Jon Lord has sadly passed away

It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of Jon Lord, who suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism today, Monday 16th July at the London Clinic, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Jon was surrounded by his loving family.

Jon Lord, the legendary keyboard player with Deep Purple co-wrote many of the bands legendary songs including Smoke On The Water and played with many bands and musicians throughout his career.

Best known for his Orchestral work Concerto for Group & Orchestra first performed at Royal Albert Hall with Deep Purple and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969 and conducted by the renowned Malcolm Arnold, a feat repeated in 1999 when it was again performed at the Royal Albert Hall by the London Symphony Orchestra and Deep Purple.

Jon’s solo work was universally acclaimed when he eventually retired from Deep Purple in 2002.

Jon passes from Darkness to Light.

Jon Lord 9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012.


3,889 thoughts on “Jon Lord has sadly passed away

  1. Rest in peace Jon…. and thank you for the music from my early teens until now and evermore. God bless.

  2. I’d just heard this very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. 😦
    RIP Mr. Lord.

  3. My living legend.

    There are very few truly gifted Guitar Players in Rock music.

    There was only one truly gifted Keyboard Player.

    A wonderfully eclectic Composer.

    We’ll miss you like crazy.

    Goodbye Jon

    Love Andrew

  4. Its with great sadness that I read this news today of Jon’s passing. Jon has touched us all over the years with his great talent and wonderful song writing. My prayers are with Jon’s family and that Jon is in a better place free of any pain. God Bless You Jon Lord.

  5. Rest In Peace Jon One Of The Nicest Guys In Rock
    we Will Remember You Always.
    My Thoughts Are With Your Family
    S G

  6. What a sad turn of events. My condolences to the friends and family of Jon Lord.

    He was the master and the one that led everyone else to where the music is.

    Your music will live on forever.

    R.I.P. Jon

  7. This is very sad news. Jon gave us some great music. Condolences to all his family. RIP Jon.

  8. Oh God… Rest you in peace, You great Hammond player and a great composer. One of the best keyboard players ever! I’m so sad about this.

  9. So So Sad to hear that the best Keyboard player ever to have walked upon this earth as passed away. R.I.P. Jon, you are going to be very missed. Thank you Jon for all the great music that you have given us.

  10. Rip Jon! I am overwhelmed with sadness. I have loved your music since I first heard that dog howl at the beginning of “Hush” in 1968.

  11. So so sad a great man I will miss his music he’s always been in my life 😦

  12. Not only a great keyboard player but most important a fantastic human being. You will be sadly missed but your music will never die.

  13. A true legend that brought joy to millions of people. He will be missed by us all. RIP Jon

  14. Mourning the departure of such large musician and hoping that your family will find the peace of this sad loss … my deepest condolences and force for you. from Chile with respect .

  15. I knew Jon form his days with The Artwoods a nice man and superb musician, thank you Jon for the music .

  16. Sincere condolences to Jon Lord’s family and friends. Thanks for the music.

  17. One of our great musicians has passed away. A very sad day, but what a legacy of music Jon has left us. I have great memories of hearing and meeting Jon at concerts in our little country church. My prayers for Jon’s family and close friends.
    from Derek, Nuthurst, West Sussex, England

  18. unbelievable and deeply sad; as some others mentioned before: thank you for all the music you gave us !! You will be missed very much !!

  19. Rest in peace John. You were the Lord of the keyboard and given me so many hours of pleasure in your music.

  20. Thanks for all the music and inspiration, you will be remembered for your great playing and style.
    Jack Pisters,

  21. I never met the man, only saw him live once, but listened to him 1000’s of times over the last thirty six years. A real rock god. Just drank a beer to him
    Cheers Jon

  22. My father once said that it hurts when family dies, but is a huge
    jolt when your heroes pass. I understand now.

  23. Ruhe in Frieden Jon !
    Meine Gedanken und mein Mitgefühl sind bei Jon’s Familie.
    Ein großartiger Musiker hat und leider heute für immer verlassen.

  24. Sad news, an inspirational keyboard player, composer and gentleman. Thank you for the music. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

  25. Καλο ταξιδι ,φιλε μας.η μουσικη ειναι φτωχοτερη χωρις εσενα

  26. Was lucky enough to see DP on the Machine Head tour in Dallas Texas.
    He is now. Space Truckin

  27. just heard the saddest news ever….your legacy john will live forever in the music world …many fans are mourning your passing x

  28. Devastating and deeply sad news. RIP Jon. The sun will shine again hopefully.

  29. I’m just too saddened to write anything coherent right now.Having 1st. seen Jon with deep purple in 1972 and many times since,i feel like i lost a close friend.Rest in peace maestro and know that your music will continue to inspire until darkness is no more.

  30. absolute legend, so glad to have seen you with deep purple, may you RIP……. LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. So So sad, a true gent, I had the pleasure of meeting Jon and he really was a very kind giving person, I was a massive Purple fan from 1970, when I was 13, thanx for having a massive impact on my musical life, make music in heaven with Tony Ashton Mr Lord, the best ever.
    My thoughts go out to family and friends.
    Gaz Watts – Skegness,England

  32. Thanks for your music, who inspired all my musician’s life.
    R.I.P. Jon

  33. Sadly missed one of the true legends of music .At least he`s at peace now:`(

  34. i saw several times deep purple with jon lord and every time i was so impressed by him !!! I’m sad to hear this bad bad news today! GOD BLESS YOU JON !!!

  35. Gracias por tu hermosa música maestro. Espero en el cielo haya internet y puedas ver todo esto. Vamos a extrañar ese enorme talento!!!!!!

    Condolencias desde Colombia

  36. R.I.P. Jon. Thank you for the music you´ve given us. Our thoughts are with his family and his friends. We will never forget you…

  37. R.I.P. Jon. Thanks. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
    Frank, Harlingen, The Netherlands

  38. Jon, you will be missed. I will never forget the time you came to Clearwell Castle to do some recording. My dad (Colin Richardson) surprised me by taking me to the pub and you came in and join us for a beer. RIP

  39. Saddened beyond words – JL was a lovely guy when I met him, and has long since been my favourite keyboard player. Good-natured, fun and talented. RIP,

  40. R I P Mr Lord….. Another talented musician gone but never gonna be forgotten…..

  41. You were my biggest influence as a keyboard player…I was playing your blues project tracks on spotify this morning having no knowledge that you were passing. Next time we play ‘smoke’ at a gig I will think of you. Take care

  42. The Date – Monday, October 22, 1979.
    The Venue – Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke on Trent.
    The Band – Whitesnake & Guests

    My first ever gig aged 13. Stood no more than 10 feet away from this great man. Still got the ticket stub. Will never forget it!! Consummartum est. Requiescat In Pace JL.

  43. Dear Jon.

    I’m speechles and feel like I lost a best friend forever.

    A sad day.

    My thoughts are with his family and all the fans worldwide.

    R. I. P. my hero

    Karl-Heinz Baier, Germany

  44. The Master of the Hammond Organ, and the creator of much of the soundtrack to my youth through to my middle age, and beyond.
    RIP, Jon, and my condolences to your family and friends.

  45. RIP Jon, I will never forget sharing a beer with you and my dad (Colin Richardson) at Clearwell Castle. You are gentleman, a scholar, and will be missed. Thanks for the memories!

  46. RIP…I hope they have Hammonds in heaven. The body is gone, but the soul of your music is eternal..

  47. I had the pleasure to see him playing with deep purple here in brazil on 2001. Its was amazing.
    Huge loss!
    Heaven will have some great music now! RIP

  48. So, so sad to hear he has passed away. He was a monumental musician who has left a truly great body of work for future generations. My thoughts go out to his loved ones.

  49. So sad to hear this. My toughts go to the family.
    A great pianist/keyboardist has left us. But I´m sure there will be
    sooo much better music in heaven now.

  50. Loved his talent immensely – superb and gifted musician. A sad loss for his family and friends, and for us fans of his work.

  51. Sincere condolences to Jon Lord’s family, you will always be remembered.From Turkey with huge respect.Rest in peace…

  52. Rest in peace ,a great musician, forever remembered. My condolences to his family and friends.

  53. Jon,

    You changed the way I listen to music, May you rest in peace, Jon Lord.

    Julian Belanger
    Host of “The Purple Room”
    CJAM 99.1 FM

  54. Dios te bendiga Jon…..
    Desde Costa Rica pedimos porque te mejores pronto!!!!
    Saludos amigos rockeros de todo el mundo

  55. It was a privilage to have watched you play, a true master of the keyboard R.I.P Jon

  56. Dear Jon, rest in peace old mate, we had good times a plenty at the Pub at Stowe and you will be missed by many, I to am now getting over cancer my thoughts go to all the family love and light Richard Hughes

  57. We will not only miss the best organ player ever and a fantastic composer, but also an outstanding human being.

    R.I.P. Jon…

  58. I do not use the word legend lightly, but what a legend. I was listening to your music from birth in 73 and wished for years that I had been born in the generation before because of the impact early Purple had. Rest in peace, I will raise a glass for you this evening.

  59. You gave us so many great hours of music-enjoyment.
    Thank you. You will be remembered always.
    Be blessed!

  60. Great musician, a gentleman, a teacher, an innovator.. Rest in peace Jon, My thoughts to family….

  61. I feel the same shivers I felt when I 1st heard that breathtaking intro from ‘Child in Time’.
    Thank you for your work and talent, and passion Mr. Lord.

    Your life and efforts are still there and forever will.

  62. I’m so sad to hear this news. What an awesome keyboard player, the best ever! Thanks for the music, Jon. Rest in Peace. )O(

  63. even more than blackmore and gillan, lord was always the heart and soul of deep purple for me… his hammond sound is what initially got me into the world of dp way back in 1972. here’s to a true artist and gentle-man – thank you jon – for all the years of inspiring music and sharing your gifts with us… godspeed indeed.

  64. Peace for the greatest of them all
    Dr. Jon Lord ,your music and manners will live forever.

  65. Thank you Jon for music that inspired..My love and condolences to all your family and friends god bless RIP

  66. My dear Lord,

    I cannot hold back my tears – of both sorrow at your passing – and the tears of joy for you to be released from the boundaries, the burden and the pain of a horrible illness on this, your physical Earth.

    Your spirit is set free …………………

    Truly, you left more than you took. You gave more than you were given. You created more than you’ll ever know.

    May ye rest with Our Creator for all Eternity.

  67. RIP Jon, Leicester’s Very Own and the Greatest Keyboard Player I have ever seen. Let the Pearly Gates be blasted open by the roar of the mighty Hammond

  68. My thoughts to His family and friends. He shall be dearly missed by all of us.

  69. I can’t believe it another of my hero’s gone. Thank you for the wonderful music Jon, you will be greatly missed. RIP.

  70. From Italy: Jon you were a great man and a great composer. Once, in Milan, for the Concerto, you said: ‘ I’m sorry for not speaking your beautiful language’ . Now you’re talking to everybody through your unforgettable music.

  71. Il mondo sta davvero finendo! Dopo Ronnie James Dio adeso Jon Lord!!! Riposa in Pace Dio dell’Hammond!

  72. The disappearance of the fabulous leader Jon Lord Deep Purple leaves me astonished and incredulous. Of all the memories that I will remain forever is the Concerto for Group and Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969. A unique and unprecedented event. The Deep Purple were, are and will be my favorite band above all others. Now Jon will be there
    mainly in the pianola play the Concerto of 1969, played divinely .. Goodbye, Jon

  73. My deepest condolences to Jon’s family, his wife and daughters. Many thanks to God that we all could share our life with Jon’s wonderful and soulful music and his deep love to people. I loved him since I was a teenager. I’m grateful for shaking his hand and for his kiss to my daughter in 2009.
    I’m sure we all see him in heaven some day.

  74. A sad, sad day… my thoughts are with Jon’s family & close friends… RIP Jon, your going to be missed for sure.

  75. very sad news indeed,they now have a keyboard player for
    the great gig in the sky.

  76. I am very, very sorry to hear Jon is no longer among us.
    His legacy is rich and by this, we all remember him everytime music is playing.
    He is a great man, he always was and always will be.
    My thoughts are with his family. The pain of them will be beyond imagination.
    My sincere condoleances for his Family, Friends and all those who love Jon.
    Maestro, my prayers are with you and your Family.
    Leon B. Netherlands

  77. Jon you were a nation treasure, ever present in my youth and permanently on my car CD I will be playing Smoke on the water as loud as it will play whilst driving through Montreux & around Lake Geneva in a couple of weeks time, Hush! Rest in Peace

  78. A true gentleman and one of the finest musicians of his era, gone but never forgotten. God bless Jon

  79. A very sad day. A wonderful man and brilliant musician. Jon, you will be missed dearly, sleep well.

  80. So saddened to hear this. He created/help to create such great music.
    R.I.P Mr. Lord. Condolences to his family, from Austin, Tx.

  81. So sad. I got very close to meeting him last year. But then he got sick and cancelled his gigs in Holland. I remember reading that he expected to be able to gig again in two years. I guess I’ll have to wait about 60 years to meet my hero Jon. See you in Rock ‘n’ roll heaven Jon!

  82. your spirit floats over us, like smoke on the water …

  83. So sad to hear this. Now, you’re playing organ for God. We grieve on you. (Sergey from Russia)

  84. Thank you for your talent, Mr. Lord! 18 years ago you’ve discovered a rock music for me with a “Highway star” solo…
    Rest In Peace… 😦

  85. Thanks Jon for the beautiful music that has confort me in times of darkness and doubt. Without the sound of your keyboard popular music couldn’t be the same. Keep on moving great sir, far away, away. Moisés Tapia, México

  86. I wish to express their sincere condolences to Jon’s Family. Sad to hear, very hard to imagine, he’s not here anymore. He’s done incredible music and will never be forgotten.

  87. Muito obrigado pela musica inspiradora, por toda felicidade que foi descobrir os trabalhos no qual participou!
    Descanse em paz!!

    David Souza

  88. Dear Jon,

    You were always an inspiration to me. I had the good fortune to meet you on several occasions and you were always a true gentleman.

    Sincerest condolences to all the family.


    Our loss is Heaven’s gain.

  89. Very sorry to read this.

    Really unique gifted guy, and Deep Purple is one of the few bands from my youth that I still listen to now. I went to school with Jon’s daughter Sara, so my sincerest condolances.


  90. Thank you for the music and the memories. The world is poorer for the passing of a true gentleman who lifted the hearts of many with his music.

  91. Jon
    I met Jon a few years ago and he was the most gracious person I’d ever met. His music literally changed my life and my heart really is hanging heavy with this devastating news. You are at peace now my dear friend. God bless you.


  93. Sad… Our hearts are with you Jon.
    One day we will see you playing your Hammond in the Heaven!

    We love you!

  94. My heartfelt condolences to all Jon’s family and friends at this very sad time, you will be very much in my thoughts over the coming days.

    We went out briefly in the mid 60s – such a long time ago – and kept in touch for quite a while. Even then I believed he was the best keyboard player in the world – a view I have maintained over all the years since.

    Goodbye dear Jon. You were a lovely, lovely man, a true gentleman and above all an incomparable musician who gave pleasure to so many xx

  95. Was just playing the mighty “In Rock” album and rejoicing in Jons wonderfull compositions,A true artist and lovely man.Rest in peace
    You were a rare talent.

  96. Terrible, terrible news… I am especially sad that I never got the chance to experience the magic of Jon’s music live.
    Jon – thank you so much for all the wonderful music over the years. Deep Purple is my favourite band, and you were always one of my favourite band members. You are the greatest keyboard/organ player in rock music, and without you, hard rock would not have been what it is.
    I wish you all the best on the other side. Hope you get to play with Ronnie James Dio once more!
    From a loving and admiring fan,
    Thank you for everything.

  97. What a sad sad sad day! Jon’s music will live on forever though! My sincere condolences to his family!

  98. The Purplest pioneer who will always be the true definition of the word that has defined a generation: Organic. Now you can lend your name to a heavenly Highway Star.

  99. I have no words for this, I wish his family all the strength to overcome this immense loss. He will be sadly missed.

  100. What a sad notice.
    I’ve grown with DP music influence and his particular Hammomd sound. It’s unique!
    The best keyboard in rock history ever.
    My deep condolence.

  101. part of my youth, part of my life, thank You so much, You`ll never be forgotten!

  102. RIP the greatest keyboard player of all. His work on Made in Japan will never be surpassed. Lazy and Space Truckin will stand as his legacy. The magic fingers Jon. Legend.

  103. Very sad news …. condolences to Jon’s friends and family… I was fortunate to see Jon in perform in Lichfield Cathedral, what a composer, performer and true gentleman, the like of which we’ll not see again.. RIP Jon

  104. My thoughts to his family and friends. the sound of his mighty Hammond will live on in recordings. I am fighting back the odd tear now. I shall play Pictured Within as it seems appropriate for the sad news

  105. R.I.P JL…followed Purple and your music since 1971 met you many times and a true gentleman and an amzing keyboard player….one the very very finest. Long live your music and thoughts with your family at this very sad time

  106. Jon, you are a Gentleman, a Talent, an Inspiration … you will live on forever in our memories and your music. Your family is in our prayers.

  107. Rest in Peace Jon – we had the great pleasure of meeting you 2 years ago at the Liverpool Philharmonic after being massive fans for years. A thorough gentleman who will be sadly missed but one who will live on for years to come through the music that he blessed us all with. Our condolences go out to his family. A sad loss for so many people xxx

  108. Grazie Jon per aver reso la nostra vita migliore grazie alla tua musica, eri e rimarrai semplicemente il migliore.

  109. R.I.P Jon Lord. A fantastic musician across genres. Thoughts are with family and friends.

  110. My deepest heartfelt condolences to Jon’s family. His music brought a lot of pleasure and joy to my life. Deep Purple was the only band I closely followed to the extent of buying up solo projects. The Concerto, Sarabande and Windows helped expand my musical appreciation beyond rock at an early age. Much thanks Mr. Lord, rest in peace.

    Patrick McDonald

  111. I was there when Purple imploded at the infamous Liverpool Empire gig. Jon came to the stage door and apologised to the fans waiting to find out what the hell had happened. A true gent who cared about the band and the fans.
    Thanks Jon for some of the best Rock music ever made, I,m off to play Deep Purple in Rock, care to join me??

  112. My condolescences to family and friends. Jon will be remembered forever as the genious he was. This is a sad day in music history. R.I.P. Jon

  113. Dear Jon Lord.
    Thank you for all your inspiration you have given. And all your music. And everything.
    You wount be forgotten.

    Daniel, Sweden

  114. i never knew what a keyboard solo exist…until i heard highyway star 7-8 years ago…i’;ve been amazed by mr lord then and now…..its tremendously sad ….

  115. Minhas profundas condolencias à familia,jamais se apagará em nossas vidas a obra de John, que tanto nos fez vibrar e sempre
    continuará vivo em nossas lembranças, descanse em paz!

  116. A true musical hero and gentleman.Thankyou for the sheer joy of life that filled your wonderful music beyond the notes. Rest in peace, from darkness into light.

  117. A sad day in the Rock history. The first record I bought was “burn” when I was 8 years old. It is still an amazing work ant the skill and power of JL keyboards are unsurpassed. We will miss you, thanks for every single note you played.
    My condolences to his family and friends.

  118. …thanks for the music, Mr. Lord. God bless you and my condolences to your family.

  119. Niemand kan een hammond orgel zo laten klinken als jij.Door jou en je supergroep leerden de mensen goede muziek kennen.Je wordt niet vergeten en leeft voor altijd verder in je muziek.

  120. Thank you for a lifetime of amazing music and awesome memories. My deepest condolences to Jon’s family, his wife and daughters – thank you for sharing him with the rest of us. RIP.

  121. I´ll give my deepest condulences to his family!It is a shock for me!!!!I love his music since 1972!I was a child and my brother bought “Machine Head´´!At this time,I was a great Deep Purple-Fan since today!I like also his solo-LPs-CDs!!!Sleep well,Jon in peacefull Rock `N´ Roll-Heaven!!!!

  122. My condolences to Jon’s family and friends.

    Thank you for the immortal music, and rest in peace Jon Lord.

  123. Rest in peace, dear Lord, you’ll never, ever be forgotten for your enourmous contributions to music….and humanity! Thank you for sharing your gift with us for so many years. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family on this very sad day;(

  124. R.I.P.!!! Thanks!! Grazie per la musica che ci hai lasciato, musica che mi ha accompagnato per tutta la gioventù! Con la tua scomparsa se ne va anche un pezzo della mia vita! Un Grande dispiacere.

  125. I’m really sad with this news… I will always have his music and his nice hands in my heart… My condolences to the family and friends.

  126. I remember hearing the solo in Hush way back in 1968,on a friends 45 rpm.I “borrowed” the single and played it time and again.Jon’s Hammond to me was always the root of Purple. His solo outings have been a blessing, Pictured Within one of the most moving pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It’s a sad, if not totally unexpected day.My thoughts go out to his family and close friends at this time. As the old saying goes,”We’ll not see his likes again”, a unique talent.

  127. Thanks Jon for your music, and god bless your soul! My heartful condolences to Jon`s family! Long live Rock and Roll!

  128. Oh Jesus!!! He was my first idol. Very sad.
    Jon will never forget you!
    Alex from Brazil – Sao Paulo

  129. Jon. You were, are and will be my inspiration to play keyboards in rock music! The man is gone, your art stays! R.I.P. God bless you

  130. dear jon, in the early 70´s (aged so about 12/13 years) i had my first contact to you an d.p. and since then this music was at my side. thank you for this great time with great music. my condolences to your family and friends and please excuse my bad english (i´m from germany) R.I.P. dear Jon.

  131. RIP to the decent man of rock, an amazing musical talent. Heaven’s gain is our deep loss. Condolences to Jon’s family and friends.

  132. 1980 : Me and my 4 dutch classmates were 12 years old and did a school playback performance of Wring that Neck (Powerhouse) in front of the whole class, of course nobody knew the 12 minute+ song .. R.I.P.Jon Lord

  133. my heart is bleeding bad but i’ll be okay – your spirit lights my life each day
    Rock in peace, Sunshine
    love you forever

  134. Najsmutniejszy dzień w moim życiu. To tak jakby odszedł ktoś bliski. Kochałem jego muzykę i jego skromną osobę. Dało mi być na koncercie Jon’a w Sali Kongresowej i to pozostanie w moim sercu…Jon i jego muzyka. Żal i łzy…

  135. 2012 has arived and I read this deep saddening new on a friends facebook : (

    I was already afraid…….he would not conquer his illness.

    Jon, I salute you.

    Mark Nolde

  136. Thank you Jon for your music and example. Goodbye, grand architect of rock. 😥

  137. I’m totally shocked and upset. Such a big loss not only for his family but also for us fans and the whole world of music. Dear Jon you will never be forgotten. Your spirit will live forever in your music. Thank you very much for everything you gave to us.

  138. Querido Jon espero que descances en paz … muchas gracias eternas por todo el arte que nos brindaste … Gracias ….


  140. Very very sad news. My condolences to Jon’s family.
    Jon, you were a great composer and keyboard player. I have huge respect for you!
    We’ll miss you. Our thoughts are with you, Jon.
    Goodbuy Jon

  141. Mr. Lord was, with Deep Purple, an icon of my “heavy metal” past (and present) The music will always be remembered with enormous pleasure. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  142. Such sad news. Thank you for your wonderful music, Mr. Lord. Through it you will live on for a long long time. Your music has been with me for decades, and it will be with me for decades to come. My condolences to your family and friends.

  143. and again a great musician is gone. He leaves a big gap. He is now in a better world. R.I.P. dear Jon

  144. So sad. I hope your family and friends take some solace from the fact that your name and your music have been an inspiration to so many, and will live on. RIP.

  145. A legend from a time when the title actually meant something – safe journey and light and love to Jon’s family xx

  146. Thank you, Jon, for all the great music you gave us. You will be deeply missed. My condolences to his family.

  147. Deep Purple was one of my first loves of Rock. Prayers of comfort to his family.

  148. Rest in Peace, another Rock Legend gone, will be missed so much especially by his family and friends, but just as much by all his fans around the world. a master of the keyboards, he will never be forgotten. jim reynolds, the scotsman in brum.

  149. Jon, I grew up with you. You influenced my mind and taste and soul…
    I feel an endless sadness. R.I.P.

  150. My biggest influence as a keyboard player- this is such a sad day. I had hoped, and often dreamed of, to meet Jon in person and to thank him for all he’s done for us. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He was, and always will be, my hero! RIP Jon, I’ll never forget you!!!! We love you so much!

  151. Words are always not enouge, Saidly, I do pink a teer out of my eye.
    And whish the familie wel.
    Saily that the Lord of the keyboard is going to LORD.
    Whith you wel Adrian Smits.
    Monday 16 July 2012, Haarlem, Holland.

  152. There will never be another Jon Lord he was simply the Best. His work will live forever. Thank you Jon for all the great music and inspiration. RIP

  153. Rest In Peace, Jon.
    I will always remember you at DP’s concerts, aristocratic in appearance and precise in music,

    Moscow, Russia

  154. Thank you Jon!
    The music you have given the world means more to the poeple of this planet, then anything a politician have said for the last 60 years or so..

  155. From Canada:So sad to hear of Jon”s passing. Prayers and condolences to his family. He was and always will be the greatest rock keyboardist who ever lived. A true legend and a hero of mine for many years, His music will live on forever. Godspeed Jon Lord.

  156. my condolances to the family,rest in peace john, one of the greatest kebord plyer in the bussiness,god bless you

  157. may he rest in peace… thank you for the music… one of the idols of my youth he had been!

  158. Jon, not only a great rock musician, but a gentle, classical one as well. I am deeply sorry for your passing . R.I.P Jon.

  159. I had just met Ian Paice Don Airey here in Nashville Saturday night. And now I hear this. Such sad news. He was a giant of the Hammond organ, a legend in the history of rock music, an old-school gentleman, a virtuoso. I, along with millions of others, will never forget you. Your music will live on and be played regularly whereever I am.

  160. I first met Jon when I was about 15 – long before the Art Woods or Deep Purple – and I have followed his artistic contribution ever since. Like everyone else reading this sad news today, I feel quite bereft.

  161. Tonight you can come in my dream from the other side and I could sing with you. We will call a star in the sky with your name. Angels never die! Rest in peace!

  162. Thanks so much Jon , your contribution to music and rock was enormous , your tone and fiery solo’s set the bar . Your music is here and will be loved forever . What a gift you were .

  163. its so hard to read this.iam really shocked,one of the most warm-hearted guys passes,mr.lord!

  164. jimi Hendrix showed new ways on the guitar. You were pioneering, innovative and orginal on your instrument. Hours, days, weeks, months and years I have listened to you. The footprints you’ve made in the music lives on. Thank you. Good jurney. Kim Søegren, Denmark

  165. I thank you so much!
    It was really you who gave me a real understanding of music, that there is less understanding but so much heart involved.
    You have accompanied my life more than I knew until now. And you will keep up to do so, that’s what I know for sure.
    Your stay on earth was surely a great gift.
    I wish you all the best for the journey you have to do now, may heaven welcome you.

  166. Holy god… End of life always gets nearer, but when it comes, it is always terrible and nobody lasts forever…
    Goodbye my friend, we’ll miss you! Thank you for all you’ve done for the music.. Thank You.. We all are endlessly sad to have lost you.. See you in rock-heaven…
    Rest in Peace…

  167. A sad day indeed. Jon Lord will be immortal through his music, and he will be deeply missed. We will never forget you – rest in peace – and thank you for all the good music you have blessed us all with through the years, Jon.

    All our thoughts to his family and friends.

    Regards from Tess and B-M, Sweden

  168. Deep Purple is the only band for me. Thank you for the music, Jon, I shall always treasure it. My thoughts and sympathies to the family.

  169. Your music showed me the way to hardrock, R.I.P. Jon! Will never forget you and your intelligent music!

  170. One of the best musicians left us. Rest in peace, Sir Jon Lord. We will miss you. 😥

  171. I am deeply sad, I can not believe it!
      a great man, has passed away
      what talent, what class
    I can not find the words
    say hello to Ronnie (James Dio)

  172. So sad to here of Jon’s passing. He has given treasured memories to so many not least of all me. Thank you, your music will live on forever.

  173. Today a legend has left us too soon. I will miss his wit, wisdom and most of all his talent. He was the best that ever was or ever will be. RIP Jon

  174. This is a news very sad. Thank you very much Jon Lord for all music and chords you give us. always will be in our memory.
    Hugs from Chile to Jon Lord and his Family.

  175. RIP Jon the world of music has lost a great man my sympathies to his family

  176. Hasta pronto Jon.
    Gracias por todo el legado musical que dejaste.
    Este perdurará hasta la eternidad.

  177. A real gentleman, his legacy will live forever, I feel so sad, Rest In Peace Jon.

  178. RIP Jon. Thank you for the incredible music. You’ll be sorely missed.x

  179. As i write now, i have shivers and goosebumps all along my body…What a big loss for rock music, It has been a long time since the last time i have felt such sadness and grief when Death’s Chuck Schuldiner died in 2001…None played the Hammond like him and none will be able to play it like him ever…Rest in peace 😦

  180. Thanks John for all the great music that has and always will be a big part of my life until I join you in the heareafter!

  181. Rip Jon.
    To me you were the best. Have been listening to your music for over thirty years. Can’t believe your gone . There will never be another keyboard player like you.
    God bless you.

  182. Thank you for all the wonderful music Jon. I have ALL the albums, ALL the CD’s, some collectibles like Windows and Butterfly Ball. All are enjoyed on a regular basis. When I mix bands today and they have keyboards, I’m reminded by you that they aren’t just a background instrument, they can propel the music forward as wickedly and sensitively as any guitar or voice. RIP.

  183. So much of your life was spent sharing your gifts with us… thank you Jon…

  184. R.I.P, Lord of the Hammond. You will always be one of the biggest musicians. Your music will never die. From my childhood I have listened to your music – I can’t see cross my tears.
    MG, Hungary

  185. “…If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand. If there is a Rock ‘n Roll Heaven, you know they got a helluva band…” That band just got a helluva keyboard player…Thanks Jon for the music that you brought to life…

  186. One of Rock’s greatest has, as his release so elequently states. “passed from Darkness into the Light”. What more can be said. Condolenses to his family and his peers. R.I.P Jon…

  187. We all will miss you, I hope, you are happy now and playing hammond in the light side for ever, now you are free.

  188. thanks for your music that has given me so much pleasure during my life. In future you will be remebered like such greats as Beethoven and Bach
    Rock in Peace

  189. The sky is crying… thank you Jon for all the happy moments your music has given me and many people………

  190. Very sad news. You were a gentleman and an extroardinary musician. Thank you for the music. R.I.P.

    Alex Hanjoul

  191. goodbye to a musical geneous and true gentleman, it was an honour to meet you. My deepest sympathies to all the family, you and your music will not be forgotten. R.I.P. Jon Lord.

  192. Спасибо дорогой, что ты был в нашей жизни!

  193. Dear Jon, you will be here frever throughout your music. RIP. Brazil loves you.

  194. Such sad news! Jon, you have been such an integral part of my life since the mid 70’s and the first time I saw you play at the Manchester Apollo, I was electrified. My condolences to those closest to you, you will be missed by many.

  195. A true gentleman and an absolutely brilliant musician and composer. I had the pleasure of meeting Jon after DP’s opening concert in Cape Town in 1995. Sincere condolences from South Africa to family and loved ones.

  196. Thankyou Jon for all the brilliant Rock music and stunning concerts over the years RIP

  197. Your going to be so missed my old dearest friend, Rocking in HEAVEN with the BEST NOW, ROCK ON FOREVER…….MUAH

  198. Dear Jon, Thank you for all your wonderful music and the wonderful memories of DP concerts I attended in the 70s. Your vinyl offerings will always remain top of the pile in my home. Thank you and may your God bless you.

  199. Im saddened by this tragic news
    Jons Pictured Within was a tremendous comfort when my father died unexoectedly 13 years ago and fo hat alone i will miss him
    such grace such passion such genius is rare
    we have list a true gentleman of music
    condolences to his wife and family
    john wenlock-smith

  200. I feel honoured to have met you. Thank you for the music. You are already sorely missed.

  201. This is very sad news. He was a huge inspiration to me as a budding keyboard player. I remember the first Deep Purple song I heard – Lazy from Made in Japan and I was amazed at what came out of Jon’s Hammond. I was so inspired by him that I would use his last name as my last name. When a friend of mine met him one day, he told Jon about me and got him to sign a CD. He signed it “To Gay Lord from Jon Lord”. I forgave him for that, reluctantly. Rest in peace Jon.

  202. ciao riempito di emozioni la mia gioventu con la tua musica.ora insegnagli agli angeli a suonare,ciao

  203. Джон был одним из светлых лучей за железным занавесом СССР

  204. Wish you’ll rock heaven now. Thank you for your wonderful music. Lieber Jon, Du hast mich inspiriert mit Deiner Musik, warst Teil meiner Jugend. Die Welt hat einen großen Musiker verloren. Herzlichen Dank für alles was Du mir gegeben hast. Mein Mitgefühl gilt Deiner Familie.

  205. Rest in peace Jon !
    Thank you for the music.
    I loved your talent.
    Another hero passed away. So sad. 😥

  206. So sad to hear this… He gave the world some of the most exciting music ever made. R.I.P. Jon and my deeply meant condelances to his family. ‘A fire in the sky’…

  207. Deep Purple was the first heavy band that I discovered in my childhood and I was soon addicted to their music. What Jon was capable with the Hammond is just truly amazing. We will miss you
    big time grandfather of hard rock!

  208. Dear Jon – many thanks for some fantastic music and keyboard playing. My sincere condolences to family and friends.

  209. A great composer and musician is not among us anymore. Thanks Jon, for the fine music. I still enjoy every day. My deepest condolences for family and friends.

  210. Such sad news. Some of my closest friends had the opportunity to perform the concerto with him in Edinburgh, all of whom were touched by his creativity.


  211. Deep Purple – Outstanding – say hi to the rest of those musicians who passed before you – shud be a heaven-of-a-gettogether!

  212. THANK YOU.
    You discovered me some hammond chords that cant be described with words. With your music I had feelings that I’ve never had before. You teach me a lot and I will never forget your pieces.

    RIP maestro.

  213. I’ve just heard the news on channel 4 and my heart sank for the end of an extroadinary sensitive Englishman. What a legacy he has left for many of us who know so well his work and through that him, and those that will discover his creatively free genius. It’s individuals like Jon that really set the benchmark. What an extroadinary life he had for us to share.

  214. The music world is a sadder place today!

    My musical hero, an innovator, an inspiration and a true gentleman!

  215. You will live in our hearts…from South America our deepest condolensces to his family

  216. This is a very sad day, you inspired me in music and in life, the world is a darker place without you, thank you for the music and the joy. R.I.P Jon.

  217. If I’d never discovered Deep Purple aged around 16, I might have tinkered around with cheap digital synths (then in vogue) for a few years and given up, instead of discovering how mighty the Hammond could sound. They even (partially) influenced my own name! Only saw him once in Birmingham, 1993 but he could still cut it then and friends of mine who met him last year said he was still a superb player and a thoroughly nice guy. Very sad to see him go.

  218. A musical genius has left us. Jon, your music will live on and you will always be the inspiror for a great many people. Therefore, you will be with us all the time. Thanks for so many times of enjoyment, my friend! Rest in peace and surely we will meet again…

  219. A musica hoje fica mais triste, mas a maravilhosa obra deste senhor sempre viverá, descance em paz mestre!

  220. May your music live forever dear Jon.

    Rest in peace, wonderful hard-rocking soul, thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world and also for making it trembling with the sound of your Hammond organ.

    I hope to see you someday in the Light. We’ll miss you.

  221. Dear Jon, your Music is forged in my heart, your Hammond will always Rock in my soul! Thank you for what you gave to Music. R.I.P.

  222. R.I.P. Jon. You are a truly unique composer and player. Your legacy will last forever and we will never forget you.

  223. Really sad news. Yes, it’s a great loss, we’ll never see a Person like him again. But actually he did not gone, Jon Lord will live forever with his music in our hearts. From Russia with love.

  224. From a big german fan – thank you for the best and really organ play. It’s for me always source of inspiration. Goodbye, Mr. Jon Lord…Thomas

  225. A truly great man has passed, both in the rock world and the orchestral music.

  226. rest in peace Jon .. your superb rocky keyboard sounds will be admired by millions for many more years to come .. thanks so much .. my sincere condolences to the family and his close friends .. there’s a new star in the sky .. ‘highway star’, shine on forever

  227. Such a sad day – a great talent who inspired many and was an icon of my youth RIP Jon

  228. Danke für Jahrzehnte wundervoller Musik! Thanks for co-writing the soundtrack of my life!

  229. Gracias por tu gran legado, siempre estaras con nosotros con tu maravillosa musica, Condolencia a la familia y amigos.

  230. Thank you for the music. That Great Jukebox in the Sky has one helle of a keyboard player now…. Give Tony our regards, and please, send us a postcard….

  231. Had the privilage to see and hear you playing live Thanks, you made the world a better place with your stunning music, condolenses to your family and love ones you will always be there and never forgotten.

  232. R.I.P Jon. I had the great pleasure of meeting you last summer in the Cathedral og Nidaros in Trondheim, Norway. It was a very nice consert, and I enjoyed it very much. I have been a Deep Purple an Whitesnake fan since i was born, and I was so luck i got to see you perfome three times. Once as a guest on Black Night, where you and Don played together. It was a couple of years ago in London, at the Wemberly arena. Thank you for all you have done for music and Rock n´Roll. Without you, music would not be where it is today.

  233. Descansa en paz Maestro. Guardaremos tu recuerdo y tu música en nuestros corazones para siempre.

  234. Here Be Friends… Here Be Heroes… Here Be Sunshine… Here Be Grey… Here Be Life… Here Love Lies Bleeding… God-bless Jon & Thank You… You WILL CONTINUE To Be The Soundtrack Of My Life!!

  235. QUE LO PARIO!!!!!!
    Con mucha tristeza te despide un Argentino que disfruto y distfrutara de tu musica todo lo que me queda de vida.
    Un abrazo, espero que tu legado deje huella.

  236. One of the true pioneers of hard rock keyboard, and a truly gifted, as well as hard-working, talent. Fairwell, Jon!

  237. inundado de tristeza recibiendo esta terrible noticia, no puedo contener mis lagrimas. Gracias amigo por todo lo entregado, gracias eternamente.

  238. It is very hard to say goodbye to one of your heroes so I will say arrivervideci Jon Lord until we meet again. Thanks for all the beautiful music . Your music has guided me and played an integral part through most of my adult life whether with Deep Purple, P.A.L, Whitesnake or the great classical solo pieces . Pictured within helped through the grief when I lost my mother to cancer and I pray that will guide all of us who loved your music through our grieving and hope that your music will live on ,

  239. Have a magic journey, free from pain and suffering, going backhome! With a name like yours, the doors of heaven will open imediately! Lord is knocking at Heaven’s Door!!! Love and gratitude forever, my friend!

  240. Jon we never will forget you
    Our condolences to your family
    Your friends from Luxembourg
    Karin and Patrick

  241. My heart is broken now, Jon. But Ronnie, Randy, Cozy and Gary have been waiting just for you up there, for the heavenly supergroup to roll…

  242. Sad, sad news. Jon Lord was an inspiration to me… And broded my musical horizon… I will never forget the first time I have heard”before I forget”,… and many many other songs, or solo’s…. Rest in peace…

  243. A very sad day. :-(((((

    RIP, Jon. We’ll miss you.

    Tonight I’ll play Highway Star at maximum volume, man.

  244. Only when somebody is forgotten is that he’s really dead.
    You are then immortal.

  245. My dear Master…

    Rest in Peace! You don’t have even a clue that how your music changes my life.

    Thanks for everything. Thanks for Deep Purple. Thanks for Highway Star… for all the good stuff.

    Indeed, you’ll never been forgotten,,, From Brazil, Fortaleza-CE. Love, Light, Peace and Music. Deep Purple’s music!

    Miss you so much!!!

  246. Thank you Jon, Thank you for everything. You’re my hero, your music was very important in my life.
    R.I.P. Jon.

  247. Rest In Peace dear Jon. You will NEVER be forgotten ! My thoughts and prayers are by your familie. Meet you some day in heaven… From Germany with love.

  248. I start listen music, with Deep Purple in 1972 (I was 9 years old) … have no words.

    R.I.P. Jon (the) Lord :((

  249. There are no words, which could describe the emptiness in me. But Jons music will bridge the time, till we see us again. Sometimes, somewhere in heaven.

  250. Thank you for so many years of very important music. You and DP made me strong in youth and let me feel young now. Never will forget. Siegfried S. from Leipzig

  251. Джон, я вырос на твоей музыке… и вот…. теперь тебя нет…..

  252. Such a loss of a wonderful man. As a musician few could ever match him and as a keyboard player he was King of the Hammond.
    You have influenced me since I was a young lad as you have to so many others. My condolences to his family and friends.
    RIP Jon.

  253. One of my biggest insipirations of all times when it comes to music! Rest in Piece Jon, king of the hammond!

  254. Sad, very sad new; I learned from Jon´s musical road to appreciate “the Classical” world and the whole art in music by his fussion; we´ll miss you very very much dear Jon

  255. One of the greatest and talented rock musicians gone. R.I.P. We’ll never forgot You.
    From all admirers from Russia.

  256. Obrigado por suas belas músicas. Esteja na Luz. Até breve meu amigo.

  257. Eternal memory to you, John! We grieve from Russia! Condolences to the family and friends!

  258. Goodbye Jon, you will bring with you part of my life, i’ll never forget, your presence will remain indelebly in my heart.

  259. Unbelievable and so sadly.
    No words can describe my feelings.
    I will miss you and your phantastic music !!!
    From Germany with love.

  260. Watch California Jam, 1974, and let us enjoy of Jon’s great talent. His hammond sound is his greatest gift to us. My thoughts are with his family. RIP John, you will not be forgotten.

  261. I’m happy I’ve seen him 2 times with his music. We all must be happy to live in his time. Rest in peace. Bravo, maestro!

  262. RIP Jon. You were truly one of my heroes – a fantastic musician and a thoroughly decent man. Condolences to your family – and thanks for the countless hours of pleasure you’ve given me.

  263. Requiescat in Pace, such sad, sad, news. God Bless and keep him. Sincere condolences to his family and friends, Leanne x

  264. Mach es gut, lieber Jon. Für immer Deep Purple. Für ewig Jon Lord.

  265. Lord of the organ is now with the Lord of creation!
    I know i will meet you some day in heaven Jon.

    Mick Nordström

  266. Gracias por tu música maestro. Que seria del Rock sin Deep Purple y ese teclado magistral lleno de potencia y de luz. Desde Argentina mis condolencias. R.I.P.

  267. I have just heard the sad news . I want to say so much but it has been said in the previous comments . God bless you JON , you will be missed . Your music will live on .

  268. Such a loss may you rest in peace Mr. Lord
    When we rock we rock , we we roll we roll

  269. This was sad news!! My hero in the best groups ever! I’ve seen Deep Purple several times in Oslo!!!! Unforgettable! And Jon as the center in the midle driving the band ! RIP Ragnar from Oslo, Norway 63 years of age

  270. Джон, Джон…. Думали, что ты выкарабкался…
    Спасибо тебе за всю мою жизнь. Ты будешь с нами всегда.

  271. One day, I’ll hear you rockin’ in heaven or in hell. Does not matter where, it will be happy day.
    See you

  272. R.I.P my Lord! I was so lucky to meet you twice and will never forget. See you in heaven.

  273. Sensational keyboard player and true gent, gone, with so many others, to the big gig in the sky, sad sad news, rip Jon, a legend in the truest form!!

  274. R.I.P. Jon,
    Sad news for all long term fans & friends…
    from switzerland with love.
    condolence to the familly,

    Join Walter Scott Columbus in heaven….

  275. Die Rockwelt verliert einen Stern am Himmel.
    Vielen Dank für die schönen Stunden!
    Rest in peace, dear Jon

  276. Jon, you will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the wonderful music. Hope you play “the beast” in heaven. RIP. Love, Christian

  277. A real part of my youth goes away… in 1979 @ 13 I opened and modded my Farfisa organ with a distortion and a ring modulator to try to imitate the Made in Japan sounds….

  278. Your music, your memory and your legacy will always live on our hearts… RIP

  279. Very sad news tonight. He gave some much to so many people. Thank you for the Music, Mr. Lord. My thoughts are with his family and friends, I am so sad, his sounds will be in my heart forever.Patricia from Switzerland.

  280. Awww – this sucks – the Lord of keys will be missed – His was a personal hero and nobody had a sound like him – The world is a sadder place – R.I.P. Mr Lord

  281. God bless you, Jon, great musician, better person. Thanks for your light!!! Our condolences to the family, from Mendoza, Argentina.

  282. Very sad to find out. The Deep Purple of the early 70ties is for nearly 35 years my all-time favourite band. And John Lord has a lot to do with that. John Lord R.I.P

  283. Rest In Peace My Friend. You were the one and only “Child In Time”. Love you. It’s hard to write down the correct words when tears come to your eyes. See You in the final Jam.

  284. Dear Jon, sleep well. And when you’ll wake up in heaven start to play your great heavenly music. Thank a lot for everything you made on your keyboards.

  285. I am so saddened to read of Jon Lord’s passing away !! My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and family of musicians. I’ve been a fan of Deep Purple ever since I first heard their albums in the early 1970’s, and the music Jon created with Deep Purple will continue to give me enjoyment each time I hear it.

    RIP Mr. Lord – you were a Maestro, your music will live on forever. Thank you for the music you gave the world, and for sharing your music and LIGHT with us whilst you were here.

    God Bless Jon Lord,

  286. Deep Purple is my favourite band and i will never forget you
    R.I.P my dear friend

  287. We’ve lost a true genius and legend. I never thought the time for this would arrive so soon. Words cannot describe the sadness. Jon’s music lives for eternity.

  288. RIP Jon Lord, you played the best hammond keyboard. Your music will be for ever in my mind. Thank you for all.

  289. Sad news. Jon, you will live forever in your music. Thanks a lot for all the songs. Rest in Peace,

  290. Jon, te vamos a extrañar muchisimo… a ti y a la Bestia… tu sonido es inconfundible,.,,

  291. RIP Jon, your music helped me in my youth, and you were an inspiration to millions, you will be truly missed

  292. Rest in peace, Jon. There are pieces you played that are still in my ear, decades after I first heard them. You’ll be deeply missed.

  293. deeply saddened, feel so lucky to have witnessed his music live in Potsdam in 2010, thank you Jon for such wonderful music.

  294. The Russian Black Sabbath Fan Club would like to extend the deepest condolences regarding the passing of the greatest keyboard player in the whole history of rock music. The great musician who discovered Ritchie Blackmore and brought him to Deep Purple is no longer with us. Sad but true – RIP, dear Jon, we will never forget you.

  295. …in the dark in the concert hall you can start hearing some noise from an organ…and you know what to come out of it…right, “Highway Star”…it what makes me still working in music business…that´s the gate of rock´n roll! Jon, you will be remembered long.

  296. So sad to hear about your passing away. I will remember you and love your music forever.

  297. Any passing is so untimely, isn’t it? And such is life for all of us when there is just so much more to do.

    But you already made a big remark, sir. You’ve made us people feel good. Repeatedly.

    And now may God return the favour on our behalf, and rest you in peace and radiance.

    You will always be remembered.

    With love from Istanbul Turkey.

  298. It´s so hard to hear and to believe. You make Deep Purple be a part of my life. Thanks for all the great moments in music. I miss you. My heart will be with your family.
    J. from Germany

  299. Greatly saddened by the tragic news of the death of Jon Lord. He was truly inspirational to all my fellow organists and will be greatly missed. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

  300. RIP Jon ! Thanks for the fantastic music ! You were the Beethoven of Hard Rock Music ! All my thoughts to his family and (musical) friends … 😦

  301. Thanks John for some of the greatest music ever. Such a sad day. RIP, John.

  302. Its such a tragedy that Jon has died today.
    A legendary, and inspiring musician and generally good bloke..I met Jon on a few occasions and he was always a friendly, genuine guy. My love goes out to his family.
    RIP Jon

  303. So sad to hear this news – your music accompanied me for such a long time – it will always remind me of you.. R.I.P. Jon

  304. I’m very very sad. Lord was my favourite Purple. I’ve been listening too His music since I was a teenager. A great loss! With love from Italy

  305. I had the greatest hopes for Jon’s full recovery.
    The Lord of the Hammond will always be remembered.
    Thanks to Jon for eternal inspiration and joy, and sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  306. Sadly another great musician passed away. We’ll miss him. A new audience awaits him.

  307. Im a Dutch tv producer/director and my wife called me in the middle of film shoot and told me the horrible news. A big part of me died with him gone. I’m 57 and have been to every concert he gave in the Netherlands. He is my hero. And will be till my time has come to meet him…

    I wish his family and friends all the strength for the loss of Jon…

    Love to all of you. My thoughts are with you!!!

  308. Farewell Jon… you’ve been and ever will be an inspiration to me. Your Song “Wait a while” really touched my heart and nothing could describe better the way I feel! Thank you!

  309. A very, very sad day for the whole world of music!!! Thank you for all goosebumpers and unforgettable moments. Praise the LORD!!! RIP Jon!!!

  310. Heartbreaking news about Jon Lord. I’m so very sad.
    Thank you for such Wonderful Music and Memories !

    You’ll be missed – I’m SO sorry …
    … R.I.P

  311. Сбогом сър Джон Лорд ще ни липсваш !!! Ще се видим друг по добър свят !!!

  312. R.I.P. Jon. You shall remain as my teacher however far you are. Make a record of your heaven jam with Jimi, jim and Janis. I would be glad to listen when Lord shall call me too….

  313. Jon, thanks for the great inspiration all the symphonic bridge building.

    Still I’m sad

  314. I have just heard the news, it was devastating. My deepest heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Jon’s family. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jon on a few occasions and he was such a gentleman and such a brilliant musician he will be so sadly missed.

  315. Señores !!…se escuchan los acordes en Hammond sonar !!!, chico Puntual a llegado…

  316. An important piece of my life and who I am has gone. Jon, you’ll be forever in our minds and hearts.

  317. Listen for the silence when words fail
    Raise your hands as wide as the ocean
    Calm your soul with the nightingale
    Think of us and our deepest devotion

    Feel the rhythm when words fail
    Your eyes will open to the world in an instant
    Cast out the fear and set your sails,
    For a journey unmeasured holy and distant

    Trust in your senses when words fail
    Set free your spirit from secrets concealed
    Love unconditional will tell the tale
    Of the music within you, now revealed

    And now we must accept that you are gone. But this is not goodbye Jon Lord; this is just a simple farewell and God speed in your blessed journey.

    I love you. James Williams Oakville ON Canada

  318. Awfully sorry , I never heard `bout illness. You were such a workman , i will always remember you joyous played in BKZ Russia in April `11 . Forever stay The standard of sound for all the Key`players and other good people. Жаль .

  319. My heart goes out to Jon’s family and friends. Jon’s music will stay with us. He’ll be missed.

  320. Gone…another rock icon, Jon, the music you gave us will never leave the world and our lives ! It was a blessing ! Eternal thanks, peace and love !

  321. Жаль, очень жаль! Спасибо, Джон! Вы были, есть и будете!

  322. Jon Lord’s talent will last thru the ages. No one else could make a Hammond sound the way he did.My heart goes out to his family.God Bless you John

  323. such terribly sad news.
    i have been a massive purple fan since i was 11 years old,(i’m in my 50’s now) i saw jon play with both purple & whitesnake many times over the years and was lucky enough to meet him in cardiff in’78,he was a wonderful virtuoso of a musician and a lovely gentleman.
    the world is a poorer place without him.
    sincere condolences to his family.
    thank you so much for the amazing,beautiful music you left us with,

  324. RIP a true legend and gentleman. He will never be forgotten.
    Thanks for everything Jon

  325. R. I. P. Jon, you will stay in heards of Bulgarian fans forever, thank you

  326. Jon Lord, not only a talented,gifted musician, but above all a real gentleman. Rest in peace you dear man

  327. dear Jon, I didn’t know you were ill, I didn’t know I would have been so sad. thank you so much, you’ve changed my life forever and showed my the way.

    sergio cossu

  328. What a loss. He was a great muscian. I was lucky tho see Him perform once. Condolences to his family and friends. As long as i live i will enjoy your music. Bye Jon, a last greet from a dutch fan. May you rest in peace.

  329. The sound of Jon Lord’s Hammond is a permanent fixture of my musical landscape. Gone but nor forgotten.

  330. Hush…Hush, I think I hear God calling your name now.
    RIP Jon and thanks for the music you leave.

  331. I was a Deep Purple fan much of my adult life. I truly loved and appreciated their music at an age where many in my generation were listening to Hip Hop, Rap, and R & B music. Deep Purple was one band that won my heart, and Jon Lord was the soul of that band, in more ways than one. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing, and may he find joy and happiness in the new home, and may he know always that his music will live on in this world, for ever. God bless you, Jon Lord.

  332. Merci Jon pour tout ce que tu as donné à la la musique et merci au destin de m’avoir permis de te voir en concert avec Deep Purple ou Whitesnake. Monday, bloody Monday and sad day for Rock’n’roll, Have a good last trip. Adieu

  333. Oh No! no….can’t believe it…
    Was not so long ago I thought things will get alright again.
    Mis You Jon. Never will forget You. You will live on in your music

  334. When I hear the music of Deep Purple, I feel that the guitar controls, plus synth absorbs me in utter excitement and magic that is that a man be surprised that it created music, feelings and many songs that brought us the end of the joy and magic.

    Mr. Lord, thank you for your consistent, safe trip and please stay connected with us, to continue with your music emocionándonos … We can not forget you.

    Greetings to the family, from Santiago de Chile

  335. Thank you for all your music, Jon. I’ll never forget you.
    Mauro – Italy

  336. Jon, I’ll never forget you and your music! So many important moments in my life are coloured by pieces of music you wrote! Thank you very much for having been here! This place has been a nicer place with you around! I am grateful for the few times that I have seen and heard you live in the past few years! My condolences to your family and friends!


  337. I have to say this has saddened me no end. I didn’t even realise Jon was suffering from Pancreatic cancer so this has come as quite a shock. Rest In Peace big man, you won’t be forgotten; a true legend in the world of rock and quite clearly a lovely man.

  338. Thanks for all the beauty Jon. Now go burn in a keyboard solo into eternity.

  339. Thank you Jon, for all your music and your inspiration – RIP.
    I feel with your family and friends. A great musician and fantastic human being is gone! We will never forget!!! With Love

  340. RIP Jon Lord, you were part of the band that I have and will always love. Deep Purple will always be the band closest to my heart. I loved your playing and I am so happy that I witnessed you playing live on several occasions.
    Thank you Jon from another Leicester lad.

  341. Das schönste Denkmal, das ein Mensch bekommen kann,
    steht in den Herzen seiner Mitmenschen.

    Albert Schweitzer

    I’m sure Jon touched so many hearts with his music – so he’ll never be forgotten. RIP.

  342. Thanks Jon, for you’re superb music.

    My thoughts are with his family. RIP John, you will not be forgotten.

    From Holland with love.

  343. Very sad to hear of Jon’s passing – to his friends, family and bandmates: thanks for sharing him with us, a great man.

  344. God Rest his soul, Peace be with his family during this sad time, his spirit will live on forever

  345. mi spiace molto. quelli come te non muoiono mai. un pensiero dall’italia.
    I am very sorry. people like you never die. a thought from italy.

  346. This is not a good day. Music has lost a true Icon, a Gentleman who’s music cover all genres. The Hammond Organ will never sound the same again for me. I had planned to see Jon next year when I came over for a stay in Europe. Never take things for granted. I assumed people like Jon would always be with us. He was too good of a person for us to lose. Jon, you will be missed. But, you will never be forgotten.

  347. You and your music will always live in our hearts. Thanks for all the fantastic and joyful moments you gave me with your music. R.I.P Jon.

  348. Rest in peace dearest Jon. We will always love and remember you and your music. Such a lovely man – may your spirit fly.

  349. I am so so sorry. Jon was a great musican and provided many people with many hours of pleasure. He will be sorely missed. May your peace be restful.

  350. Very sad. Massive Talent. Touched by the sounds from Made in Japan to Perfect Strangers and WSnake..R.I.P.

  351. My deepest. Sympathy goes to all jons family friends and later carers , one of the worlds iconic keyboard wizards has been taken sadly from the lives of others destined to follow his talent in the field he and they chose . With lasting respect , rick cooper

  352. Dear Jon

    When I first heard your playing on the intro to Speed King my perception of rock music was forever changed. I was just a young teenager then but not a week has passed since that day and over the past 25 years when I haven’t listened to your music. I will forever miss your unique mastery of the Hammond organ.

    To think we will never again share in the wry wit, wisdom and genuine warmth of your interviews, which showed the brilliance of the man, not just the musician, is a truly sad reflection.

    RIP you absolute legend.


  353. Vielen Dank, Du wars mein ganzes Leben immer neben mir.
    Dank für deine Begleitung und Deine tolle Music.

    >> by Uwe July 16, 2012 at 9:43 pm

  354. Great musicians go but their immortal music stays. We will always remember you, Jon.

  355. Lepää rauhassa The Lord of the Keys. All the best to the family.

  356. Hope light and blessing in your following way.
    And peace to all your beloved ones.
    Thanks for so many wonderfull moments.
    You leave too many good seeds and this is a blessing for everywhere.

  357. God, it is so sad. Sadly he had to pass away while he had so much to give. The recent albums Jon made were as good as anything he ever made. Thank you for the music, and rest in peace, Jon

  358. To Jon Lord’s family…..please know that this wonderful beautiful gifted man gave me immeasurable pleasure for over forty years. My thoughts are with you and I offer you my sincerest condolences for this loss. To Jon………..Thank you for the music

  359. Thank You Jon for all the fantastic music you gave us. You will always be remembered. Play a tune in heaven together with Ronnie Dio. When I play piano you will surely cross my mind as you are a great inspiration. I think I have to cry now. If you’re leaving close the door… R.I.P.

  360. Dear Jon
    thank you for the music and the inspiration you shared with us. You have accompanied me from my early teens up to now, and I am profoundly saddened by your departure.
    May you you join the heavenly all-star band and give my regards to rory gallagher in particular.

  361. I may only be a local musician, and not well know there either, but Jon has had a major influence on my writing and playing style. For this, I am thankful. The musical sky will be darker now that this bright star has burned out.

    Rest in peace Jon.

  362. R.I.P….There`s a new star in heaven..
    My heart goes out to Jon`s family and friends.
    Your music will never be forgotten

  363. Джон-Вы лучший! Вы великий! Нам будет вас не хватать!

  364. Rest In Peace, Dear Jon. I will never forget Your kind smile and fabulous sense of humour. Your musical Legacy will live forever. I´m so very proud and privileged having met You here. Hoping to see You once again “up there”.

  365. A lot of great musicians passed away these month but this departure touch me more than the rest !!!! All the best to familly & friends of Mr.Lord & a beautifull journey to him !!! Morpheus

  366. Rest in peace friend Jon – Descansa en paz amigo Jon 😦
    Rodolfo – desde México

  367. Sweet child in time, you’ll see the line
    Line that’s drawn between good and bad
    See the blind man shooting at the world
    Bullets flying, taking toll.
    If you’ve been bad – Lord I bet you have
    And you’ve not been hit oh by flying lead
    You’d better close your eyes, aahaao bow your head
    Wait for the ricochet…

    I will never forget, my dearest musical masterpiece sharpened by your Hammond, thank you Jon, rock in heaven.

  368. Desde Barcelona, descanse en paz uno de mis ídolos!!!, mi mundo se muere….. hoy es un día triste!.

  369. Still can’t believe this news. R.I.P. dear Jon. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. He was the best musician and above all a perfect human being. Pictured within… from Tehran, Iran.

  370. Thank you for the fantastic music and joy you’ve given us all over many years. A true rock pioneer, you won’t be forgotten. RIP.

  371. R.I.P. & rock on, Jon!
    So sad to hear that the greatest keyboarder of all passed away…
    Our thoughts are with his family!

  372. Vielen Dank Jon für deine wundervolle Musik.
    Sie hat mich Jahrzehnte begleitet – in guten und schlechten Zeiten.
    Ruhe in Frieden und grüße Tommy Bolin von mir!

  373. thanks jon for showing me that thing called “rock”, we will miss you, R.I.P.

  374. Descanse em paz Jon !
    Para nós fica o consolo de sua eterna obra.
    Obrigado por sua maravilhosa música que tanto nos confortou em diversos momentos de nossas vidas.
    És uma lenda…e as lendas nunca morrem.
    Obrigado por tudo….

  375. Jon, thank you so much for every single composition, every single song and every single concert I was able to see. You are a huge inspiration and was a great support during difficult and happy moments in my life. You are part of our entire history. RIP and a huge thank you very much for everything from your fans in Brazil.

  376. You’ll be Child in Time forever.
    You’re having a Great Gig in the Sky now, together with some of the Greatest Musicians ever.
    To all of you: thank you for the emotions you gave us.


  378. Desde que escuche los primeros sonidos de tu Hammond me atrapo tu talento, Gracias Jon por entregarnos tu maestria como tecladista y compositor. tu musica influencio mi vida, te siento amigo aunque nunca te haya conocido personalmente, mis condolencias a tu familia. Descansa en paz maestro !
    Guillermo desde Argentina.

  379. RIP Jon. Last year I had the chance to see and hear him live at Roth blues festival with his project band. Since 1970 he has changed my life with his music and his wisdom I also liked his clever comments on what was going on. here be friends… here be heroes, … here be home … lose and win – pictured within

  380. I’m really sorry to hear the sad news of Jon’s passing. His style, his talent, his music all made a huge impact on me. I never knew the Hammond could sound that way! Sadly it never will again.

    Thank you, Jon, for all you’ve left behind. I’m sure it will be one serious party where you are now. RIP

  381. So sad news. Rest in peace maestro Jon.
    Your music will live in my soul for ever.

  382. Thanks, Jon, for being part of the soundtrack to my life. If there really is a celestial choir of angels, they just got one hell of an organist!

  383. A true giant has left us. The man who gave DP the heavy groove, a master of his instrument. Our thoughts go to his family and loved ones. Jon will never be forgotten.

  384. RIP, you allways will be my Lord of rock. Rock on and thank you for all the good times, I will wear the nickname you gave me with pride., rockbear

  385. Gone too soon Teacher. You will never be forgotten. I’ll always have you in my heart. You are the reason why I’ve started playing music and loved the Hammond Organ. My deapest condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. Mr. Lord

  386. your music lives on in all of us who have heard it. you havnt died your still here in all out hearts and minds.
    RiP mate i still play you loud and proud and im sure the heavens will sound to you dancing your fingers across universes keyboards

  387. If there’s anybody I ripped off more than anyone else to try to establish my so-called “own style” on keys, it’s Jon Lord. To make up for a lack of talent and style, I relied heavily on the sound he got with his $125.00 Maestro ring modulator, and set out to establish a name for myself with that dry, chalky, driving growl his C3 churned out, and mine sounded just enough like. I’ll miss you, my friend. It is with deepest purple sadness I say goodbye.

    – Charlie

  388. I feel as if I lost a member of my family. Prayers and blessings to Jon’s family and friends. He was such an inspiration to me, not only as a musician but as a human being. I mourn his passing, but I thank God for the glorious music he brought into my life. Rest in peace, Jon – you were the absolute best.

  389. Love and light, and rest in peace! My thoughts are with the family, relatives and friends. The body may be gone but the memory and music by a wonderful musician will forever live.

  390. Thank you for your music which defined part of my young teen years. IN ROCK is still in my Top 10 albums of all time.
    I saw you multiple times but the show in New Orleans at The Warehouse with The Faces is still one of my favorite shows.

  391. The only consolation is that his music and his way to play it will never die. It’s such a sad day… RIP, dear Maestro.

  392. Gracias,maestro…que descanses en paz….nuestros corazones púrpuras hoy se tiñieron de luto.

  393. My deepest sympathy goes out to Jon’s family and closest friends. I am thankful that I was able to see Jon perform many times with Deep Purple. Jon gave me and all of his admirers part of his precious gift of music. And for that I am eternally grateful. R.I.P. Jon and may God keep you in his heart.

  394. Estoy muy dolido y triste por la noticia… Nos dejó un grande de la música, un maestro, el hombre que llevó el órgano Hammond a otro nivel y que popularizó la unión entre el Rock y la Música Clásica. Un tremendo músico. Q.E.P.D Jon Lord. Su música, su sonido, sus teclados, arreglos y composiciones siempre estarán con nosotros.

    I’m deeply touched and sad for the news… A gifted and talented musician left us, a maestro, the man who took the Hammond organ to a whole new level and made the union between Rock and Classical Music popular. R.I.P. Jon Lord. His music, his sound, his keyboards, arrangements and tracks will always be with us.

  395. thanks for all the wonderful music you left us and you will be forever in our memories

  396. Ciao Jon. Thanks thanks thanks for all the great moment of music you gave us. You will be with us forever with your great music.
    Buon viaggio!

  397. I’m so sorry. I am so sad. I have no words to express their sipped.
    Rest in peace great man

  398. Jon, your music will be celebrated and heard for so many many years ahead. One life changing moment for me in 1979 was as a 15 year old standing right in front of you whilst you played with Whitesnake. You had immense presence as a player, but also your humour and genuine personality shone through. That was a lesson in music, and a lesson in life. Thanks.

  399. Thank you for all the beautiful music you composed, for many to come we will listen to you’re heavenly music. You shall be missed. Lots off respect to his family

  400. Very sad news ,my thoughts are with his family & friends.Awesome musician .man & friend though we never met.I have been a fan since I heard In Rock in early 1970 as a 13 year old.I have been a fan of this great man since .Rest In Peace & God bless you Jon

  401. Rest in Peace Jon, and deepest sympathies to Jon’s family, friends and many fans. He was Deep Purple, and always came across as a softly spoken gent, gentle yet powerful beyond anyone’s dreams. As well as bringig light to millions on stage, let’s not forget that there has been many tv documentaries on Purple and music in general that benefited from his intelligent and honest input, just the same way any record he played on did. Ní fheicfhimíd a leitheid arís,..

  402. Very sad, rest in peace and thank you for your great music, and condoleces to your family.

  403. Jon

    You profoundly influenced many young people, and expanded their appreciation and knowledge of music. The constant ability to run through systems in classical, jazz, blue and self defining rock never left one wanting.

    I have to shave off the goatee now…

  404. Not the news I wanted to hear today. I feel so empty right now. Jon was such a gentleman. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Odense Denmark and had the priviledge to thank him personally for the hours, days and years of entertainment that he gave me with his fantastic music and talent. R.I.P Jon. You will be greatly missed.

  405. I’m so sad.. I hear something you have played, in my head, every day and always will. Heaven will not know what has hit it. Thank you Jon. Rest in peace.

  406. your music will always be through my heart in my mind and ears.thank you for teaching me things that idlike to teach my children…rest in peace

  407. I’m disconsolaet. I’m a fan since 70’s. R.I.P my friend and be welcome in the house of Lord… Gilberto, from Brasil.

  408. This is very sad news, the teacher is was, leaves us something unique, his legacy, his great contribution to the music and the life. Thank you master, I queremos.un hug to the family. rest in peace


  410. Your music was one of the light behind the iron curtain, in which I lived 33 years and accompanied me even now.
    From Slovakia-THANK YOU . Rest in peace.

  411. Jon, thank you for your music.
    I’ve got a lot of it so your always be near to me.

  412. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me over the years. A magical musician. Rest In Peace Mr Lord.

  413. thanks for the good songs and the good times you gave us listning to Deep Purple , best band in the world
    , from The Faroe Island G larsen

  414. Sad news, if we all remember him, he will never die.
    Always a Child in Time.
    Thank you to his family for sharing him with us all.
    i will miss him.

  415. Great composer, great musician and a big loss! R.I.P. Jon!

    Chris, Bad Camberg, Germany

  416. Jon Lord, thank you for all the wonderful music you have brought to the world. I’m so thankful that I had the chance to meet you in person.
    Always the perfect gentleman. You will never be forgotten.
    All my thoughts and love to your family.
    Rest in peace.

  417. Estoy jodido. No ha habido ni habra ningún otro como el. El mejor de entre todos los mejores. Pasalo bien ahi arriba, Jon. Aquí abajo solo podremos echarte de menos, mientras tu órgano Hammond suena sin parar.


  418. i had the pleasure of meeting him several times an absolute gentleman. Thank you for all of music. It has been an absolute pleasure to listen to your music thoughout my life and i will continue to do so. my heart goes out to your family. Thanks

  419. Thank You Jon! You were and are the greatest keyboardist to ever live!! Glad I got to meet you more than a couple times. Thanks for the all the music and the drinks mate. I feel as though a part of my childhood has been ripped from me. Till we meet again….. <:-(

  420. Oh my god, one more sad news…. R.I.P. Jon, beloved musician and entertainer. Never forget you incredible solos on stage. So sad, Joe

  421. The best keyboard player that I ever heard in the hard rock/heavy metal world! The man who taught me to enjoy the sound of keys in heavy songs! A legend in itself, someone that will never be replaced, a person that will leave an emptiness that could not be filled never!

    RIP, Keyboard wizard! We all will miss you!

  422. A true legend and an exceptional musician, Never to be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

  423. Jon are eternal in my life. Your music, talent and work are forever in this world. Rest in peace! Here Jon did your best!

  424. Mes sympatjies pour Monsieur Jon Lord ainsi que pour toute sa famille. Un grand musicien nous a quitté…

    We will miss you Jon!


  425. still feel the smoke and still use to play it on my guitar every time I grab it. Jon, U are my youth memory. RIP.

    Владимир Тихончук

  427. RIP Jon
    Like many on this site today my heart does go out to his family and friends.
    The music in heaven must have just got a lot better with you being taken.
    Thanks for the music
    God Bless

  428. So sad to hear this news. Jon and his music changed my life forever. ‘Pictured Within’ is one of the most beautiful songs this world will ever be gifted. Jon, you were, are and always will be a legend. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us- I saw you play live countless times and it was always a great pleasure. R.I.P. my friend.

  429. Such very sad news, my condolencies to friends and family. I loved Deep Purple, but the keyboard intro to Dont Break My Heart Again sends shivers down my spine, over 30 years after I first heard it. Jon, you were unique. RIP

  430. I have always dreamed one day I would come and watch you preform. You were an icon and role model of mine; I will never forget your great works with Deep Purple when you made “Made in Japan”. Even though I have never met you personally I will miss you deeply and I will never forget you. I pray for your family and friends and condolences to them. I hope one day I will be where ever you are now just to see you perform once. I am deeply saddened by this and keep wishing it never happened. God Bless Jon Lord, you are the greatest; Thank you for all which you have given me along with the world.

    Rest in peace, Jon

  431. Better late than never: Jon, I sincerely thank you for all the influence in me, us and in music in general. You’ll be missed.

  432. A sad and tragic day! I will always remember the triple live concerts performed by DP in Stockholm – Isstadion June 14-16, 1985. Truly
    magical nights!!! From Sweden with love / Henrik

  433. Extremely saddened to hear the awful news of Jon’s passing. May he rest in peace free from pain. My deepest condolences to Jon’s family.

  434. R.I.P. Jon. You have been my hero since I first heard “In Rock” when it came out and I have loved your classical work through the years. A sad day indeed! My heart goes to Jon’s family.

  435. Vielen Dank, Herr Jon Lord , für viele, viele Jahre guter Musik!
    Danke, dass es Dich auf dieser Welt gab.
    Ich bin zu tiefst bewegt und unendlich traurig. Ich werde Dich nie vergessen, auch wenn ich Dich nur durch Deine Musik kennenlernen
    Ruhe in Frieden!
    Stefan B. Zeuthen, Deutschland

  436. The first live concert i saw was in 1971 in Rome (Palasport). The last in 1985 with the renunion with Blackmore. Thaks for the inspiration during our adolescence. Your music is my music.
    You live forever in my soul and in my mind.

  437. Rest in piece – couldnt see you alive but since i know myself i lived with your music Mr Jon Thats it! The important people in our lifes! BOW to the creativity and person.

  438. Condolences to the family and friends of Jon. His keyboard work (and most certainly the song “Lazy”) forever changed the way I listen to and play keyboards.

  439. Dear Jon, I have always loved you and your music and the way you were. My son would have loved to hear you play live, but now all that is left is the memory. I hope that your spirit will live on and that some time some great keyboard player and musician will step into your footsteps, to continue what you have done. You have been a most outstanding person for me and for many others, and we will miss your happiness and your warmth that we felt even though we were just among the unknown thousands in your audience. May you rest in peace, and may you and your wonderful music be remembered forever.

  440. News that I refuse to believe…
    Great loss for the music and for the mankind!
    Rest in peace, you amazing person!

  441. One of my dearest childhood memories is playing “In Rock” on my first stereo – to my parents despair – on full speaker. Time and time again.

    I will miss your capapility to combine being a great musitian and your ability to show each and everyone the fun of rock’n roll. Your legacy lives on in your music and will forever be an inspiration to me in my music as well.

    Rest in Peace!

  442. Sad for the world that remains….no more pain for you. You gave us lives full of joy. Now play with the angels. See you when its time.

  443. So sad, so terribly sad. Rest in Peace, dear Jon.
    Martin and Christina, Nürnberg, Germany

  444. Muito obrigado, meu velho! Ajudaste a definir meu gosto musical na adolescência com tua qualidade e eficiência nos teclados. Descanse em paz (mas com muito barulho).

  445. I hope all of the comments from around the world bring Jon’s wife and family some small comfort at this very sad time-we loved him too and miss him very much. His music will live on and continue to delight and inspire people-some not even yet born. God Bless Jon and thank you x

  446. Thanks for giving life to my favorite band of all times! I will always remeber you as one of my greatest idols, and as the greatest craziest keybord players. R.I.P John Lord

  447. A remarkable man has left the building. True genius. The man may have passed but the music, the sounds, the visionary will never be forgotten. Keep Space Truckin Jon. RIP.