Jon’s work cut out for you

Over the coming weeks and months, a full catalogue of Jon’s compositional work will appear online for the first time.

Aimed at concert promoters and performers foremost, as well as fans and friends, our new Works section will provide all available information on each of Jon’s works, including instrumentation and performance details.

Jon’s trusted musical collaborator, conductor Paul Mann, is currently preparing each score for publication, together with its corresponding orchestral material, and correcting the text in accordance with Jon’s final wishes.

An emotional task
– In close cooperation with Jon’s family, I am beginning the process of looking through all the music that he left behind to obtain the clearest possible overview of his work. Naturally, this is a task filled with all kinds of emotions for me, but the most important of these is love for Jon’s music and respect for his memory.

– We aim to provide some fascinating insights as well as the most complete online resource for everything to do with Jon Lord’s work as a composer, says Paul Mann.

He hopes that wherever available, the catalogue of Jon’s works can also show examples of Jon’s manuscripts, soundbites from his work and other details of interest.

Works for hire
Over the coming months, each of Jon’s works will become available for hire via his publishers in authoritative new editions, making the music readily accessible to orchestras, bands, ensembles and soloists throughout the world.

As a sample of what is to come, and to coincide with the release of the new recording of Concerto for Group and Orchestra, here is information on Jon’s most famous work with additional examples of the actual hand written revisions made by Jon and Paul in 1999.

Read all Works details on Concerto for Group and Orchestra.
See examples of the actual hand written revisions Jon and Paul Mann made to the 1999 Concerto score.

4 thoughts on “Jon’s work cut out for you

  1. it´s great to see real handwritting by JON, i´m feeling part of the concerto, thanks GOD for JON!! from México city, Iván Castro Machado

  2. great.looking forward to hearing more music from the master. Mr. Lord always seemed to have an endless stream of ideas both in studio and live in concert.

  3. I’m still sad. I can’t believe that he has gone. But his legacy will stay, to honor him and for the coming generations. Thanks Mr Paul Mann for doing this last job. I want the score for group and orchestra.

  4. It Is wonderfull that Paul Mann is going through Jons work, it will be great to be able to see the notes written on score, i can’t wait.

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