Kasia’s Concerto clip

Singer Kasia Laska has uploaded a video clip from her visit to London’s Abbey Road Studios to lay down vocals for Jon’s new recording of Concerto For Group And Orchestra.

In the clip you see Jon with Joe Bonamassa along with conductor Paul Mann and vocalist Steve Balsamo.

Thanks to Kasia.

117 thoughts on “Kasia’s Concerto clip

  1. простите что не на английском),Мистер Лорд, спасибо за великолепную музыку. привет Вам из России),

    (Mr. Lord, thank you for the excellent music. greetings to you from Russia))

  2. Najsmutniejszy dzień w moim życiu. To tak jakby odszedł ktoś bliski. Kochałem jego muzykę i jego skromną osobę. Dało mi być na koncercie Jon’a w Sali Kongresowej i to pozostanie w moim sercu…Jon i jego muzyka. Żal i łzy…

  3. How can I see
    When the light is gone out
    How can I hear
    When you speak so silently

    Thank you Sir!

  4. Lord of the Hammond guided me with his music through my whole life.


    Thank you for all Mr. Lord


  5. A great life has passed ,he bridged rock to clasical music when people said it couldn’t or shouldn’t be done but he persisted and proved that he would and did! The world of music has lost a great !

  6. Mr. Lord.. rest in peace. I grown up with your music and thank you for your wonderful music. I hope, you gonna have a happy life in heaven.
    Susan from germany

  7. Jon & Family,

    You have literally been a part of my life since 1972 when I purchased Machine Head. With that I was hooked. Thank you for your music and contribution to the industry.

    There are comfort in the words found at Rev. 21:4, “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

  8. It is something beyond the mountains, beyond the flowers and the singing, there is something behind the stars, behind the hot heart of mine.

  9. You will be greatly missed.You are my alltime favorite keyboard player.



  10. Jon n’est pas mort ! Dieu l’a simplement rappelé pour prendre des leçons de clavier !
    merci à toi d’avoir rempli de soleil toute ma vie !

  11. Peter Inches
    What a talented and inspirational musician we bow our head in honour Thank you :(Jon

  12. I’ve been a purple fan since the 70’s and I’m too a keyboardist who has admired the amazing talent of Jon and when I heard the news today it deeply hit me hard as I always looked to him as a mentor and I’m deeply grateful for the years he has provided the world with such masterpieces and the world has lost a great man. To Jon’s family my condolences and may God be with you in the days ahead.
    God Bless Jimmy (Calgary, AB)

  13. Nos dejaste , pero nos enseñaste que se puede llevar las teclas hasta donde te de la imaginacion tu musica no tiene limites ni techo ,gracias muchas gracias , que descanses maestro

  14. Schon als Kind in den 60/70ern eine riesen Inspiration fuer viele meines Alters. Dies bis heute. Vielen Dank für die tolle Musik sowie eines outstanding Gentleman.
    Viele meiner Generation sind heute sehr traurig.
    Mach’s gut, dear Jon!

  15. ~one of the reasons that attracted me to listen to Deep Purple was Jon Lord and his keyboard playing. without a doubt his playing and technique inspired more than just musicians, it brought something intrinsic beyond the sound and solos.

    he has deposited something unique with us. the solo projects and albums had a distinctive sound, and you could sense that unmistakable feel of Jon’s sensitivity in it. thank you for the music and the tapestry of excellence.

    my deepest condolences to his wife, children and loved ones. rest in peace.

  16. Deep Purpel ist für mich die größte Band, die es jemals auf unserem Clobus gegeben hat…….jetzt hat einer der größten, diesen Clobus verlassen !……………………..

  17. At the 1971 Sydney concert John Lord’s mixture of energy with talent and musical control made for a still memorable concert- forty years on. Garry Hil

  18. A música perde , os fãs perdem , os fãs de PURPLE tbem , mas o carisma e o talento do mister JON , permanecem em nossa lembrança . Thank you sr . LORD , por sua música maravilhosa .

    From Belo Horizonte , Brazil.

  19. Goodbye Mr. Lord. I’m sad, You were with me in good and bad moments of my life. From my youth until now. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace, and play the Lord of Angelic organs

  20. Jon is for me the greatest composer of the 20th century. I met him many times and I was very close to organize a concert with him in Leonberg / Germany at the 5th of May this year. The day before we wanted to sign the contract, we got the sad message, that Jon has cancer. The dream, to make a concert with Jon will never come true.
    Jon was for me the father of Hard Rock and the heart of Deep Purple. He opened for me the classic side of music. When I was sad, his music always powered me up. Your music will always be in my deep (purple) heart.
    Jon, rest in peace, all my respect to you. All the best to your family.

    You`ll never walk alone

    Hagen “Worldwide” Wolf

    PS: Please take a seat at God’s Sky Bar and have a drink with all your friends in heaven!

  21. Goodbye Jon,

    the world lost the one and only modern Beethoven.

    Germany is still on your side.

  22. As soon as I heard THAT keyboard sound, I wanted to be a musician.
    John Lord was the most brilliant humble giant of rock keyboards. All imitated, no-one emulated.
    Thank you for bringing so much wonder and excitement to mine and many other lives across the world – rest in peace.

    PS: He will surely be approached by Ronnie James Dio as he passes the Pearly gates, who will say he finally has the keyboardist he always wanted 🙂

  23. Dear Sir, thank you so much for all the music and joy you brought to our lifes. A great one has gone …!!!
    Rest in peace, Mr. Lord …


  24. Земные Боги, увы, не бессмертны. Скорбь и опустошение внутри.

  25. Je vais parler en Français, JON etait avec Blackmore ceux qui ont bercé mon adolescence et l’age adulte, merci JON pour Child in time. Je pleurs depuis hier.

  26. My Sweet Lord…You came, you conquered and now you have left your legacy….Condolences to your family…Andy Mac- from Downunder

  27. Eén van de grondleggers van de Heavy Metal is heen gegaan.
    Bedankt Jon wat jij voor mij betekend hebt RIP
    Jan P

  28. sono cresciuto con la tua musica, mille volte suonandola volevo sentirmi come te, grazie di cuore per tuttoi i sogni che ci hai lasciato.

  29. Deep Purple were the first band I saw Live at the Apollo Glasgow
    in the early seventies and I will always remember Jon incorporating
    “I belong to Glasgow ” in his solo keyboard slot and the great rock music he has produced over the past decades. My condolences to his wife and daughter and to his fellow band mates . to Jon Lord
    the greatest rock keyboard player .R.I.P.

  30. The passng of a great man. I was at school with Bernie Marsden who idolised him and Deep Purple hence the Whitesnake connection later. thinking of his family and friends & Bernie. Pete Holland.

  31. Much respected Mr Lord, there are no adequate words to express the sorrow because you have passed away. Your talent, humbleness and the gift to create such a memorable hits, will last forever. Very sad ending for the greatest organ player that ever walked the Earth.

  32. Another great musician has passed. Many times your music has lifted my spirits when things just weren’t going right and your music was one of the focal points in my life. Hardly a day has gone by since 1970 when I have not listened to your recordings. You will be truly missed. Pete

  33. I’m a South African. We followed all the music and Purple’s developments from here. As a school boy I have no idea where I got the money for the Purple albums. Apart from the music, I recently downloaded Jon’s Honorary Doctor of Music ceremony clip from YouTube as permanent remembrance on my laptop of him. I still get goosebumps from the crowd applauding with appreciation. I have no words really except gratitude to have been exposed to his creative genius, and my own appreciation of music became so much richer. R I P Mr Lord. You will not be forgotten.

  34. Stop that Mr Cancer!
    It’s obliviously stupid!
    Piss off and choose politics!

  35. BYE Jon, I haven’t saw You on live concert but I listen to Your music for more than thirty years. Your Hammonds sound rests on my mind forever.
    Dziękuję, że miałem szczęście spotkać Twoją muzykę na swojej drodze.

  36. Jon Lord. Thanks to you so many wonderful moments with your music through my life. You are The Hammond Player to me. R.I.P.


  38. J’ai beaucoup de peine. J’ai perdu un ami que je n’ai jamais connu mais qui est présent dans ma vie depuis quarante ans
    I have a lot of trouble. I lost a friend I have never known but are present in my life for forty years.

  39. Good By Jon, dieser Tag ist wirklich sehr traurig für mich, Du Deine Musik und Deep Purple begleiten mich die vielen Jahre meines Lebens, seit meiner Jugend warst Du ein Idol für mich ! Seit ich die erste Deep Purple Scheibe in der Hand hatte, war es um mich geschehen und hält seit dem an, Du warst der Urvater von Deep Purple und der legendären Hammondorgel – keiner spielte diese so grandios und filigran wie Du ! Ich danke Dir für Deine hervorragende Musik, Deine grandiosen Konzerte und das was Du uns hinterlässt.
    Mein aufrichtiges Beileid auch für seine Frau und Tochter !

  40. God bless Jon. Thank you so much Jon , for making such a huge positive impact in millions of peoples lives like myself. I will always remember how nice Jon was to me upon meeting him at a club in Connecticut during The House of Blue Light tour. He was genuinely a good guy as well as a master musician. You will be so missed. R.I.P my friend

  41. I`ve never been a rich woman – I`m a teacher in Russia with keyboarder`s ambitions… Jon always held me hoping and gave lots of filings supported me , he could listen and he played the Best of many others . I`m happy i`ve lived at the same century with Lord-the-Man . Such the Loss

  42. Jon, you were the best. Today I listened to Highway Star which to me contains your best solo. I’m really a guitar guy, but listening to you turned me onto keyboards too. R.I.P.

  43. Jon, mon cher Jon,
    Que le tout puissant te donne un clavier et le paradis ne sera que plus gai.
    Ta musique et ta présence scénique me manqueront à jamais.
    Quand je monterai te rejoindre, fais-moi signe, on sifflotera un petit air de Deep Purple, je te vénère et te pleure.
    Merci et fais les rêver la haut, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Le monde des artistes a perdu une légende… Good bless you my friend. ER

  44. Jon,
    Will be sorely missed by all true music fans. My condolenses to his family. I was lucky to see his last performance last year at the Sunflower gig @ RAH. A wonderful evening, his warmth, wit and banter with the audiance as well as his duet with Rick will always remain with me. “DP in Rock” remains the best album ever.

  45. Jon Lord

    Thank you for all the divine moments you gave to our lives with your music. I wouldn’t be the same person as I am without that experience. R.I.P.

  46. I will never forget the first time I heard Lazy from Made in Japan, from that moment on I was hooked. Ihad the good grace to meet you once when you was in Whitesnake many years ago and you couldnt have been more charming: Today I am sad:
    Gone but not forgotten
    God Bless you Jon,
    Rest in Peace.
    David London England

  47. Deep Purple is the most important band in the rock history and John Lord was one of the most influential keyboardists of all time. His perfomance in Perfect Strangeris was outstanding. Also in Burn the best Purple’s song. He is not with us but left us an immortal musical heritage

  48. Danke für alles was Du uns mit Deiner Musik gegeben hast.
    Du warst grandios. Deine Musik mit Deep Purple live erlebt zu
    haben war musikalisch mit das Beste was ich erleben durfte.
    Claus Germany

  49. Jon,
    You are a inspiration to the music industry and how you made the Hammond a work of art.May you rest in peace on the arms of a loving God.


  50. A fantastic musician that will be missed by all, the music he created will live for all time. God bless and good luck on your journey to eternity.

  51. Jon, thank you for all the music you have given to us. You are the King of the Hammond. We love you. God bless you, mr.Lord.

  52. Jon, Thank you so very much for creating, and more importantly, sharing so much wonderful music with us.

    “You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.” -H.L. Mencken, writer, editor, and critic (1880-1956)

    Jon sure did…

  53. Jon you are my sweet child. Thank you for wonderfull time I spend with your soul. You are an incredible human being and I thank God for it. You are response for my DNA changing when I was 13 and listen Speed King intro first time. Love you Jon.

  54. my hero died last night, can`t stop the tears leaving my eyes…
    oh Jon, you really were, still are, ever will be the shining light in my life, deeply in my heart. Farewell!

  55. desde argentina mi pesar y condolencias a la familia y amigos del maestro mi hondo pesar de un un fan de toda la vida tuve el placer de verlo varias veces en vivo cuando visito argentina y poder disfrutar de su arte su viejo y querido hammond debe estar llorando porque su amigo ya no acariciara sus teclas gracias maestro seguiras haciendo magia desde el cielo

  56. Thank You For The Music, SIR Jon !
    You`re still alive – FOREVERMORE !

  57. How sad it is when one of the immortals passes away!
    There are no words, only memories.

  58. Rest in peace, deeply saddend the greates tkeyboard player ever
    a true master, thanks for the last 40 years, a end of a era, Jon
    Lord i will miss you greatly

  59. John Lord …… the immortal musician ….Deep Purple and you formed the best music ever without discussion … I dreamed of watching you performing but sadly for me you passed away and happily for you ur now living the real life beside God ….
    God bless you ….a trace will be always left in our heart and ears …
    I salute you you great but humble Man .

  60. what can i say. 😦
    you are immortal mr lord , not only to me ,
    you are immortal to real music world
    thank’s for great music you left for us
    rest in peace mr lord
    form iran

  61. Dear Jon,
    I composed an elegy for you.
    I’ll put it on You Tube in the coming days:
    For Bb Clarinet, Horn Inglish, Piano, V.cello, C.bass
    Remembering wonderful moments spent listening to your music.
    Thank you for your fine art

    Roberto Prandin,
    Lugano, Switzerland, 20.07.12

  62. I was born in 1965. I heard the music of deep purple since mid 1970. your music was a part my youth. You have gone far too soon from us. I still enjoy the music and I’m so glad I have seen you twice with Deep Purple in a concert in Germany. My sincere condolences to your family. R.I.P. Jon.

  63. Rest in peace Jon, I first saw you in 1971 in Glasgow which was my introduction to great music, you were such a talented musician who greatly contributed to my musical education and I thank for that, god bless you Jon.

  64. He left us a lot of beautiful music. He was a man “to notice such things”
    Thanks John

  65. The greatest organist to ever live. As was Ronnie James Dio the very best vocalist that ever lived. Both rest in peace.

  66. Murio el maestro del teclado, y perdurara por siempre su musica. gracias Jon Lord, Por tu musica. Emideep65

  67. cant believe it.just heard,the greatest of the great is gone,truly the soul of DP.amazing,creative,capable,imaginitive,awesome are the words that come to mind.my prayers to his friends,family,fans,bandmates,very sorry he couldn’t hold on.I LOVE U JOHN LORD.GOD BLESS U.SAY HELLO TO THE LITTLE GUY WITH THE HUGH VOICE.R.I.P MR. LORD AND THANX FOR WHAT YOUV DONE FOR ARMENIA.

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