a huge grand organ,and God is grooving to the music! (I know it sounds silly,but that’s what’s in my head. I hope to be there someday,to see the this organ maestro!

  23. realmente uma grande perda ….. para sempre será lembrado por todos que vivemos os anos 70 e aprendemos a amar a música em especial o deep purple
    fique com deus em sua passagem .
    really a great lost in specialy for all that living the seventies and learn to love music , in special .. deep purple .
    be with god em your journey to heaven.

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