Jon’s family says thank you

Jon Lord’s family sends this message:

We wanted to say thank you so much for all your beautiful, kind words and sensitive thoughts. We have been amazed and overwhelmed by it all.

It will continue to be a comfort to us that his music moved so many people across the world.

We do plan to honour his memory with a special event in 2013.

Many thanks,

VickyAmy and Sara

by Csaba Molek

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94 thoughts on “Jon’s family says thank you

  1. somos nosotros los que tenemos que dar gracias por el legado que nos deja el maestro jon lord y por los momentos tan magicos que el y su banda deep purplr nos hicieron vivir en unos tiempos que ya o volveran pero que siempre llevaremos en nuestro recuerdo muchas gracias

  2. …Jon…… amazing personality and musician….for me he’s just immortal. Looking forward to the event….

  3. I would like to say to Jon Lord’s family I really enjoyed the music that he made when he was with Deep Purplfe and it would be nice to honour him in 2013 and I would like to know where they will have the memorial for Jon Lord from Alison Howard

  4. I knew Jon when he was with the Artwoods, his playing and humility, influenced me a great deal and when my son was 5 and showed some musical attribute ( which I saldy did not have) I was determined that he also would play the keyboards, which 30+ years on he still is. Although I lost touch with Jon and Art way back in 1967. I have always remembered their music and the good times we had back then. Thank You Jon.

  5. It is we, the fans, who should be saying thank you, Vicki, Amy and Sara,for your generous sharing of Jons life, with so many others. So i say Thank you, to each of you.

  6. I grew up listening to Jon, Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Paice Ashton and Lord. He is a major part of my life and always will be and when I see him again I will let him know.

  7. What a great bloke… The good die young they say… Now I know it is true… Gunna miss you Jon…Rock In Peace mate…
    Life long follower

  8. Jon was musically a beacon of light to me during my teenage years.My first choice of instrument was keyboards but I took my chances and I transformed to be as a vocalist.Still every since I´ve been in a great debt to Jon.I´ll miss him a lot.Met him once and what a great person he was in a very short time that we met!Liked him very much!

  9. Jon Lord was my first favorite keyboard performer because gave us excellent music and about his special style to play the Hammond. Yes, I am sad yet because I am not was expecting nothing wrong. Now, I am very sorrow nobody knows how had loved Deep Purple. Deep Purple was a great band, elegant, nice, special. unic and funny too. I had learned to love to keyboards thanks to Jon Lord and the drums and the guitar Ian Peace and Ritchie Blackmore. i know something, some day in the Haven Jon Lord will give to us lessons to how to play the keyboard like a Maestro. Jon Lord Forever ¡¡¡

  10. My prayers and best wishes go out you all. Jon,s music,influence and presence wil be sorely missed by us all.

  11. i will never forget Jon, he is one of my favorite musician, he has the biggest and beauty heart in rock’n roll, most complete talent and i will miss him too much, what more can i say.

  12. Vicky its been a long time since I’ve seen you but the memories are beautiful and I will never forget the years on the road and how wonderful the times were. We were young and so excited about our lives. Jon was always such a gentleman, calm and happy. I will always remember him that way. Truly a special human being. His talent was a bonus. My heart breaks for your loss. I feel privileged to have known him. My deepest condolences and warmest regards. Mary Cooksey.

  13. A big hug for all the family ……. you are and you will always be the No. 1. No one will ever like you. You’ll be forever in my heart. Forever

  14. I met Jon many times in many different occasions. Last was at Zurich. When I sneaked into the hotel hall Jon saw me and said, typical Jon’s humour “I think I saw you somewhere before” . Then we talked for more than an hour. God bless our lives with huge talented human beings. Jon is – always be – one of them!

  15. We ll carry Jon in our minds, we ll talk about him to our children and students.
    My warm regards to his family.

  16. i met Jon in Luxemburg ,it was after 20 yaer the best what ewer i hear .thanks soo much .

  17. merci encore JON et merci a sa famille et ses proches de le faire perdurer dans le temps ,son oeuvre et sa vie sont pour moi un exemple!!!! j’ai perdu ce mois de juillet dernier comme un grand frère ou un oncle ou un père!!!! je n’oublierai jamais tout ce que JON LORD a pu m’apporter de positif ,d’envoutant et de splendide!!!
    je n’ai pas eu la chance de rencontrer jon en personne mais seulement sur scène avec deep purple je lui aurais dis seulement combien il comptait pour moi mes frèes et mes enfants!!!!!!!
    adieu JON j’espère te retrouver la haut lors d’un concerto dans les nuages!!!
    thierry mahuteaux

  18. Dear Vicky, Amy and Sara
    In Jon Lord’s case, our admiration goes much further beyond his marvellous music: it’s the man, himself, that will be forever in our
    hearts, no matter the times.
    And I’ve never met him personally (I thought I would get the chance soon, in one of the scheduled concerts) but from the beginning you could tell he was one of a kind.
    From all the Portuguese fans our condolences, and a “see you soon!” at the venue you told us about, in 2013.
    Antonio Simoes.

  19. Desde las playas de Veracruz, México un abrazo cordial a la familia de Jon y mis más sinceros deseos de resignación….

  20. Hope you continue to take comfort in these messages, without you and the support you gave to Jon,sharing him with his fans and music his life and love of it is a wonderful tribute to you all

  21. Thank you so much, Jon, you were an image and a role model of a true musician whose passion for music moved anyone with ears to hear it… R.I.P. and thank you for your work, you will always be remembered and alive through your music.

    The Trooper, Serbia.

  22. Мне очень жал. Джон великий музыкант и прекрасный человек. Мне будит его нехватать. Примите мои искренние соболезнование.

  23. So there’s a genius musician in Heaven. Dear nearest and dearest, please, never give up.

  24. Growing up listening to Jon expanded my musical horizons and appreciation for different forms, adding immeasurable pleasure to my life. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  25. Queridas vickie,amy y sara: el agradecimiento es por parte de todos los fanaticos del gran maestro de maestros, jon lord por el legado musical que dejo a lo largo de toda su carrera, increible musico y finisima persona, su musica vivira por siempre en nuestra mente y corazones ojala se le de el merito que realmente merece yque se le brinde un gran homenaje por parte de toda la saga purpura y amigos. saludos desde mexico

  26. in the day that he passed away,I couldn’t visit this website.
    because I didn’t want to understand that already he is not here…
    but now,I can belive that Jon is living in many people who loves music…
    sorry,my English is so poor.
    but please,let me write this message in English.
    because I want to say thank you to Jon…
    from japan with love.

  27. Thank you for noticing my few words. Those are all I could say, since I was struck by awe when I heard the news about Jon’s passing. As to my opinion, he was the best rock keyboard player of all time. A picture has come across my mind that he was very modest and humble with his talent; he didn’t have the manner like most rock personas have that they boast about their accomplishments, though he would’ve easily had a reason for that. I am still very sad about his demise, but all we can do now, is to enjoy what he had accomplished during his stay here and listen what he left us with; soulful playing with no one being able even to come near. Still, my condolences for the family and beloved.

  28. Like so many of Jon´s listeners I grew up with Deep purple, and one of the first memories I have, was when I heard Jon´s intro (after the blitzkrieg part ) to “Speed King” on the album “In Rock”! I just stood still, held my breath and listened!
    That was in 1976 and in the summer of 1978 I went with my parents to London and I remember me running up and down Oxford Street, in and out of every record store to find Jon´s solo albums, LP:s of course, (they were a bit tricky to find in Sweden in those days). I have ever since followed Jon´s work closely, live and on LP/CD/DVD/Youtube and so on!
    I have so many warm memories to Jon`s music, his music really has been the soundtrack of my life, from the age of 13 up to now when I`m almost 50!
    His beautiful writing and playing has always been a great joy and a big support, whether I was glad or sad, with friends or alone!
    Live I saw Jon about ten or eleven times and it was always masterclass and a great joy, he always played well, no matter whom he played with, and he made (In my opinion) other musicians play better and sound better.
    I never got to meet Jon (Though close in Stockholm in 1993) but I still feel like I lost a good & dear friend, a brilliant man and musican, and the loss is monumental. All the warmth I could possibly send in a message like this, Vicky, Amy and Sara!
    Looking forward to the event in 2013!
    Per Malmkvist, Stockholm

  29. Dear Vicky, Amy and Sara,
    Besides the wonderful music and craftmanship that made us listen to his music.One reason you see all this love and respect in memory of Jon is that it mirrors the love, humour and respect he showed his fans. Always warm and friedly and giving you a feeling that he wished to really hear what you were rambling on and on about. Unending patience with photos taken.
    And remember: “The sun will shine again”

    Lots of Love

  30. Dear Amy, Sarah and Vicky,

    Thank you for taking good care of Jon, and supporting him during his illness, as well as inspiring him throughout his career. He wouldn’t have been the great musician and person he was without the love and care of such a wonderful family.

    I had the chance to briefly meet Jon at a press conference in Mexio City, during DP’s “Concerto Tour” in 2000, and even had my CD copy of “Sarabande” personally autographed! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to really thank him for all the beautiful music he gave us, and for some, very personal and emotional moments related to his music, for instance, the fond memories of me and my dad -who is still battling pancreatic cancer himself- on several car trips to the Mexican countryside in the late 80’s, listening to the Concerto’s 2nd movement -yeah, the long one- while enjoying the view…

    My personal condolences and best wishes
    Rubén Heredia

  31. I have never met Jon personally, but thanks to his marvelous work, he has been a friend for most of my life.

  32. Dear Amy,Sarah and Vicky
    Just once I have had the chance to see Jon on stage,it was in Kiel 1993 during Hell or Highwater tour,and I will never forget this evening.In the moment as the whole audience startet singing child in time after Jon startet playing he moved beside his keyboard to say thank you to all of us,it was an amazing moment .We all the fans have to say thank you to you for sharing so much time of his live and for the line between the good and the bad….

  33. grazie alla famiglia Lord che possa portare sempre la luce di Jon a quelli come mè che lo ameranno per sempre. Giuseppe

  34. The passing of Jon brought tears to many of his fans around the world, we can not begin to imagine the sad loss his nearest and dearest must feell. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to remember him and listen to his music.

  35. Jon Lord!!! There’s no words!! Thank You Master!!!

    Abraços do Brasil.

    Descanse em paz!


  36. I grew up, learned music and got into bands, writing and recording from listening to Jon and Deep Purple. 45 years later I still play and love music and was very sad to here that one of my inspirations had passed on. RIP Jon, your spirit of creation, innovation and purity with music will live in the musicians who, like me, heard it first with you.

  37. Greetings to the family of Jon,

    we all miss him but his music is in our hearts. I`d had two times the opportunity to talk to Jon and I was very surprised what a polite and great gentleman he was in spite the fact that ordinary rock musicians are not well behaviored.

    Good Luck

    Thomas Monreal

  38. No conocí a Jon en persona, pues vivo en Montevideo, Uruguay, MUY LEJOS… Pero su música me acercó durante décadas a su espíritu. Un gran espíritu, como lo debe ser, estoy seguro, el de su familia, a la que agradezco por brindarnos (la familia es el sostén) un referente y amigo, aún sin conocerlo.

  39. I shed a tear when I heard of Jon’s death. Will never forget the first time I saw the Purps in 1970. Its tragic that rock music should lose such a fantastic musician and above anything else a thoroughly warm and compassionate man. The likes of Jon Lord and his peers are irreplaceable, its tragic… heartfelt thoughts tinged with sadness for Vicky and close family.

  40. I’ve cut my teeth on Deep Purple songs they were and still are very much a huge influence on myself as a musician. Everyone know Jon Lord was an incredible talented man but more importantly what always came across to me was that he was a wonderful Gentleman in the true meaning of the word. He will be missed obviously but what a legacy he has left behind . One thing for certain is he’ll never be forgotten.

  41. Gracias a J. Lord y todo Deep Purple tuvimos la suerte de sentir, recuperar y abrazar este estilo de vida que no sólo es la música sino muchos más. Gracias !!!

  42. To Vicki, Amy and Sara,

    I have always been a huge fan of Jon Lord the musician. As a 62 year old keyboard player of rock, jazz and classical music, I have always identified with Jon’s belief that they were all valid types of music, to be enjoyed without labels or prejudice. Whether it was the searing, unique organ sound that made Deep Purple rock royalty, the joyous funkiness of the Hootchie Cootchie Men, the innovation of his Concerto for Group and Orchestra, or the stunning beauty of Evening Song or To Notice Such Things, Jon’s body of work speaks for itself. I never cease to marvel at the genius and joy that are constantly served up in his music, and I shall continue to treasure it.

    But as I get older, despite the marvel of his music, I believe I shall be inspired even more by Jon Lord the man. True, I never had the privilege of meeting him face to face. But I came to know him as a very dear friend. In reading all his interviews and seeing all the YouTube clips, one cannot help but sense the innate goodness he possessed as a human being, and what a kind, friendly and truly considerate person he was to one and all. “Gentleman” is a term that has become trite through overuse. But it certainly appears to be immensely appropriate for Jon, and a term I heard repeatedly in all the tributes from musicians and others who knew him. As such, he will continue to be a role model for me in what it means to be a citizen of this planet, one who brightens the day of others by the sheer graciousness of his spirit.

    I mourn his passing, but he will continue to be an inspiration to me, and he will be one of the first people I will want to see in heaven. You all have my deepest sympathy, and I trust that the joy of his memory will sustain you and give you strength in the days ahead. Prayers to you all.

    George in Ohio

  43. Jon resterà sempre nel mio cuore,lo seguivo da 42 anni e grazie a lui se amo la musica e l’hammond……mi piacerebbe portare dei fiori sulla sua tomba….grazie mio maestro Jon R.I.P.

  44. Best of love from Sweden! Jon was on of the greatest musicians in his field and beyond. Will be sorely missed!

  45. My soul will never cease to say thank you to a man whose music healed its wounds so many times,
    thank you Jon

  46. Jon Lord forever bright.Here,an example of a clip that I hold very dear. Jon Lord and Deep Purple in Perfect Stranger. Simply Superb.
    Great Jon Lord! Love to your family.
    Carlos Eduardo RF –

  47. Hello Vicky, Amy and Sara-to Jon`s family
    My name is dedi arazi and i live in israel, i just would like to say how i am so sorry that Jon passed away.he was a huge influence on my life since i was 14 yo.(some 44 years back) i would like to thank you family you were very luck to know Jon in person.
    me and my band made a concert here in tel aviv sep 13th last week.
    ans i was playing a special tribute for Jon`s memorial.we also projected his famous pictures on a big screen
    May You RIP jon
    i playd this for you

  48. No puede existir conexión más fuerte que esta
    . Hoy estaba escuchando BURN y se me ocurrió buscar información y me encuentro con esta noticia. Mis respetos a la familia de Lord.
    Desde ARGENTINA – ciudad de LA PLATA

  49. Played Gigue from Sarabande yesterday, it still thrills me so very much, but it chills me at the same time realising that Jon is no longer with us.Thanks for everything Jon! x My heart goes out to his family x

  50. Joe south who had written hush song was dead(72yrs.) on 5sep.12
    i can hear joe south playing the guitar hush song with jon lord he’s playing hammond organ with heavy sounds.
    Jon,you are the best ever R.I.P.

  51. To Vicky, Amy and Sara. Спасибо и Вам,дорогие женщины!Ведь Вы были понимающими помощницами и вдохновительницами и с Ваших рук Джон,как истинный христианин,ушел в Вечность. До сих пор скорблю и приношу Вам глубокое сочувствие,но вместе с тем рад и благодарен судьбе,что именно Джон,именно такой Человек и музыкант оставил в моей душе неизгладимый след,и был моим педагогом,вдохновителем и примером того,каким должен быть человек в этом мире. К сожалению,не удалось побывать на концертах и,тем более,быть знакомым лично. Когда-нибудь обязательно буду в Англии,и хотелось бы побывать на могиле. Вот только где он похоронен?С уважением,Константин.

  52. I’ve been listening to music, seems like for ages now. I discovered the Deep Purple sound in early ‘70s and that was it. The sound of the organ mesmerized me, the virtuoso playing just glued me to my speakers. The sound of the guitar, the voice, it all fit so perfectly, that I couldn’t stop listening. Playing it so loud that my neighbors had to get used to it. Deep Purple came to Belgrade (Pioneer
    Hall), former Yugoslavia, on 16th of March 1975. Nothing could stop me from going there (not even Biology test in high-school). The show was unforgettable (short of other words). But organ, organ was the one that inspired me to start writing my own music (thank you Jon). Album after album, Deep purple was delivering a joy to my hearing centers in brain. I gradually turned to keyboards with Jon Lord’s solo projects. There is no, and I am repeating, no composer, in our time that brought us such a fusion of classical and modern music. At times, while listening to his work, I was getting a feeling of going and wandering thru times of Beethoven, Bach, Chopin or Mussorgsky, just to mention some. Almost felt like being there and seeing Jon talking to them, discussing certain composing forms or chords. And time was passing by, with me getting more and more into Jon Lord’s music. Even now, more than thirty-six years of having his albums, it still feels like listening them for the first time. Jon just entered my brain with his way of stacking notes and chords for different instruments, that they got implanted there turning into my “Jon Lord’s music brain center”, with cells permanently ingrown there. It took me awhile to understand and accept the fact that Jon is not with us and that I can’t live anymore in anticipation for his every new project; that I won’t have a privilege of not just listening to his music, or even enjoying it, but to have that music as a part of me, my physical me, my spiritual me, my intellectual me, almost a part of my personality; so calm, so alive and so energetic, all at the same time. I wish all the best to his family and friends with my personal belief that Jon is in a better world (even thou sadly not with them and us) and that one day, some day, he will be back and let our great-great-great-grandchildren enjoy his concerts and his kind of music, like we did, we listened and lived by. Maestro, rest in peace … Ruslan Tumbic

  53. I think about Jon every day, he was such an inspiration and gave me so much joy when listening to his music. My heart goes out to his spirit and his family!

  54. desde las islas canarias mi mas sentido pesame a toda su familia y tambiem para musica mundial jon lord de los teclistas mejores del mundo

  55. I feel sad to get the news of Jon Lord pass away as.big fan and Sound Tech got the chance to talk to the men many times in the pass what a Gentleman he was ,friend of mine introduce to me James Mangard , Ritchie Blackmore tech ,very sorry and sad Jon rest in peace I will listen his music until i die Best Regards Miguel F. Soto ( Chile)

  56. For some reason They did not report his death where I live and when I found out I stood and cried.His band (Deep Purple) was probably the biggest influence in my musical career.Met him briefly in Chicago back in the early 70’s. was in total awe of his playing then and he continued to awe my for all these years. Rest in Peace Jon, You are missed.

  57. Thank you Jon for giving us countless moments of your music. I saw you many times with Deep Purple and Whitesnake on stage ,so as a true gentleman und the best man on the keyboards we will miss you . I wanna thank you for guiding me to become a Deep Purple fan for more than 36 years now. The memory remains and the world will never ever forget you. RIP good friend

  58. Jon has been a part of my life since I was sixteen, I still can’t believe he has been taken from us.Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

  59. To Vicky, Amy and Sara with my sincere respect and love: Today, October 29, here in México City, i went to the Mixup CD’s store and buy the new CD JON LORD CONCERTO FOR GROUP AND ORCHESTRA. You can’t imagine the mind state in wich i was when i put the CD in my stereo. I remember when, in the begginings of the year of 1970 i bougth the Deep purple’s album of the same name, and the incredible impact that the album had in my life. I also remember all the times that i went here to watch and listen to Deep Purple, when the band comes to México City, and was amazed by the group, specially by JON´s incredible keyboard work. I also remember the time when Deep Purple cames here to play live the CONCERTO, some years ago, with some guests musicians, including the late Ronnie James Dio. Today, the feelings that this postume new album of the Great JON LORD provocate in me, make me cry. JON was possibly the musician that i most admire and respect, his love to the classical music and to the rock music made me understand that the language of the true fine music is only one, and JON knows and speaks this language with perfection. JON’s musical work always was and still is like a shining ligth, that guides my own way in the search of sounds. I only want you to know that i deeply miss JON, no matter that i never have had the privilege of know him in person. God bless you all “Girls” of the great master.

  60. For the rest of my life Jons Memory will be alive in my heart. He wrote big parts of the songbook of my life. I am very sure that Jon was the most lovely Gentleman in Rock Music, but maybe with open eyes an critics and his recorded Music will last on. Thank you for beeing a part of my life @ Jon. My thoughts and prayers are still with Jons Family. We all miss him badly. Jon will never been forgotten.

  61. From France, on m’a fait découvrir Deep Purple à 17 ans, j’en ai 49 et je n’ai sans cesse cherché des essais de Jon.
    J’ai 2 regrets :
    . Ne l’avoir jamais vu en concert,
    . N’avoir pas eu de réponse à mes mails et par conséquence ne l’avoir jamais rencontré.
    L’intelligence artistique de ce maître des claviers Hammon est hors du commun. Il n’est pas un simple créateur, Dieu l’a fait pour jouer sur ces claviers.
    Mozart est reconnu pour ses oeuvres mais n’aurait jamais fait mieux sur Hammon.
    Il nous l’a enlevé. Alors qu’il nous fasse naître son fils, qu’il nous rende ce manque si lourd, Ou qu’il nous emporte pour connaitre enfin ce génie.

    Message à la famille, il y a 10 ans j’avais fait une compilation des ses solos avec Deep Purple en Live. C’est une idée qui devrait :
    . Relancer Deep Purple (qui devrait simplement amortir le CD),
    . mais surtout promouvoir qui il était et dans le CD mettre sa personnalité (bons et mauvais côtés). Ces admirateurs ne le connaissaient pas !!! Son humilité n’a permis à personne de savoir qui quand et comment il vivait.


  62. What a great rock and roll musician. Saw him with purple 1987, blew me away. what a great loss. rip

  63. Jon made me understand how important is to break the limits and try adventure in art, music and life. He was a real anti-conformist and he gave to everybody a brilliant example of a constant following his own dreams and visions. Thank you Jon. You discovered the path. Now it’s up to us walking on it.

  64. Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

    It was great concussion when I heard about Jon’s dead. I would like to express my deep sadness about it. For me it means the ending of my great young years, when all DEEP PURPLE was always with me despite that I could not being in the any concerts of my favorite band because of evil USSR period. I grew on music of DEEP PURPLE and their music still giving me great power for further life. My loving of this music encouraged my daughter and son to listen every day it and enjoy very much.

    Dear Jon,
    Thank you very much for your music. You will always stay in the picture within my heart.

    Gocha Tsereteli
    Tbilisi, Georgia

  65. R.I.P. Jon you were, are and I am sure will be great all the time. I am from Albania and I have discover the Deep Purple since 1984 when I was 14 years old now after 38 years I am sill amassed by the music that they made. Even when Jon left the Deep Purples I have been very attentive to follow his career. I am so sorry that he went in heaven I would like to have him here to entertain us with his magic music.

  66. Deeply touched with this loss. Jon was a huge influence on me, responsible for me play keyboard. I realy have a feeling like if I had lost a close relative. Thanks God that gave me the oportunity to see Jon playing twice in São Paulo, one with Deep Purple and another with the Orchestra few year ago. Jon you realy if part of my life, since I first heard you playing in 1974 with 14 y.o. My sincere condolences to the family.
    From Brazil,

  67. Hi people… I’m Arthur from Caceres, Brazil, and i’m a keyboardist too, Mr.Lord really inpires me and and a lot of musicians friends of mine, it’s good, shows he had inspired and will keep on inspiring lots of generations of musician, we will keep his spirit alive through his music, passin’ that to our sons, grand sons…
    R.I.P in heaven with the LORD.

  68. I was born in the early sixties and by the time In had a musical awareness, I was hooked on Jon’s pumping Hammond sound. Jon’s later musical work was also of interest to me. This might sound funny but he was kinda like a relative, a close friend, a father that I never met. I was very sad when I heard the news of his passing. He was a musical genius. I will never forget Jon.

  69. Mike, I do understand you very well cause I also always had a feeling like he was a friend or relative…

  70. Pictured within. Here be paradise. Here be starbright. Here be. Pray. Kith and kin. My heart just soared with the words and music from the Deep Purple with orchestra version of this work. Here be Jon in paradise. One of his most heartfelt and. Soul stirring masterpieces. May all his family and fans keep him within their hearts. Truly one of the most accomplished rock musician England evet produced. love, Sandi

  71. I do have a Hammond organ at home..I was born in 1960…I do have ALL Deep Purple’s album in vinyl and also on Cd,botlegs,poster,etc,etc…I do believe in myself when I say to everybody that real Deep Purple (Lord,Blackmore,Glover,Gillan,Paice) was the best rock band from England,ever…I do have SARABANDA’s sound in my head and Child on Time in my soul…People don cry,’cause now Jon is still doing great music but in the next level..
    Jon,I’m gonna miss you badly..

  72. Hello,
    It truly is a great loss for the Lord, family, the world, his fans and humanity.
    My grandmother bought me “Machine Head’ (8-track!) at a K-mart or some store like that in So.Cal back in the day, Dude,I was a kid growning up, or trying to and my granny demonstrated her love and patience by buying me music that was a generation or two from what she would have listened to. My favorite Deep Purple song is, ‘Highway Star’ and ‘Space Truckin’. a close second. I think that helped tune my ears because “I knows good music when I hears” it. I was looking forward to catching Jon’s solo tour one day.
    I apologize for posting this so late and leaving my condolences, however I lost my mother on the last day of June, 2012. And am just starting to ‘live’ again.
    Deep Purple brings back memories that have more to do than with just music.
    That Hammond ripped, Baby!
    Thanks Jon, and thanks to the Lord family for sharing him with us. And thank God for blessing us with him!
    Robert Vaughn Herndon IS Black Sunshine

  73. Dear Vicky, Amy and Sara,

    there are many people like me who never had the chance to meet Jon but who admired, respected and loved the man for what he stood for and for his great personality. When I learned about the sad news last July it felt like losing a dear family member. I hope that all that love we express for him will release you a bit from the pain of his passing!

    Best regards,

  74. My wife gave me the news burst in tears as she and I both love Jon Lord so very much. Still I search the web and visit his official web page looking for a miracle. Yes it is rather childish or some may say foolish for a 34 year old but … What a year was last year.
    Just want to send his family our love and our condolences.

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